CGRundertow WIK: FABLE OF SOULS for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

CGRundertow WIK: FABLE OF SOULS for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

Well, if this isn’t one of the creepiest-looking
things I’ve ever seen… So this dude’s a… frog? Kinda? Or a person turned into
a frog? And magic happened and he’s trying to save his family, because… there are worms?
And a weird bipedal thing that eats the worms. And flies trying to carry the worms away.
Lots and lots of bugs. Only adding to the creepyness. I’m gonna go grab a can of raid
before I continue with this review, ‘kay? ‘Kay. Another one of those early XBLA games, Wik:
Fable of Souls is the story of… this frog dude. I realize Kermit was taken, but can
we go with a name that doesn’t get auto-corrected to “Wiki” in every search engine? That’d
be rather helpful. Anyway. Wik’s task is to make it through 120 stages of action puzzlery,
using… his tongue. His tongue and jumping prowess. Honestly. This guy has to be a frog.
I can’t come up with any other explanation. His wife and kids have been abducted, though
it’s not very clear at all, and he has to spit worms at this terror-dog looking thing
in order to… win? There are a couple disconnects here as far as the plot goes, so I’m just
going to disregard it altogether and get to the meat and potatoes of the experience: The
gameplay. Wik’s got three main tricks: He can jump
along several different trajectories (as he can’t actually walk per se), he can stick
his tongue onto overhead platforms and objects so as to swing from place to place, and he
can grab nearby objects with his tongue and fire them elsewhere, be they acorns, honey,
bugs… ehh… don’t eat anything while you’re playing this, folks, is what I’m
trying to say. All sorts of ickyness. I’m gonna go throw up, I’ll be back in… well,
in about five seconds of footage. Awright. If you’ve got the stomach for it,
Wik’s a pretty interesting little game. You’re working against the clock, as if
the weird grub-eating creature you’re feeding walks off the side of the stage, the round
is over and you’d better hope you’ve fed him enough. Some insects may try to carry
grubs off for their own despicable ends; if this makes it impossible to fill your quota,
the game ends immediately. Also found in each stage are an emerald, a ruby, and a diamond,
as kind of skill-based collectables. (They’re usually in rather out-of-the-way places.)
These assemble to form a jewelled medallion, that was handed to you by a witch, in a creepy
forest. I, personally, wouldn’t trust such a trinket as far as I could throw it (and
it looks pretty small, I should be able to chuck it a good distance), but it makes for
a more challenging addition to the game, so I guess I’ll leave it. If your tolerance for creepy permits you to
enjoy a frog-man spitting honey to slow a terror dog’s march so he can slurp up a
bug, fire it at another bug who drops a worm, and then distribute that worm to said terror
dog… and I mildly turned my stomach just saying that… then you might as well take
a look at Wik: Fable of Souls. It may not be an online encyclopedia, it may not be a
Peter Molyneaux-designed epic adventure, and it may not have a soul, but it’s a hundred
and twenty puzzle-ish stages of stuff you’ve always wanted to do to torment your little
sister. Serves her right for trying to break into my laboratory. Omlette du fromage.

21 thoughts on “CGRundertow WIK: FABLE OF SOULS for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

  1. O_O Oh god..those eyes…those soul piercing eyes..those eyes which once seen can not soon be forgotten….those are the eyes…of satan..

  2. I've just noticed that the song that plays while everything is in slow motion is the same music as one of the stages in Ricochet: Infinity.

  3. This game is also on PC, and it's a lot better as you control Wik with the mouse, which is far more convenient. Awesome gameplay, remember spending hours playing it.

  4. @GrilledChickenTV I looked up this word "ur" that you kids are using these days, and this is the definition that came up: "An ancient Sumerian city, formerly on the Euphrates River, in southern Iraq."

  5. My goodness I spent years searching for this game haha. Played it when I was.. five..? Just this last year I've found it again. That's nice.

  6. When I was very young I played a trial for it. I really liked it, but every single time Wilk dies, out of nowhere my body starts shivering out of control! Even if I'm not afraid! Even after this video I'm now shivering out of control! Like I'm somewhere very cold or on disease! But try it out anyways, it's a good game to kill time. If you're not afraid. Ohh and this game scored 9/10 on Gamestop.

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