CGRundertow TIMESHIFT for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

CGRundertow TIMESHIFT for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

There are two main things that can make a
game either really good or really bad. The first is originality; if your game has tried
something new and showed the industry that the concept works, it’s immediately going
to get more respect. However, overall playability is the other factor. Games like Halo or Call
of Duty are definitely not doing much in the way of innovating from game to game, but the
experience is smooth and polished with solid controls. Now, unfortunately, the game I have
today tries to innovate and ends up not only feeling unoriginal, but downright boring.
This is TimeShift for the Xbox 360. So TimeShift is a first-person shooter with
heavy emphasis on time manipulation. You move from objective to objective and can use your
suit to do things like pause time or reverse time to defeat enemies and clear obstacles.
The game’s opening cut-scene actually leaves you really confused, with no real idea of
why you’re doing anything you’re doing except that there’s a waypoint on your map
that tells you to. You’re usually with a few other people when moving through a level,
and the game follows a very linear structure. Now TimeShift’s first problem is that it
fails to realize how generic, and how utterly vanilla it is. The game uses this time manipulation
as if it’s some brand new idea that no game has ever tried before. No, games have done
it before, and they made it a lot more fun. First-person shooting isn’t terrible, there’s
no weird bugs or problems with hit detection, but it just feels really pointless. Shoot
this bad guy, shoot this bad guy, blow this up, etc. Now, yes, other games on the market
might feature some less than memorable enemies, but they at least give you fun gameplay to
go along with it. TimeShift feels like its developers didn’t realize how non-exciting
and generic it was, because they would’ve spent more time making the gameplay fun to
make up for it if they did. The other major problem with TimeShift is
enemy AI; it’s pathetic. There’s no other way to say it. The enemies almost never move
from where they start and seem to have absolutely no desire to get out of the way of an onslaught
of bullets. Having the time mechanic in the game makes this even worse, as the already
brain-dead enemies can’t even move. Ok, so I’ve been really critical of this game
so far, but I do want to point something out. This game is not broken, and this game is
not actually horrible. It’s just that it does absolutely nothing to make you want to
keep playing it. I’d like to shift time to the end of this game to avoid falling asleep.
TimeShift is nearly five years old, and it definitely looks it. Faces and character models
are pretty bad looking, and environments are bland and repetitive. Music and voice acting
are just…there. Not bad, but not anything to remember.
TimeShift is not a game I’ll want to purge from my memory, but I know that it’s going
to happen anyway. I don’t think anyone is going to have super strong feelings about
it, because they’ll forget what it was an hour after they put down the controller.

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  1. "5 years later and the graphic and it shows " last time I checked it call classic game room friendly critzime here when you review 'clasic' ( old games) it's not a fair pointing out the graphics of a game unless they were impressive for it's time

  2. @handicapablegamer True, but none of them were first person shooters. Personally, I think the Time shifting mechanic works better in 3rd person games, such as Sands of Time, than an FPS; but still the team were the first to try it in an FPS game (that I know of). I commented because I felt the reviewer stated it as if the mechanic was widespread in shooters of the same nature, which it wasn't, and personally, I think more games should use it as It could be implemented in new ways.

  3. @armyschweitzer it is worthless becuase the video is made by CGRundertow if it was made by classic game room the review would be awsesome and mark makes any review sound awesome and he would want to make you buy the game even if the game sucks

  4. You people will get mad at anyone just for not liking a game! Do you expect every review to be talking good about a game? It's a review, not a show off of how good a game is. They could review Super Man 64 and you would still freak out….

  5. i loved this game! it was tons of fun, and the time manipulation was better than any other "time" game ive played. it was a good game.

  6. It's funny!!… I've been trying to push my self to finish the original halo in my xbox but,… fuck!! is so boring!! wtf? halo games is so overhyped!! timeshift on the other hand has kept my interest on playing. And btw it is a long game (not 3 or 5 hours like halo 3 or call of duty mw2).

  7. this is the kinda game thats so bad its good. like if ur in mood for a bootleg action then this game is great. i had fun time playing playing this. im the kinda person that gets joy out playing something bootleg or watching movies that are so bad its sgood

  8. I beg to differ with the A.I in this game, I can precisely remember me playing this game & The enemies were flanking the hell out of me, & Even the partner A.I are amazing, I remember myself not even able to get a kill unless I paused time because my teammates were slaughtering, This game isn't as bad as Gabe makes it seem to be.

  9. Terrible review….the game is much more fun than this dude makes it out to be. I played on medium difficulty and gave me a pretty good run.

  10. I wanted to like the game a lot when I rented a few years back. I had heard of it before and thought it looked awesome, I finally got to play it and sadly was disappointed at just how generic it felt. I really wanted to like it but just couldn't this guy puts it best when he says it tries to make the time mechanic the biggest thing.

  11. The story is very easy to understand, they just didn't do anything with it. I would actually say that , while not doing anything new with good old shooting it was VERY smooth. Enemy AI was average, oh and 2:54 except for when they run around my cover and shoot me in the face? Also the graphics still impressed me out of sheer scale and on release looked great! Except faces. Maybe it is utterly vanilla because you seemed to play it that way. I was always using my powers.

  12. Like slowing time to chase an enemy truck, shooting all the dudes, then stealing the turret and mowing down the other scattered troops. Slow time, blast two guys with shotgun, steal last guys gun, then kill him. Also the vanilla elements are very well done, think Half Life 2 with a new art style, the pacing is solid.

  13. This is one of the most underrated games ever made. Despite having a horrible ending, this was a fun game with a lot of originality.

  14. This review seems so out of place. This game was released in 2007, so it doesn't have any nostalgic feel to it, but its not brand new either. I don't understand what possessed Gabe to review this game. I mean, I've always thought of reviews as something to tell people what they should spend their money on, and not waste it on bad games. You can gets this game for like 3 bucks, so what is the purpose of this review?

  15. "First Person Shooting…just feels really pointless. Shoot this bad guy up, shoot this bad guy up, blow this up."

    Good job, reviewer, you just described EVERY FPS EVER (except maybe Half-Life)

  16. This review was just bad and unfair, the problem with reviewers like you is that they treat their opinion as if it's fact. At least real reviewers like Angry Joe say something like 'You might enjoy this game a lot but I don't.' But instead you think EVERYONE will agree to what you think of the game. It doesn't work like that dude, I loved this game to death played it through 4 times and it has a pretty excellent story, world, weaponry and enemies and the time powers and gunplay are well refined.

  17. I suppose it's just what you're used to, I'm a PS3 gamer so I play a lot of shooters on it but using a mouse to aim and shoot does feel a lot more innovative and natural.

  18. i find this game to be very fun and entertaining and i got it for less then 4 dollars and its made by sierra entertainment. you cant go wrong here

  19. this is the only review by cgr that I have disagreed with so far, this game was pretty fun, and I had a real good time going through it on my PC when it came out.

  20. I think this game looks better then call of duty and it a lot more fun. Freeze the enemies toss a grenade unfreeze watch the gore.

  21. Ive owned this game for years and its absolutely fantastic, something tells me this guy would worship the latest call of duty title in a heartbeat, same reason ign is completely unbiast

  22. Picked this one up for like 2$ about a week ago because a friend recommended it since he knew how much I loved Singularity. The gore is awesome, the abilities are a blast to use and the environments have lots of destruction to them. A pleasant surprise.

  23. But people still defend it. "Cuz it bettar than cod" this is why innovation does not exist anymore. Because all people want is to kill cod, so the fanboy over crappy games.

  24. It's funny how he describes it as boring…… right when on the screen a really exciting set piece is going on that makes me want to play it.

    Forgettable? I played the demo thru once on Xbox and I still remeber it to this day as a game I wish I'd played. Its on sale today, so, buying!

  25. This guy seems like those kids who hate on a game due to its graphics. Honestly, I thought the game was really good. He keeps complaining about "It's nothing new". This game came out in 2007 and many other games came out afterwards in which it has the same time changing abilities. He also said the graphics are not that great….on a game from 2007….this video was made in 2012….idiot.

  26. Different people have different tastes, especially this reviewer who I always seem to disagree with. The game is a bit dated but it is very interesting and the core of the game which is based around time control really sets itself apart from most games from the last gen and new gen era. If you're thinking about buying a game purely based on graphics and an Oscar worthy story line then this game might not be for you. As for me, this game is one of my favorites. I've played a myriad of games with "Innovative Gameplay Mechanics" and I've found this one to be one of the most refreshing with high replay value and a concept that in my opinion never gets old. 

  27. I remember playing the demo when it first came out, and I thought it was great so I had to get the full game when it came out and I had a BLAST playing this game from beginning to end! And back in 2007, I thought the graphics were really good. This game is awesome and to slow down time and shot your enemy with a crossbow and watch him get blown to pieces by the bomb arrows you shot him with are just gorgeous. This game is fucking great! Everyone who haven't played it yet should, you can get a copy cheap as fuck these days 🙂

  28. TimeShift is one of the best Xbox 360 games I've ever played. I recently bought it for $3 after putting off giving it a try for almost 8 years. The first play through was a tad dull, but once I got to level 3, around the time you use the fourwheeler in first person view, I got hooked. That's when the games environment just completely opened up. It literally started to feel like you're in Skyrim. The guns also got addictive when you get used to combining them with the timeshifting. The graphics don't look bad at all to me and the multiplayer is awesome! I have no idea why this game got bad reviews and getting 48 achievements out of 52 in just a few weeks of first playing the game is no surprise. Seriously a hidden gem, you won't regret buying it. Super cheap. I'm actually thinking about getting the dlc that's an outrageous $9.99 when the games only $3.00. It's that underrated. I NEVER pay for dlc.

  29. This was one of the first games I ever played on my 360.  I completely ADORED this game and with that being said, I disagree with this review strongly.

  30. i remember renting this game. it sucked. it still sucks. it will always suck. Serious Sam.  SERIOUS. SAM. fuck all these douches who whine about a reviewer who doesnt like the game they like.

  31. In which other game could you pause time,take an enemy"s weapon and leave them totally baffled and confused,getting Down on their knees and start begging for their life and pointing out they"re unarmed;amusing. What was just as amusing was that if you chose not to shoot them the AI would make a dash for the nearest weapon despite that it was pointless.

  32. I played the game twice and still haven't forgotten about it. Remembering it is what brought me to look up this review and post a comment. I like sci fi shooters and although not a "great" game, I thought it was worth playing two times. And there is a story to it as well.

  33. This was a copy of F.E.A.R. pretty much, just without the creepy vibe.

  34. he obviously has never played a good game in his life so of course he wouldnt know a good game when he saw one…

  35. dang… dude everyone is saying your wrong. i might need to pick it up. please change your review style. you cant be so freakin negative

  36. I know this is an old video and I haven't played the game in YEARS so rose tinted glasses but I strongly disagree with you, the venom is a little too much I believe you also made a similar stance towards Turok Rage Wars which I also disagree with as well.

    This was a great game for the time and it had a deep impact on me as a young gamer, I'm sorry to put it so bluntly but your generation (35+) of gamers were unfortunate/fortunate enough to be born before me in a time when kilobytes were considered phenomenal and 8-Bit was king.

    So your standard of games is far different than my generations that isn't necessarily a bad thing but it's pretty clear the older generation leans towards that classic platformer retro stuff whereas a lot of my generation (people below 30) loathe platformers and old style games.

    Don't get me wrong I enjoy playing Mario 3 like any other guy and I can see why people would think this game was a bit lacking today, but this game was pretty fucking groundbreaking to a young kid and I got a few friends who would agree with me as well this game was a neat surprise from an ancient developer that no longer exists in any real form today.

    I don't wanna hear any B.S. about Halo 3, Crysis or, Bioshock coming out at the same tine so they were the quote "defintion of gaming" at that point, blah blah blah bad graphics blah blah dull gameplay all of those games were very successful AAA backed machines, that were very well financially backed products built for the purpose of selling copies to maximize profit.

    This game came out in 2007, a weird period in time YouTube was about 2 years old, technology was rapidly evolving from Flip phones to blackberries, smartphones were a fart in the wind, Iphones were a sperm cell in Steve Jobs Ballsack, and Call of Duty/Medal of Honor ww2 shooters were stagnanting the FPS genre with yearly releases.

    We were in desperate need of some type of new addition to gameplay anything to split the monotony of boring vapid cover shooters this game in my opinion did just that, it was also made by like I said a pretty old school development studio called Sierra, that fell off the face of gaming today but made or helped make a few good gems like Fable 1 etc.

    Because of this obscureness I wouldn't say they were fiscally successful enough to make or suport Halo 3 or Crysis quality games unlike a company like bungie with financial support from Microsoft or Crytek Having the support of something powerful like the Cry engine.

    Sierra didn't really have big, big spending money as far as I know, they were a somewhat well know studio that had their foot in the door. But Timeshift was a pretty unheard concept for a fps game, it was extremely ambitious, and the mechanics for a console that wasn't even 5 years old at that point where in well need of further development for all games so the mastery of developing games for a 360 in general still needed to be finetuned, due to the nature of the game itself coupled with the fact it was a new IP with little to no brand awareness it most likely would not perform well on the market because it strayed from the ww2 setup, and even then…….

    Come on! This video came out in 2012 and the game came out in 2007 it almost feels like you are judging it by the standards of games that came out after 2007 when 2012 was the definition of overhyped shitty garbage games that people worship like Borderlands 2.

    People think that game is the bees fucking knees I played up until the point where that weird gentleman dude came out of the building after you clear the town ans shut it off because it was just a boring loot shoot slugfest, I don't see what all the hype is behind it that game feels like any other fps only with random fourth wall humor (big fucking deal) with cheap cartoony visuals to cut the cost of developing high quality graphics yet shit like Timeshift from a AA dev that tried something new sucks because it feels generic or has dull graphics?

    The games that came out in 2012 were alright they are leaps and bounds better than ealry pre-2010 games but they lacked in quality because the 360 and ps3 lagged behind PC, and Ps4/Xbone was just a concept when the Xbox 720 was still a rumor.

    Yeah 2012 had good games but I look back on 2010-2013 as the years where I played games to waste time because those were the only games I had and yeah I guess I had fun draining hours of my life on the games that came out but in all honesty if I had a high end pc or PS4 quality graphics on a console or the setup of stuff I have now you bet your ass I wouldn't be fucking around with any of those games not even Skyrim and I drained hours into that game.

    In my opinion the Time based slight puzzle like, take a breath learn what works and what kills you, mechanics at the time were unheard of extremely fun and blew me away from gaming on a 64 to a gamecube and barely my cousins OG Xbox this game did a lot for me.

    When the games I had to start my 360 experience were Halo 3, Oblivion, Two Worlds (I actually like that game too sue me), GTA IV, Blue Dragon, Brother's in Arms Hells Highway, and Timeshift they all had a pretty deep impact on me as a young kid and they shaped who I am now as a person and a gamer more so than The Nintendo games I played such as OoT, Melee, Wind Waker, Mario, etc.

    I probably won't play them anytime soon but I can look back on a shitty game like Two Worlds with fond memories because I spent hours with my friends exploring the world, we didn't care it was jank and way too hard the game was basically broken but it brought us together for sleepovers eating junk food drinking soda and having real splitscreen days fun in the end that makes a big difference to me than anything else a game has to offer because barely any game today brings back that sense of getting together with friends and truly enjoying something.

    Although in today's gaming space I would say that sort of practice of lackluster games needs to die off no excuse for shoddy poor design.

    I will say full on nostalgia Goggle's this game was hard as fuck A.I. was a little fucked and admittedly the graphics don't hold up today but back then to me as a kid it didn't need to be pretty the atmosphere of the game gave me a taste of how dark and horrible the in game world is and how far gone the people in the future are under that one old dudes control.

    I don't believe I ever got past the part where you find those creatures in pods after the snow level because it scared the shit out if me as a kid but I didn't need to beat it or p lay the multiplayer I got the full experience I wanted.

    This game was dark, cool, twisted, gritty, and as a kid made me feel empathy for the suffering of the people when I watched that chopper cut down those people in the apartment in the first two levels I knew this game had a dark story that I would never forget, I remember seeing the trailers for this game knowing this is what I wanted when I got a 360 because it looked so cool although I didn't get exactly what I wanted on the time mechanics with what it showed in the trailer but it was good and expansive enough to where I could pause time, walk up to a bad guy, steal his gun out of his hand, unfreeze time, and watch him freak out and pull his hands up to surrender I believe you could even place a grenade in their hand or you could just throw one nearby to watch them literally piss themself before they blow up.

  37. How are the controls? How long is the story mode / campaign? Is there local Co-Op?
    Is there any form of Multiplayer? Is there any replay value or bonuses / collectibles / multiple endings / reasons to play it more than once? What about extra features and unlockables?

    So many questions unanswered and such little effort put into this video, this was a very shitty review..

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