CGRundertow PAC-MAN CHAMPIONSHIP EDITION for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

CGRundertow PAC-MAN CHAMPIONSHIP EDITION for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

So I was chillin’ at a local Pokemon card
game tournament (don’t judge) when my opponent for the round stepped to my table. He wore
a t-shirt featuring the iconic Pac-Man maze we’ve all come to recognize throughout the
years, but something was wrong; the right side of the “screen” was a mess of sprite
components, letters, numbers, colors, and chaos. A majority of people looking at that
shirt wouldn’t know what to make of it. Perhaps the graphic designer fell over dead
on his keyboard, all Terry Gilliam in Holy Grail-like, and the printer didn’t pay attention
to it at all. Perhaps it was some kind of code. Perhaps this guy was trying to represent
that he had a severed corpus colossum. I gave him a knowing nod and said, “Nice
kill screen.” His eyes brightened. He knew that I knew. The unfortunate truth is, I only
know because I’ve done research on the subject. I’m actually pretty horrible at Pac-Man.
But I was willing to bite the bullet for Pac-Man Championship Edition, which, with a name like
that, seems like it should be out of my range by a longshot. The good news is, it really
isn’t; the bad news is, it’s a wild deviation from the Pac-Man of yore. First off, clear your mind of any notion of
“Clearing” a maze. That’s outmoded. Pac-Man just doesn’t do that anymore. That’s
been done for ever since the “perfect” game of Pac-Man was recorded (3,333,360 points,
NOW YOU KNOW), making it now a time-trial to get to that score. (3 hours, 41 minutes,
22 seconds, NOW YOU KNOW MORE). So this Championship Edition starts from that very concept; rather
than having discrete mazes each with a beginning and end, you have one maze and a time limit.
Consume all of the pellets on one half of the maze, and a fruit appears on the opposite
side near the ghost box; grab it and the cleared half is restocked. Your standard Pac-Man elements return, power
pellets, consumable ghosts, side chutes, the whole spiel. You know how it works, it’s
Pac-Man. Difference is, now you’re doing it to see how quickly you can scarf down points,
rather than how deep into the game you can survive. Not to say survival is guaranteed,
mind; you’ve still got a finite number of lives, and the ghosts (along with everything
else) are crazy fast. Chances are, you will get caught trying to make a turn. Chances
are, it will take you a while to get the hang of this new paradigm. But when you do, you’ll
find that it’s a very logical evolution, at its core. Speaking of evolution, man is this game shiny.
Let’s be fair, Pac-Man was never really the first candidate for high-def graphics,
but if you’re going to be on the latest generation of hardware, you might as well
make the best of it. Adding to the experience is a detailed numerical breakdown of your
performance after each game, enumerating points from pellets, fruit, and ghosts, as well as
any achievements earned on that particular run. It’s a brave new world for the little
round yellow guy. But it’s nice to see a classic idea adapting and improving in a new
format. Even if iconic killscreens, suitable for wearing on a shirt, are a thing of the

23 thoughts on “CGRundertow PAC-MAN CHAMPIONSHIP EDITION for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

  1. Badass game, one of the most underrated games of the last couple of years. Always keeps me coming back to try and beat my best score.

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  5. How can you not get a headache from playing this game? I stared at this video for 10 seconds and my eyes were going crazy. Difficult to focus on this game.

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