CGRundertow OTOMEDIUS EXCELLENT for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

CGRundertow OTOMEDIUS EXCELLENT for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

Let’s cut to the point: Cute girls, wearing
little but… spaceships. See what you’ve done, relentless forces of moe anthropomorphism?
What in blazes could you possibly use to justify THIS? It’s an all-girls school of combat pilots?
It’s been done. Um, they’re saving the world from equally
cute things? I’m getting a toothache. It’s effectively just Gradius with boobs?
Okay, I’ll buy that. Welcome to Otomedius Excellent, Konami’s
latest cute-’em-up and the last thing you want a prospective girlfriend to see lying
on your coffee table. Questions will be asked. Your taste will be a topic of discussion.
Fortunately, your ability to identify an awesome space shooter will be unassailable. It really
is just like Gradius. With boobs. And I loved Gradius. Whether it’s the original
tough-as-nails challenge, or the customization of Gradius III for the SNES, in the arcade,
at home, or on a big-screen in a game center in Legend of the Mystical Ninja. It’s the
seminal shooter experience: Scroll to the right, blow up enemy craft, collect power-ups,
and cash ‘em in for upgrades on the fly. And like a good buffet, you’ve got options.
But you’ve also got big ol’ whompin’ bosses in your face, which – in true Gradius
format – have energy cores protected by some number of protective shields. Often these
shields are set up in a line in a very narrow corridor, requiring you to concentrate your
fire just right to actually land effective shots. This is by no means a bullet hell game,
as there’s no where near enough ordnance on the screen at a time to earn that title
– but a similar level of precision is required. During the character select, where you get
to choose from girls representing series such as Gradius, Life Force, Salamander, TwinBee,
or – if you lay down the five bucks for the DLC character – even Castlevania, you can
customize the loadout of your chosen fighter. Variations on missiles, lasers, rapidfire,
and various drone-gun configurations fill in the standard power-up palate between L1
(which is always a speed boost) and L6 (which recharges your shield). New weapon cards can
be found during play, either in the story mode or multiplayer. The issue then becomes
finding people to play with. People who don’t mind it being known that they play Otomedius
Excellent. Let’s face it. It’s only by a relative
miracle that this game made it to the US at all, let alone with a special edition including
an art book, soundtrack, and bonus Gradius-themed content. How were they able to pack all of
that in? By saying “Screw it!” to the idea of an English dub, apparently. And given
the tone, given the demographic, given the niche nature of this game, I don’t think
that’s entirely unwarranted. It’s cute anime girls, wearing next to nothing, in gameplay
straight out of 1988. Your average gamer will be moderately disturbed, your hardcore shooter
fan might find it a bit on the easy side (but appreciate the level of customization). Your
obsessive otaku, though, may just lose his **** when the girl from Tokimeki Memorial
shows up as a boss character and starts raising hell. This is a game for that kind of person.

100 thoughts on “CGRundertow OTOMEDIUS EXCELLENT for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

  1. Omg, I totally just did loose my shit. This is awesome! Now I just need to find $300 worth of my income that's not going to food, gas or rent and buy an XBox 360 before my wife finds out what that money is being used for.

  2. ProTip: On the character select, use the right analog stick to move the cursor over the girls and press A.

    I think you can tell what that does.

  3. I love Anime like Akira, Ghost in the shell, Ninja Scroll and Samurai Champloo but i really don't understand all of this "cute" shit.
    The game looks pretty cool by the way, the 360 needs more old school shooters.

  4. Why do they think Xbox players at going to stop playing the online that they pay for to play a single player niche shooter. It looks awesome but if I was paying annually to play COD and ,games similar,this wouldn't be a good choice

  5. Hardcore shmup fan, that game looks REALLY nice. I think I'd play it on mute, though… and only on days where there's nobody else around.

  6. there are somany shooter games in japan that are not in the USA that I has to know why thay are not in USA (makeing a racist coment) is it because you has small weaner and therefor dont has the balls to release them in USA

  7. it is however, a bit perverted to try to sell a game such as this with girls. thats my thing. i loved gradius. loved them all. but this? ugh. but its just my opinion. and we all know what actually sells, dont we? 🙂

  8. Why should something as harmless as drawing lines on a piece of paper or making those lines move (animated content) be banned? A drawing can't hurt anyone.

  9. since you wish to say it innocuously, then how could a picture of a child of any type hurt anyone?

    by making a child look 'sexy' how is that right, exactly? as a father i'm shocked you would even attempt to make this look innocent.

    those 'pictures' were created to illicit a reaction. you are so wrong for even attempting to make this look like anything other than a drawn version of pedophilia.

  10. Dude alot of japanese games I've played sucked ass…the only good jpn games i've played are otomedius excellent and the project diva series lol

  11. The girls are hot and all, and I've always wanted to try another Shoot-em-up (besides Triggerheart Exelica). But with all the references to Gradius and other series in it, I fear that in playing the game without having prior knowledge of the characters or info behind it all that I'd be playing the part of the ignorant gaming jackass American Otaku. -sighs- If only I knew it all. Everything, so I'd never feel left out again.

  12. i don't know what pedophilia you're talking about, i don't see any nudity nor sexual acts, all i see are cute teenage-young adult girls who have ships and try to save the world from other atractive girls who have bigger ships

  13. This isn't really that great a game. You can beat it on expert in two tries on one life. It's also got some bugs. This is really only for Gradius fanboys (like me) and shameless perverted virgins (also like me). Get MAME and find something better. Like Pro Gear. 😀

  14. Funny how people get more infuriated over scantily clad cartoon characters in their video games than realistic manslaughter.

  15. It's kind of sad that the shmup genre is being pigeonholed into the otaku subculture. I kind of blame Cave for pioneering that marketing decision. I'm not really interested in little anime girls but I still like to see new spaceship shooters. At least in the case of this game it's kind of mediocre anyway.

  16. You are telling the people who enjoy those games "Don't buy them, or they are never gonna stop making them!" You think the people enjoying these games want the companies to stop making the games they enjoy? What are you, stupid?

  17. Stop pulling arguments out of your ass and actually read what I said!
    I did not say any of that!
    That comment I posted was stupid anyway!
    What I wanted to say is If people like space ship games why don't they play spaceship games with actual space ships and with no underage half-naked schoolgirls in them!
    Honestly who cares!

  18. People who like space ship games DO play space ship games. People who like space ship games with underage half-naked schoolgirls play space ship games with underage half-naked schoolgirls. You're somehow not really getting the point, friend.

  19. This is probably one of the most professional sounding reviews of OE ever. Other ones basically complain about the sexual content and do NOTHING to tell about the gameplay. You don't do that. In fact, your beginning monologue is a perfect parody of that. Great job; this video has proved that you are a fantastic reviewer.

  20. I like these type of ship shoot em up games. The barely clothed women would make me embarrassed to have anyone see me play this but eh whatever. Could be worse i think.

  21. Agreed. These guys are seriously awesome at what they do. In fact, I get more from their reviews than any mainstream review site.

    Thanks for existing CGR.

  22. Let me tell you why it's Pedophilia. Because, every single one of these Side-scrolling Shoot-'em-up's feature a prepubescent little girl, or a demon that just happens to look like she's 8 years old. Why, as a male am i forced to play as someone i have no gender or personality or physical connection with whatsoever. Why can't i be some badass guy for once? what's cool about a child? nothing. Touhou fits this category perfectly. It's getting old, pal. And boring. I'm a guy. Make a guy.

  23. I wish this game was either region-free or had a PAL release, but unfortunately it isn't and it doesn't. Stupid XBoX 360 and it's region lock out!

  24. I would be right there with ya'… if I had a 360.
    I'd love me some Gradius, Parodius or in this case Fan-Servdius.
    To me, this game seems really enjoyable.

  25. listen….. it's a game….. you dont have to play it. and what is wrong with not having a guy as the main character for once? i, for one, am tired of SAUSAGE FEST, that why i play touhou and others, cause i want something different other than male beefcake madness. jeez, sexist gamers everywhere…..

  26. Not really sexist. I'm a guy, I can't relate to a female. There hasn't been a lot of male leads in these types of games, and all it turns out to be is just fanservice with guns. A cool, badass male would be a nice change from the girls with short skirts, or huge boobs as eye candy. I don't want that shit in my games, I came for a CHALLENGE, not little girls.

  27. dodonpachi has girls, and yet that game is hard. AS HELL. plus if you want badass dudes, go play ketsui. nothing but dudes in helicopters shooting. but still, dont knock the games just cause it has girls in it. you can always play something else.

  28. this game is kinda bad gameplaywise, yes, but people complaining about girly shmups and content should just shut up. you're not playing the game, so no need for useless comments. play the games first, then come back.
    but then again, ignorance is a part of youtube comments…..

  29. The gameplay has not been dumbed down but it easy as dicks compared to the main Gradius games. The only real challenge come from the DLC levels that are only playable in Score Attack mode and the last two achievements.
    I'd recommend that if you do get it and want one of the music packs, get Esmeralda's because it has a couple of tracks from Manabu Namiki, composer for Battle Garegga, Armed Police Batrider, Ketsui, and DoDonPachi DaiOuJou and DaiFuklkatsu.

  30. Okay, how do you get the options into that continuous V arrangement? I cannot seem to figure it out, and it would help my play style.


  32. I bought this game because it's kind of a "Parodius" spin off. I don't think it's as outrageous as Parodius it's still pretty crazy with all the T&A and space ships!

  33. pfft. i don't give a fuck.  I'll totally buy this game.  this guy's review is basically like saying "don't get Hyperdimension Neptunia PP".  i fuckin' love cute anime girls.  

  34. Its five fucking dollars on Amazon so all arguements are invalid. Might as well just buy it and get some entertainment out of it.

  35. And I thought Pure White Lovers Bizarre Jelly 5 was a parody minigame. Not at all, it's just a top-scrolling clone of this game.

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