CGRundertow NASCAR UNLEASHED for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

CGRundertow NASCAR UNLEASHED for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

When Activision isn’t pumping all sorts of
cash and time into the making of the next Modern Warfare smash hit, what on Earth could
they be doing? What do they consider good use of time? It seems to me like they think
that the resurrection of a racing game series such as NASCAR published by EA Sports is fodder
for their cannons. So be it. You like to crash and dash? Grab a hold of NASCAR Unleashed,
developed by Firebrand Games and published by Activision. Yes, I admit, even I had some
fun with this game. What I feel really helped, however, is listening to my headphones instead
of the incredibly annoying and contrived commentary that I felt I could have done without. As
far as gameplay goes, what we have here is somewhat of a watered down version of Burnout
with cars painted in advertisements like M&Ms and Jimmy John’s. Races are broken up by courses
and you are able to choose from the top NASCAR racers, and the only reason I chose Kevin
Harvick and Kyle Busch are because of their excellent paint jobs. For the non-Nascar fan
that gets dragged into playing this game because of their perfectly logical reasons behind
not being a fan of burning natural resources and turning left, thankfully there are some
variations from the left turn infested structure of real life NASCAR tracks, such as dirt roads
complete with obstacles to avoid and jumps to clear. Ok, so this is supposed to be an
extreme racing game. I get it. There are a lot of distractions from the real point behind
the race, or any race for that matter, and the goal is to place first. That’s all that
interests me. For those that are less concerned with winning, there are plenty of secondary
objectives to complete, the simplest of which is simply ramming the other poor bastards
on the track as hard as
you can. Do this enough with the help of the slingshot function and you’ll indelibly be
marked for murder by one of your rivals, marked by the red lightning symbol. This would be
an interesting concept if it wasn’t for the fact that everyone else is still trying to
do the same thing to you. Also a worthy challenge is drifting. This is more easily achieved
when you’ve got a sharp curve and you can use the accelerate and brake to activate the
maneuver. Yes, this game is like the NHL Hitz or NFL Blitz of stock car racing, and you’ll
see it the more and more you play. And going back to the slingshot ability: I can’t remember
the last time a loose end this big in racing gaming was made into an actual feature. The
slingshot is an unexplained glitch that arises in many forms, such as when you are winning
a race and the computer suddenly can go 300 miles an hour, and is also the topic of some
funny gameplay videos involving GTA IV on the Internet. NASCAR Unleashed is actually
a decent game in my opinion, although it falls into the category of not one I would play
regularly, and my aversion to redneck culture aside, it’s just kind of a cheesy game with
the annoying commentary that is more befitting of a 12 year old than anything else. And I
would imagine they would be more interested in Modern Warfare 3 anyways.

28 thoughts on “CGRundertow NASCAR UNLEASHED for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

  1. @TeamAwesomeNL I agree with ya 100%, it does take much more skill then people think, and NASCAR does have road races, and has even had races in that past in Mexico, and only reason they don't now, is cause of the security reasons.

  2. @TeamAwesomeNL Well, playing a nascar video game takes far less skill than doing it for real. That being said just turning left in a video game is pretty boring.

  3. Step 1: Torrent NASCAR Racing 2003 Season
    Step 2: Install
    Step 3: Race at Daytona with 98% AI & Adaptive Speed Control on. Attempt to stay off any car and hold your line for more than 3 laps

    I dare you to tell me NASCAR is easy

  4. @nashvilleraidersfan because a video game is just as realistic as real life, thats why i play them because they are more real than life, and i bet thats why you play them too

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