CGRundertow MACHINARIUM for PC Video Game Review

CGRundertow MACHINARIUM for PC Video Game Review

Before I begin, it’s pretty much impossible
to do this review using game play footage and not have some spoilers. So if you don’t
want to see the solutions to many puzzles, I’ll give you the 10 second cliff notes.
This is a really well done point and click adventure with incredible artwork and a really
cool style. And there are lots of robots. This is Machinarium for PC. Developed by Amanita Design, the makers of
the web game Samorost, another point and click adventure with an interesting surrealist style.
Machinarium takes place in a land inhabited only by robots. You are one such robot, Josef
and you’ve been thrown out with the trash. You’re not given much more than that to
go off of at first, but mystery and the unknown in Machinarium is one of the things that I
really like. Little by little the story unfolds and keeps you wanting to solve the next puzzle
to see what happens next and who you’ll meet in this strange, robotic world. Machinarium functions like most point and
click games, find and interact with objects, explore and so on. There a couple of unique
things, like Josef’s ability to stretch and shrink in order to reach certain places.
The other thing is a bit of a departure from similar games, you can only interact with
things that are within your reach which makes sense in a way, but does make for a bit more
walking around as you try and figure out what to do next. The game also offers two different
hint systems. One is a clue for each area giving you an idea of the solution, but not
typicaly the steps in order to accomplish that. If you are really stuck on a part there
is actually an in-game walk through, but you don’t get it for nothing, you have to play
a little mini-game in order to get the info. Throughout your adventure you will find more
traditional puzzles too. This is usually the part that take the most time to figure myself
but does change things up a bit. So that’s the game’s mechanics, decent
for the most part, but that’s not really where this title shines. It’s definitely
in its presentation. Each area is an incredibly detailed picture and further draws you into
the world. Machinarium is as much a piece of art as it is a game. Even the way the game
is presented to you. Not a single word of dialogue is spoken and besides a few tutorial
sentences at the beginning nothing is written. Instead, you’ll get little thought bubble
sketch animations revealing back story or explaining things to our hero. I think it’s
really interesting and adds to its uniqueness and the whole surreal experience. The music
is also really well done, the sound and visuals make for quite the aesthetic adventure and
I like that in a game when it’s genuine. You can make a person look as real as you
want and have a full orchestral score and that’s great and all but I really enjoy
games that try something different and pull it off well. Luckily for all of you, if you want to give
Machinarium a try you’ve got a few options. It’s available on Windows, Mac, even Linux,
the PlayStation Network, iPad 2, Blackberry Playbook, and Android devices. I’m playing
it PC which actually runs off the Adobe Flash engine. Now I have encountered some problems
with this, and this one of my few complaints with the game, unfortunately it’s kind of
big one. Sometimes I’ll load and all my saved files are gone. Aside from that Machinarium
is an incredible artist indie game and certainly one of the best I’ve play for under $10.

27 thoughts on “CGRundertow MACHINARIUM for PC Video Game Review

  1. This is an amazing game but the last quarter or so feels very rushed. There wasn't much of an ending at all. But still worth a purchase. Get the soundtrack edition. The music is amazing.

  2. The problem with you save files might be cause after watching porn you don't want you mom finding it on her computer. You completly delete you internet histroy. Stop watch so much porn on your moms computer or move out and get your own computer. Hope that helps

  3. Style is all it has, it is simplistic and only one solution to one problem every time. It had NOTHING on the classic adventure game, it is the adventure game for retards.

  4. ya lo pasé hace tiempo … este juego es altamente recomendable, al final tienes que resolver un juego de memoria musical!

  5. @Roofhack not really. I think of it kinda like megaman, one screen challenges that you have to overcome. Many of the puzzles can be pretty challenging. not to mention the music is great and calming and its alot of content for its price. Maybe give it another try, you could like it.

  6. The missing save file problem occurs when you use a program like ccleaner and have steam selected, for some reason it erases machinarium's save files =(

  7. I dislike adventure games and Zelda is too easy to be an adventure so I picked this puzzle/adventure game up.

  8. DO NOT GET THIS GAME, it's full of occultic content! I can only say this because I played through the majority of the game, and saw it for myself. I liked the look of this game, because the sketch animation is different from any game I've ever seen before, and the robots look cute, BUT….that's just the appearance. The story itself is good, but the Illuminati is CLEARLY behind the making of this game, and they haven't even tried to hide it that well – within the first puzzle, I noticed an occultic symbol straight away. I didn't even bother getting to the end, becuause there were so many of them, some subtle, others, more obvious. I noticed them whenever I had to solve puzzles – for just about every puzzle in this game, the solutions require you to type in a satanic code or combination (a TRIPLE 6 being one of them. Christians will know that this is the number of the mark of the beast), or the puzzles just simply had the appearance of satanic symbols (like satanic stars). Such a disappointing turn to an otherwise cute game 🙁 The game without the occultic content is good, but the fact is, the occultic symbols are there, and there's no dodging around them or avoiding them to to get to the end of the game. As a christian, I really feel that God has placed it on my heart to warn people about this, especially after I saw these occultic symbols in the game for myself. Never get a game because it looks cute or good, because appearances can be VERY deceiving; do your research first! (finding out if contains any dodgy content, or looking at people's bad reviews of the game, etc.) I cannot, in good conscience, reccomend this game to anyone, that would be irresponsible. Please believe me when I say this, do not get this game, because engaging in anything to do with the occult/satanism (it can be through anything – movies, internet clips, books, photos, music, yes, even innocent-looking video games) attracts demons, and is like opening the door to them.

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