CGRundertow GUILTY GEAR 2: OVERTURE for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

CGRundertow GUILTY GEAR 2: OVERTURE for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

I’d mentioned before that Guilty Gear tends
to fail if it tries to do something that isn’t a fighting game. Well, save for the side-scrolling
beat-’em-up that was Judgment, but that’s the exception that proves the rule. But here
we have something different entirely. Guilty Gear 2 didn’t just go off the rails, it
built an entirely new track several miles away from the established expectation. Note that this isn’t Guilty Gear XX anything,
no subtitles, no sharp reload, no accent core. This is the true Guilty Gear 2, meant as a
direct successor to the original Playstation Guilty Gear. As such, the events of this game
– and there are plenty of events, don’t you worry – take place between that founding
title and Guilty Gear X. Following me? Don’t worry, there won’t be an exam later. Take everything you know about the franchise
in terms of mechanics, and throw them out the window. This has nothing to do with the
established tradition. This isn’t even a fighting game. It’s something much more
obscene: A real-time strategy melee combat… thing. Basically, imagine it as the bastard
offspring of Dynasty Warriors and Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. Sol Badguy and his…
protege, the flag-carrying Sin, wander the countryside until a strange enemy force attacks
the kingdom of Illyria, presided over by… Ky. The road to the castle town is difficult,
though, and our pair soon find themselves being shadowed – and assisted – by a strangely-dressed
fox guy diety thing, with a knack for anachronism and strange tuning. I’m going to avoid going any deeper into
the story, because unless you’re familiar with every other piece of the Guilty Gear
mythos, and know how to tune a guitar, you’re going to miss everything. Long story short,
That Man who’s behind everything in the series, is at the root of it all, and you’ll
have to beat down hordes of enemies to stop him. And here’s where it gets weird. Rather than
just being a straight beat-’em-up, which would’ve been fine and dandy, Guilty Gear
aspires to more. On the larger scale, it’s a game of resource management, with “ghost”
points providing the fodder with which to create servants and deploy them to the battlefield.
Down on the ground, though, where you spend the majority of the time, you take control
of the “Master” (usually Sol, but can differ depending on the mission) and take
a direct part of the action. It’s very, very not a Guilty Gear game as
we know them. And some have taken issue with this. I, however, commend them for doing something
this out-there with a series that was beginning to run a little dry. Fine-tuning the game
experience would help a bit, though, as the camera can get a little out of control during
skirmishes and the running-slash-drifting controls are quite a pain. But all that can’t turn down the level of
rocking this game does. In that grand Guilty Gear style, it’ll take all you can muster
to keep from headbanging to the awesome metal soundtrack. The vocal performance isn’t
bad, and Dave Wittenberg as Izuna just steals the show. However, there’s no option to
set the dialog to Japanese… I’m sorry, but series creator Daisuke Ishiwatari is,
was, and always will be the voice of Sol, if only in my mind. Guilty Gear 2 is about as different as you
can get from its heritage, which I commend. Now that BlazBlue has taken the mantle of
“The Fighting Game Arc is Working On,” hopefully we’ll get to see these unorthodox
but entertaining mechanics refined. Or, in lieu of that, I’ll settle for Guilty Gear
Vs. BlazBlue.

31 thoughts on “CGRundertow GUILTY GEAR 2: OVERTURE for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

  1. @YesseBify congradulations! and your award is… a 1 way tcket to hell!
    …ok, mabie not, seriously, "fisrt" is an old, childish joke.

  2. @EmeraldWarrior420 why yes there is strategy, send your useless cannon fodder to slow down the enemies who try to take your shit, until you can get around to smashing their damn faces in, not really much difficult strategy you can barely call it strategy

  3. This game is actually directly inspired by Herzog Zwei in that it is an RTS in which you are in direct control of the commanding character and need to 'physically' transport units over the map and deploy them. It isn't a bad game at all.

  4. this game does have an option for japanese voices (even japanese text)
    pretty sure it can be changed from options through the title screen

  5. hmm, an interesting gameplay style, changing it from it's usual 2d fighting game style, Id like to try this but unfortunately I don't own and cant afford a 360

  6. Aw man no. It takes place after all the X and XX's. Ky's married to Dizzy n shit. Get yo facts straight. Ky helps Dizzy in XXAP (at least the event that sparks the romance)

  7. Honestly and having played all the games of the series, I find Overture to be my second favorie Guilty Gear game (the first is Accent Core Plus), the game introduces new interesting characters and also gets deeper in the awesome story of the series being one of its most important chapters. For my its an underrated gem of the XBOX360.
    PD: Sorry for my english XD

  8. You know… They could improve this with the PS4 having more available things to do for a sequel. Like add more characters, maps, fluid movements, and perhaps more

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