CGRundertow FUEL for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

CGRundertow FUEL for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

Give me fuel, give me fire, give me…a different
game to play. Please? It’s Fuel for the Xbox 360. You might expect this game to be pretty awesome.
It’s got some really impressive technology, it’s got a massive game world…it’s from
the publisher that brought you racers like Dirt and Grid. Codemasters always delivers
quality racers, and they’ve packed a lot of good stuff under this one’s hood. Except for fun. Released back in 2009 for the Xbox 360 and
PlayStation 3, Fuel is a racer with a specific goal…that being to give you the biggest
freaking racing environments ever. There are thousands of square miles of meadows, mountains,
marshes…all there for your driving enjoyment. It’s an open world racer that sets you loose
in these massive places…and then tells you to go nuts. So you drive around these environments and
sort of unlock the game as you go. Stumble across a broken down vehicle, and you might
unlock new options for your vehicle. You might even find ones to add to your garage. There
are challenges you might find…and it’s all there, scattered across these huge worlds. Separated by, like, a million miles of boredom. And that’s sort of the problem with Fuel.
It’s a really cool idea to have these huge environments to just drive around in…but
it has what I call Wind Waker Syndrome, meaning that traversing vast areas of nothing is always
less cool in practice than concept. Fortunately, you can just choose the main
events from a list. I think. This is another problem with Fuel. Its menus are some of the
most clunky and convoluted I’ve ever seen. Absolutely nothing intuitive about them. Another weird thing is that…the game just
lets you win. You can be in last place for much of the race, but suddenly pass everyone
on the final lap and steal the win. Or maybe steal isn’t the best word, because it feels
like it’s just given to you. Of course, given how loose and slide-y the
controls are, maybe that’s a good thing. Fuel is an awesome concept with some genuinely
cool tech, but frankly, dynamic weather systems don’t do much for me when the game itself
isn’t any fun. Serious racing fans might enjoy its ideas, but otherwise, this is Fuel
you won’t want to pump.

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  2. If Nintendo made this exact game but with more colorful graphics and cartoony characters and vehicles then Derek would be slobbering all over it. FACT.

  3. I'm playing through it now. I have to say I am enjoying the environments, vehicle selection and the open world nature. Sadly, I have to agree somewhat with the rubber-band A.I (that needs to go away) and the excessive vastness of the area in between races.

  4. This game isn't perfect, but it is still awesome. The menus were completely intuitive to me; I always knew what I was doing or selecting from. The controls can be incredibly skittish but that depends on the vehicles you use in each race. Some are far better than others. The open-world exploring to find vehicles and decorations is great fun. Sorry, but I have to disagree with all the critics who nitpick and find faults with this game.

  5. Actually, there are shitloads of these huge tanker truck things that share the road with you. They're not generally a problem on the bigger highways, but they love to screw you over on the narrow dirt roads.

  6. >greentexts on youtube
    >doesn't get the inherent ridiculousness of 'You only YOLO once'
    >takes the 'lrn2comedy' thing a bit too serious
    >mfw 'mfw' outside of 4chan
    Matt, you're out of control.

  7. hes totally right about the game,if you've played burnout or even seen motorstorm, youre not going to enjoy this. i got excited when i first heard about the game, ''off-road,5000sq miles'', then i play it………………….and its just BORING,for an arcade styled game there is no nitrous/boost feature as youd expect,cars are super slow,menu gives you a headache,,little to no customization,2/3 of the vehicles are hideous af,No story/progression goals(only goal is to drive around looking for races) what bugs me the most is that there is no LOOK BEHIND camera,you need to manually turn the camera behind. Sorry to all those that grew up with this, i didn't,its lacking alot to be titled something 'more' other than a large racing map.Being a codemasters game i tried really hard to find something that intrigues me into liking it but theres nothing there. it has no soul

  8. Dude you despise almost every game you review almost like you hate every genere of gaming. You instantly give your disgusted opinion before the first scene finishes and then drag people along for the grumpy ride.
    Your dad (which I'm assuming he is) did a great job, I get you are trying to follow in his foot steps totally cool BUT he loved games. He always looked past some of the con's instead of just focusing on the bad he found the good. If he didn't like a game he let folks know without dragging their favorite genere through the mud.
    I think the last generation of game design falls short for you and it shows in your reviews,….Maybe just review current gen games if that's be here your heart is? I don't want to drag ya down and kick a dead horse cause people have voiced this opinion here already. You have the same voice and style just find some games you connect with….reviews don't always have to be games that sucked for ya .

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