CGRundertow FAR CRY 3 for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

CGRundertow FAR CRY 3 for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

It’s Russ here to review Far Cry 3. With
tons of guns, and the most freedom you’re likely to see in a First Person Shooter, Far
Cry 3 is out to make a lasting impression, the story is also very well written. Basically you’re a rich overprivileged twenty
something, and after some skydiving you’re caught by a ruthless murderer named Vaas.
The island is populated by two factions, one the group of pirates that caught you, and
a band of rebels which takes you in and arms you. . Admittedly some of the tribe and warrior stuff,
thats touched on is a bit out there, but the personal tale of revenge and sacrifice is
quite strong. The main character Jason has a pretty good story arc. The story is superb,
with memorable characters and great voice acting. Vaas is a very interesting, and dynamic
character. We don’t see enough of that in gaming. Now this is an open world fps, with a huge
tropical island to play in. It’s not just storming gates, and shooting people. Although
you will do plenty of that, there’s a lot to do in Far Cry 3. From races, to hang gliding,
hunting, and gambling, this is the closest you will come to a true sandbox FPS that plays
like a good shooter. Speaking of shooting, the controls are very
precise, and the guns look and sound great. It may not be the best shooting mechanics,
but there pretty impressive all the same. Not to mention the fact that the game has
well over forty different guns and weapons to use. There are light RPG elements, you
will level up and gain new abilities. Its done well, and with each new skill Jason gets
a tattoo. A bit gimmicky but it works. There’s a ton to do, sidequests, hits, towers
to take over, compounds to capture. You can also hunt, to make bigger ammo bags, and be
able to carry more weapons, and money. Not only does that offer plenty of variety, but
each mission each objective 90 percent of the time, can be completed anyway you choose.
Stealth, rigging bombs, a full on assault. The amount of depth is staggering. The game world is also very expansive, it’s
filled with tons of detail and life. The game is just very impressive, the facial animations
are incredibly real, it really brought life to these characters. Textures are clean with
no jaggys, however there is a good amount of screen tearing and pop in. Given the epic
scope of the game, it’s easy to forgive, and it never got in the way of gameplay. It
was just noticeable, but never annoying. Now beyond the excellent single player experience,
there’s co op and multiplayer. Co op is pretty fun, however it’s far more linear than
the main storyline. Still the fact they packed a whole nother story is impressive, it will
last you around 8 or 12 hours. We then have the map editor which is robust
and fun, not my cup of tea, but very well made. Finally rounding out this incredible game
is the multiplayer, however it’s really nothing to write home about. It’s functional
and provides some fun. The map editor does help it stand out. But at the end of the day,
this game is about the singleplayer experience, Which is very refreshing. The game is not
without a few flaws, but it’s such an impressive and fun game that you won’t notice any of

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  1. Why can't your small brain understand that PS3 and 360 have the same graphics, is that hard to understand? And 3rd party games look worse on the PS3, so shut the fuck up.

  2. 2012 was pretty disappointed with games for me, was expecting more from the ones I bought… I then bought FarCry 3… What an amazing game!!!

  3. Not to mention Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, and they aren't slowing down. Next year we should be getting Watch_Dogs, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Rainbow 6: Patriots AND Rayman Legends. People are starting to see why I love them so much!

  4. I really hope this wins shooter of the year instead of black ops 2. As much as I like that game, it is not shooter of the year material.

  5. Completely forgot about GRFS! I loved that title, but i though Watch Dogs planning for next Gen release, unless 720 and ps4 plan on releasing in 2013, point being still Blacklist and Legends look fantastic

  6. The recording looks pretty poor quality here. I kept thinking I was still on 360p even though I set the video quality to 720p HD.

  7. The thing that I like about FC2 more than this is that it was just more difficult. There is no recoil in this game and you are very overpowered early on.

  8. It's amazing how far this game pushes the consoles. As for game play, it really depends on how you like to play. It's very open ended. I would recommend balancing between stealth and open warfare, coz you will have to do both. It is VERY hard to perfect the stealth, especially if animals are around. They can sniff your presence and react viciously if you aren't careful. And it's cool to create diversions or do takeovers of outposts. You feel like a survivor in this game. It's really cool!

  9. I don't what your process is of capturing video, but it looks so bad. 720p looks like 360p and you still have the option for 1080p.

  10. why they feel the need to mess with a perfect user interface is beyond be. they always end up going back to old format anyway

  11. So…I'm mad because I'm gay and like dicks, If I was gay I would be happy that I like dicks…sadly I'm not, unless my girlfriend was in fact a man.

  12. help plz ! my far cry 3 is not fullscreen on my xbox i dont know what to do ! ( not fullscreen i mean not showing in fullscreen there is black screen on top and the bottom of the tv )

  13. The frame rate on the 360 didn't hamper my enjoyment of this game 1 bit,in fact I didn't even notice any drop in frame rate!!

  14. That's because you're a console gamer I am guessing, so your opinion is moot. I have this on both PC and X-box, although I enjoyed both versions (beat both), I honestly felt very distracted when I went from 55-60 fps on PC to 22-25 fps on 360. Sometimes the frame rate dropped to like 15 FPS, which was painful to me. Plus, some of the textures are set on "very low" on console, like palm tree leaves and other planets. These current gen consoles are past their shelf life, they've got to go.

  15. Yeah well it gos without saying that a high-end PC will look & run better hands down,but that diffirence will be closing soon with the XBOX1(which I won't be buying eventhough I've supported XBOX since the original "XBOX1",but that's a whole other story)& PS4.And yeah your right I have been a console gamer since the SEGA Master System.I LOVED this game regardless!!

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