CGRundertow DODONPACHI RESURRECTION for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

CGRundertow DODONPACHI RESURRECTION for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

Man. Europe is weird. They call Starfox “Lylat
Wars” and have that whole PAL thing. What’s up with that? Even stranger is when releases
travel westward from Japan, traversing the Koreas and Siberia, and enter Europe directly
while giving North America a miss. Games like Terranigma, and the PSN version of Intelligent
Qube (or Kurushi as they’re wont to call it). And now, Dodonpachi Resurrection, the
seventh circle of bullet hell, brought to this continent and donated to the show by
Peer R. from Sarnia, Ontario. I’m totally willing to forgive his resetting my connection,
because I’m too busy slaloming through technicolor hate and feeling my eyes melt and run down
my cheek. There’s some plot to the series, but if
you skip that page in the manual, the game’s not really going to bother you much with it.
Something about bees, which may or may not include the fat trumpet-playing guy from Gitaroo-Man.
There’s shootin’ to be done, by gum, and anything that isn’t shootin’ is a waste
of time. You select your game style, select your ship, select your weapon style, then
SHOOT ALL THE THINGS. ALL OF THEM. ‘Cuz they’re gonna throw everything including
the kitchen sink at you. And if you think this isn’t that bad, lemme take it off Novice
mode.. there ya go. To retaliate, you’ve got your normal shot, a boost shot that drops
your speed, a hyper shot that can cut through enemy fire, a beam cannon that can repel opposing
beam cannons, screen-clearing bombs… Everything but a trumpet solo. Heck, even the UI itself
is modular. You want to twist the screen 90 degrees so you can get a better view of this
madness? Done. You want side-displays that zoom in on your score or ship, for the extra-tough
slalomy bits? Put ‘em where you like. You want even more flak coming at you? There’s
a mode for that. Resurrection contains 4 distinct versions:
the Novice and Regular challenges, Arrange A (which spikes the difficulty even further),
and Arrange B (an even more extreme score challenge). For an extra ten bucks… I mean,
800 Microsoft Points, because “buck” shouldn’t really apply to a Euro release… you can
download an additional “Black Label” mode, in case you prefer scotch. I mean, you need
a fifth mode to this madness. They all play out basically the same, with differing mechanics
and enemy shot patterns. And while the manual’s kinda poorly translated, I can appreciate
the diversity of the experience and the fact that one can ease oneself into the action,
rather than just locking up like a stunned carp the moment the 2000th bullet shows up
on the screen. There’s plenty of customization, lots of ways to come at the game, and if all
else fails, a training mode that lets you fine-tune any specific area that you need
to practice. Hudson bees, Twinbees, now these? Yes please. I love bees.

39 thoughts on “CGRundertow DODONPACHI RESURRECTION for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

  1. america doesnt get to bitch and complain when they dont get a game. be a gamer in a pal region before you open your mouth.

  2. have all this for my iPhone
    if i owned an Xbox this (and the other shooters cave has released) would be the first thing i get

  3. You're meant to use the laser shot on the bosses 😛
    But it seems like you don't understand these sort of games

  4. Pal region gamers have missed out on so many games. I imported an NTSC PS2 the other day because half the JRPGs only came out in America. We didn't get Chrono Trigger till the DS port in 2009. >.>

  5. FYI Playing the vanilla 1.5 in strong mode is the way to go if you want to beat it relativly easily. Compared to othe shmups if you take a hit you only lose a bomb instead of a life.

    Don't over use the hyper in any one stage as it makes the game harder. You can charge the hyper super fast by point blanking enemies (hyper pointblank boss to quickly rechrge it) also you can charge at the top of the screen in places where enemies are due to appear)

  6. xbox and iphone – cave games are VERY different on these platforms. Just test it and you will see (xbox versions are far better btw.).

  7. I can only speak for ds and psp games but lots of jrpg's for example never make it over here, like half of the shin megami tensai series, Summon Knight, Dark Spire, etc. Games like these usually don't even get an English-only release, which at least for me would be good enough.

  8. This game is inexpensive, amazing, and region-free. Why bitch that America doesn't get it? Import it, bitches.

  9. It kinda irritates when American gamers bring up us getting Terranigma, when they got TONS of SNES games we never got.

  10. I put mores on this game than my 100% Fallout 3 file…with all the DLC. No. Life. I LOVE this game.

  11. Did you guys even get Raiden Fighters Aces yet? And we get very little too. We can import DDP 4, but we can't get any DLC.

  12. This…
    FRA/GER/ITA/SPA ruin gaming here since they demand translations and further slower down the releases…


    Also, this is a lesser game than of the Touhou games IMO.

  13. Here's the thing I agree both the US & UK/EU get screwed on localisation.. but it's 2012 and the UK/EU still have to wait 7 months after the US.. nevermind Japans initial release
    Catherine published by deepsilver 6-7mth wait
    Persona 4 Arena.. Hell Knows
    Chrono Trigger.. 14 YEARS (US = SNES.. EU = DS.. 1st released)
    Xenogears.. NEVER
    Imo Japan should localise games before it hits their shelves like Platinum did with
    Anarchy Reigns
    or Just release the JP version of this genre type like PS1-PSN

  14. Thats a logical fallacy. Just because your issues are worse does't mean someone else's are mute. That would mean your issues don't matter equally as much because someone else is dying of cancer somewhere.

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