CGRundertow DEVIL MAY CRY 4 for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

CGRundertow DEVIL MAY CRY 4 for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

I’ve completely missed some franchises in
my time as a gamer, for one reason or another. I’m not sure why, but a lot of Japanese
games just didn’t really interest me when I was younger, except for Nintendo, of course.
However, this also meant that I was introduced to some awesome franchises a lot later on.
The Devil May Cry series has been acclaimed as one of Capcom’s best, and for good reason.
It features dudes doing flips and swinging swords while firing guns, so what’s not
to love? I just wish I had played this game earlier. This is Devil May Cry 4 for the Xbox
360. Now, fans of the earlier games know Dante,
and while he is present for quite a bit of Devil May Cry 4, a newcomer has taken over.
Nero, a younger man that has a mysteriously powerful arm, initially meets Dante and faces
off against him, apparently killing him, before Dante merely pulls a sword out of his chest
and leaves. Of course, Nero really has no idea what’s going on, and demons are attacking
from everywhere! I really can’t go more into the story than that. It will confuse
you to listen, and to be honest, if you’re new to the series like me, it might even confuse
you when you sit down and play, especially if you don’t go and read up on the previous
games. Gameplay in Devil May Cry 4 is a mix of third-person
shooter and hack and slash. Nero can fire his revolver, jump into the air and then slam
down with his sword, or any combination you can think of. This game is all about creativity
with your killing, and using your awesome arm, you can grab enemies, punch them into
the air, and then shoot them to a bloody pulp. The combat is some of the best designed and
most enjoyable that I’ve experienced in an extremely long time, and I’ve played
a LOT of action games over the last few years. In addition to the combat, Devil May Cry 4
features power-ups that let you customize Nero to your style of play. In this way, the
game gets a little more RPG like, but this is really where that stops. This is definitely
an action game to be played level by level, and given that there are high scores at the
end of each, I think the developers wanted that to be clear. If you’re one of those
people that likes to beat your friends’ high scores, you might be repeating levels
a LOT. The best part of Devil May Cry 4 is its boss
fights, which are absolutely insane. Whether you’re fighting Dante, or a flaming demon
thing that is trying to slice you in half, you’ll be having an absolute blast. The
fact that you can jump in the air, latch on to the demon’s head, and then slash him
with your sword and shoot him in the face really helps to add to the entertainment.
It should be a requirement that every game has to let you do this. I don’t care what
genre. Oh, it’s a hockey game? Yeah, well slice the other team and shoot the goalie
in the face. Devil May Cry 4 is a few years old, but it’s
pretty hard to tell. There will be the occasional weird looking shadow or expression, but for
the most part, this game is absolutely stunning. Voice acting is also very good, with the actor
playing Nero especially giving a great performance. If you’re a fan of this genre, then it’s
a pretty safe bet that you already have this game. However, if you just love slicing things
with huge swords and then shooting them in the face, do me a favor and stop doing it
in real life and starting doing it in Devil May Cry 4. It’s a lot more fun.

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  1. johnny yong bosch does neros voice he also does every other voice in the world like ichigo and a bunch of other voices from atlus and in anime > .> hes ok

  2. surprise surprise… you suck at the game. Also play more than the first 2 hours. Those combo's(if you can even can them that) were horrible. Good game nonetheless.

  3. @SjaakadeliC The only thing more horrible then his combos is your grasp of the English language. Chances are he has played more than the first 2 hours but in order to avoid having any spoilers in the review he doesn't show more than the first couple of hours. Make sure you actually listen to the reviewer before you make a comment. He's here to review the game, not to show you how good/not good he is.

  4. i know u guys r not going to care but heck i just like commenting, how about a little more emotion and drama to your review and in the way u talk. u guys r awesomw, it's just some of the cgr undertow reviewers r somewhat dull eventually making me bored which lead to yawning and not watching all of ur reviews. just sayin….

  5. Badass game, despite having to wait so long to play as Dante. Once you do get to control Dante he has an insane amount of cool moves to pull off.

  6. And then someone decided that it would be a good idea to make a Devil May Cry without Dante in it at all. It isn;t out yet, but still…

  7. @fsmetal what happens in the game is from before his hair turned white and stuff, so it might just make some sense if you just try it out before you judge it

  8. @Bard0r No you aren't because they said that it does not fit into the timeline of the series. I host a podcast. I reported on this on it

  9. @Bard0r We discuss video game news on the podcast. It was a topic.

    I just finished editing a podcast tonight.

    Look up Digitally Delirious on Youtube. That is my site's Youtube channel

  10. @fsmetal okey, i'll look it up, and i'm not 100% sure if i'm right. I think it's more like i wanna be right, because this is the way i want the story to go. I want to know abou the origin of Tony Redgrave aka Dante

  11. @gulburzum No offense but, are you high? DMC 1 is so bare bones compared too the third. Again no offense but it makes me REALLY scratch my head when someone says they only liked the first.

  12. ive only played the first and it was one of the most exciteing and enthrawling game's of its time, when i started , i had trouble putting god of war two back in i wanted to progress the story so badly, im sure this will not disapoint ,although i will wait till its super cheap , cause its the way i am with this style of game.

  13. @gulburzum I think it has a fair chance to be good. I saw the latest trailer and I was kinda impressed. Even if it is scripted it looked pretty cool.

  14. Nero: Its Morphin Time!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Dante: Morphin What?? o.0
    Nero: Oh no one told you that my voice actors Johnny yong bosch he used to be the black mighty morphine power ranger
    Dante: Wthell
    Vergil: Yeah and mine voice actor was the quantum ranger so quantum POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. DMC series is amazing, I enjoyed every episode from PS2 to 360.
    I accept change, but I hope the new DMC does not disappoint.

  16. @sniperyuout187 dude i know marks good, it's just sometimes the undertow gang kind of disappoint me not because of their opinion ( i respect their opinion and hear them out) but how they describe. some of their tones, use of idioms, youthful coagulations, methaphors and other stuff that bores me out after a while. at first i use to procrastinate my work just so i could catch up on all their reviews. but some of them (like this one) can be improve….

  17. @Iameveryone1011 You have really good and valid points in your opinion unlike most people who just sit there and troll lol. But what you're saying is true they do need to make more interesting and appealing reviews, and lets face it sometimes their reviews are the epitome of boring and stupidity.

  18. @sniperyuout187 kudos for the epitome of…. i wouldn't actually use it because I don't want people to get the wrong idea. In my opinion, this is how the youtube community should comment and communicate through each other. Not just sayin f^ck you or your a f$gg*t, really wish a lot more youtubers were like me and you. 😀

  19. i have a question, nero is somewhat cruel and only seems to care about credo kyrie and dante that's all… is that true ?

  20. I'm more inclined to believe Nero is either a reincarnation of Virgil, or perhaps the son of Virgil. I realize Virgil seemed only a bit older than Nero in Devil may cry 3, but do we really know how fast or slow the sons of Sparda age? Also, Virgils sword reacted to Nero, not Dante, sugesting there is a strong connection between Yamato, Virgil, and Nero.

  21. Dante and Vergil were about 19 in DMC3. DMC4 takes place 10 years after that game (1 year after the first game). The age, while not officially given comes from the fact that it's said in DMC1 that Eva died twenty years ago, and well, she died when he/Vergil were 8. So that kinda throws out the son theory. While we don't know how years affect Dante and Vergil, years are years and Nero is certainly more than 10 years olf (roughly the same age as Dante in DMC3).

  22. God I hate Johnny Yong Bosch's voice! He speaks in to many games that I own!

    It's as bad as Liam O'Brien's breathless voice!

  23. best 360game ever. Dumb camera sometimes and repeated boss battles but the combo linking is amazing. 9/10 …my fav game though right now even though its not a perfect 10.

  24. Great game and good review…LOL tho wen ur showing gplay don't just show yourself button spamming, u made the game look like there's on one combo…overall tho fairly good

  25. when I try to download DMC4 in xbox live, there's an error that says, " sorry something went wrong, this isn't available for ur region or or the file is corrupted. or we dont recognize the format… My X box live account is US. sum1 help

  26. Quick little fun fact: did you know Liam O Brian voices the villainous priest Sanctus, and Johnny Young Bosch voices Nero? AWESOME!! and as my comments on a lot of devil may cry related stuff on youtube show is that I love Reuban Langdon as the voice of dante ever since the 3rd game.

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