CGRundertow BRAID for PC Video Game Review

CGRundertow BRAID for PC Video Game Review

Hello Undertoads. Who doesn’t love rescuing
princesses in video games. In the history of games some of the most popular titles to
date are about saving these damsels in distress because it’s for the good of mankind right?
Well Braid for the PC doesn’t stray shy of this formula but also adds in unique puzzles
that may have you throwing things across your room in rage. Rage you ask? Yes the play in this game might
have you smacking your head off your keyboard, although for safety issues I do not recommend
that. The game starts out being a typical side scroller type game. Quickly you’re getting the hang of time travel
and jumping onto the little creatures around you because your regular jump just does not
cut it the majority of the time. Before each level you’ll catch yourself in
a sky room where there are books you can run into that tell you a part of the story. The
only ones I truly paid much attention to are the first couple because too much reading
when you just wanna play a game seems a little dragged on. However the books when you do
read them, are well written little tales that continue as you run into the next book. Many of times you’ll catch yourself skipping
puzzle pieces or at least I did because I couldn’t figure out how to get to them. Literally
some of the puzzles in this game may have you stumped. This game compares up there with
difficulty in games such as Super Meat Boy. Manipulating time in Braid really helps you
though in this game. Especially if you die or need to go backwards or make other objects
go backwards. You can always speed it up if you need to with your controls the game gives
you. The actual style of this game is pleasing
to the eyes. Along with the music too the game is easy to focus on through the tough
parts when do arise. Though having flat graphics, the art still pops out at you as well as the
enemies you face. But enemies can simply be jumped on to destroy them again and again,
jumping on them gives you a jump boost temporarily. With the art style again though, it makes
this game phenomenal. I swear, the color schemes and environments are all memorable to the
players mind. So if you enjoy indie games and don’t mind a little puzzle challenge this
game is a great one to check out and is only 9.99 on the Steam network also working on
Mac or PC.

46 thoughts on “CGRundertow BRAID for PC Video Game Review

  1. I have three (subjective) things to add here which fell a bit short in my opinion:
    – great ending which leaves a lot of room for interpretation.
    – excellent learning curve. puzzles are challenging, but every element is introduced to you before you need it.
    – might just be me, but there are few games that just make me "feel good" when i play them. when i had a hard day and start this game up, it just feels great ­čÖé all stress is suddenly gone

    and SMB kicked my ass WAAYY harder! : D still hurts..

  2. Wow. This is an awful review.
    The player is bad at the game, only the very first area is shown, the mouse cursor is in one of the clips, there is poor grammar everywhere, and it is uninformative.
    The time manipulation, THE ENTIRE POINT OF THE GAME, is totally glossed over. Based on the footage, the player seems to believe time manipulation is only there to undo death.
    Additionally, the reviewer seems to have absolutely zero knowledge of interesting background information surrounding the game.

  3. They should have just called it "LiveJournal: The Game". Read the TVTropes page so you don't waste your time on this pretentious tripe.

  4. "Literally, some of the puzzles in this game may have you stumped."

    Really? You literally turned into a tree stump after encountering some of the puzzles?

  5. wait lemme think for a second…. OK we have a small 2d man who jumps around and on top of stumpy little creatures in order to save his princess but at the end has no romantic relationship with her….. sounds kinda familiar but i can't put my finger on it…….

  6. SHE GLOSSED OVER THE BOOKS?! WTF?! THEY'RE THE MOST INTERESTING PART! She didn't even mention the puzzle pieces and trying to make a picture out of them

  7. You can go through about 90% of the game without getting the puzzle pieces. You'd just be running from one side of the screen to the other, occasionally fighting a boss. The whole point of the game is solving all the puzzles. The reviewer is exactly like that- "If you don't mind the little puzzle challenge in this game, it's a great one to check out." WTF?! If I don't mind?! That's the whole point! To solve the puzzles! Dumb bitch.

  8. Did you really compare the difficulty of Braid to Super Meat Boy? Seriously? I mean yeah the Puzzles can be tough, but don't ever compare it to the fucking Hell Boss!

  9. This steals too much from Mario. The main ememies are charmless versions of Goomba's, Piranha Plants and Warp Pipes are copy and pasted out of the portly Plumber's adventures, and the goal pole and a really obvious line? The music lacks too, and everything is Mario with no charm and some "TIME" feature.

  10. I despise COD and it's fanbase and wish it was never created. I play Nintendo, as you can probably guess. A COD fanboy wouldn't be defending Mario, would they?

  11. Fine, sit playing a puzzle game which rips Prince of Persia, Mario and Banjo Kazooie while I play a decent game. An opinion is an opinion, but you clearly are an XBOX/ Sony fanboy or Nintendo hater, most have absolutely no respect for other opinions. Ever played TTYD? Best game I have ever played. And Nintendo have stopped many people from becoming depressing emo types, myself included. So have a decent respect for other's opinions, or shut your big fat pie hole.

  12. yeah, I know, I didn't think to kill my character in order to get my doppleganger because I thought I had to do something tricky with the rabbit.

  13. "too much reading while you just want to play a game…"
    that is barely any reading whatsoever. i could read that in under 5 minutes. those books shown, at least.

  14. I just decided to spend my last 800 points to buy this today. I got hooked by the music and relaxation of no timers. I would not compare this to Meat Boy as the reviewer. Meat Boy was designed to anger people.

  15. I so hope Number None Inc will bring their wonderful platformer to Playstation Vita!

    What with the likes of Spelunky, Limbo, The Walking Dead, Lone Survivor, Hotline Miami, Terraria, and (very likely, but as yet unconfirmed) Fez all headed to Vita in 2013, Sony are definitely getting their indie on, but for me Braid is just begging to be added to that formidable indie line-up!

  16. Flat graphics? Really?! Never heard of the term 2D, have you. Who the hell let this poser review a game?

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