CGRundertow APPLES TO APPLES for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

CGRundertow APPLES TO APPLES for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

What game can bring even the worst of enemies
togetherů well I’m not sure about the answer but I know apples to apples is a hell of a
fun game to play with your friends and family regardless of the occasion. I first started
playing this in the form of a board game a year ago when I found out what it was. And
recently I was lucky enough to try out the version of it on the Xbox Live arcade. For
800 Microsoft points you can get this snazzy and always fun game right on your console. The play of the single player in this game
appears to be super easy and boring once you go into it. However after the first couple
rounds of it, things get more difficult. This is because you’re given the green card which
is an adjective, and there are 3 red cards which are generally nouns. Well you must find
the letters in the word puzzle in the center of your screen in this mode and select it
fast enough for the red card being described by the green one the best. The single player got the most tough when
they started taking words out of the red cards, and all you had left were the descriptions.
Sometimes you could simply guess or search in your word puzzle at the center for words
existing in front of you. However, it took a little bit for me to catch on to some of
these. You’ll also notice you unlock usable avatars for the game as you finish rounds. The best part about this game though, that
I felt made it all worthwhile was the online play. The online play is exactly what you
expect if you play the board game with a group of friends. For example I entered a group of 3 others
and the four of us took on the game. Well it was funny when you’d get a card like smooth
and guess rapstars just kind of being sarcastic. And well that person if they generally find
what you’re choosing as your answer funny, they’ll pick you. The people you get in groups
with on there are pretty funny too because you’ll hear them go off about if a card shouldn’t
have been picked and you’ll hear them laugh hard when a card such as the infamous Helen
Keller card. So whether you are a diehard board game fan
or not, give the Xbox version a try. Especially if you have Xbox Live to play the online.
It’s literally just as good as playing with a group of friends, and is a great way to
pass the time by.

28 thoughts on “CGRundertow APPLES TO APPLES for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

  1. This is exactly the kind of board/card game that should not be made into a video game. The only real draw of the card game is the social aspect. Get a few drinks in people and the game can have a mind of it's own. But the game itself, when you get down to the actual game mechanics, is pretty boring. The video game version, without the real-life interaction of a group of friends, looks downright stupid.

  2. I have to say, unless you have Skype, this is probably a dull game to play. Of course, I'm a master at Boggle, but this should really be focusing on a more in depth multiplayer experience, and it just doesn't look to deliver that.

  3. Apples To Apples is fun to play, but as a video game? Hmm you got me there, didn't think it was possible. Doesn't look too good either.

  4. This is fun…if you can find someone to play with. Add me on XBL My gt is IRONxNIPULZ (yes you read that correctly)

  5. Uh…the online multiplayer portion is EXACTLY like the card game. Unfortunately it's 4-players max, and it's often hard to find people to play with. You also lose a bit of the strategy aspect when playing with strangers. For example, if I play Apples with my family, I know that my brother will always pick the funniest, my mom always picks the sappiest, my sister always picks the most random, out of place answer, etc. When you play with strangers, it's not quite as interesting, or funny.

  6. I love playing actual Apples to Apples. It's great. I've played the demo for this game. It wasn't so great.

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