CGR Undertow – THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 review for Xbox 360

CGR Undertow – THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 review for Xbox 360

Ugh. How many times is Uncle Ben gonna die?
And why’s Peter always such a bitch about it? Dude, that’s what old people do. They
die. And you’d think he’d be happier, about inheriting his uncle’s…rice fortune!
This is ridiculous. Actually, this is The Amazing Spider-Man 2. And this is ridiculous. So it’s called The Amazing Spider-Man 2.
Two because, this is the second time I’ve played the damn thing. “Amazing” because
someone in the marketing department’s a jokester. Must be the office prankster. Hey,
ass-hole…no one’s laughing except you. Then again, I’m the one who’s playing
the damn thing, so…I guess that makes me asshole. Actually, Shocker’s the asshole. And so
is Peter. And so is Columbia Pictures. Hey, lady in the toga…how many times we gonna
reboot Spider-Man? Because that’s ridiculous. So, you guys want to talk about this game?
Trust me, you don’t, ‘cause there’s nothing to talk about. Here’s what we have
to talk about. I’d go, “Hey, have you guys ever played a Spider-Man game?” And
you guys would say, “Why, of course, Derek.” Because otherwise, you wouldn’t be here…and
then I’d say, “Well, this is another one.” There. There’s your goddamn review. And
don’t tell me it should have more to it, ‘cause if the video games aren’t gonna
think that about themselves, I’m sure as sh*t not going to think that about the things
I say about them. Actually, everything’s ridiculous, at this
point. Anyway, you play as Spider-Man, and you swing
around the city. This might be familiar to you, ‘cause it’s the same thing you’ve
been doing in Spider-Man games for the last decade. Only this time, oh, look how pretty
the buildings are. Yeah, real pretty. Art deco, very nice. Too bad I’ve been doing
it for the last decade, and I don’t want to do it for the next decade. So you swing around, you go to waypoints,
you find missions there. Sometimes, they’re side missions. All the times, they involve
mashing buttons. This is like game design on autopilot. Plus, I feel like Kirsten Dunst is kind of
hotter than Emma Stone. Am I wrong about that? Tell you what, though. The weird thing about
this game…is that I remember actually liking the first game, The Amazing Spider-Man. I
mean, I could be wrong about that and the Kirsten Dunst situation, I don’t know. But
if I recall, that one was, just…better. This one’s not so better. There’s a bunch
of glitches, it doesn’t play all that well…and the swinging. You know, the swinging is supposed
to be this impressive thing. Like, am I missing something? Yeah, I’m swinging around. And this time,
I can do it from each hand. There are lots of things you can do from each hand. Doesn’t
mean it’s all that impressive. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t change it up once in
a while. I think it’s time to change it up. The swinging. You weirdo. I think the big thing, though, is that it’s
just not made as well. The controls aren’t terribly smooth, the gameplay isn’t very
well thought out…and the presentation’s pretty rough. Doesn’t sound great…certainly
doesn’t look great. I mean, Spider-Man lives in the city, it’s not like he sees a ton
of trees. And even he’s like, “Holy sh*t, that’s an ugly tree.” Then again, the people are pretty ugly, too.
I mean, this is just an ugly situation from top to bottom. Which sucks, because it’s
a game based on a movie based on a comic book. Which means it’s gonna have a huge audience
of fans who want it to be fun. And if you really like Spider-Man, it might
still be fun. In the same way a Spider-Man Band-Aid makes
a blood blister fun. I mean, it’s not that this is a bad game,
but it’s just so bland. It’s like the cold oatmeal of video games. No berries, either.
It’s like conveyor belt game design, you know? Genre? Beat ‘em up. Character? Spider-Man.
Oh, so we should throw in the whole swinging around thing? Yep. And I think that annoys me even more than
the bad games. I man, even when I played this for the first time, I felt like I’d played
it a million times. I instantly wanted to play something else. So did Spider-Man, apparently. Geez, at least hide it, Pete. It’s The Amazing
Spider-Man 2.

22 thoughts on “CGR Undertow – THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 review for Xbox 360

  1. Alright, this is getting ridiculous Undertwo.   Review other games.   not that it is going effect anything but every time you guys review the same game twice, I am going to dislike you video.

  2. Emma is just pretty! and Kirsten is just annoying… If I ever took Kirsten out and she was on her way home in a cab, I'd wish for Venom to kidnap her.

  3. hey tip of advice you might want to make a new cover art for your kick starter its not bad but it doesn't pop out like a lion or ther animal would

  4. aw shit I can see why the web swinging stutters like hell, the thing that's supposed to be the selling point feels and looks broken.

  5. On a different note though, Rocksteady should take notice even if Batman Arkham has excellent writing we wouldn't want it to fall on the same pit of repetitiveness that Spider-Man games have suffered.

  6. How is it that all your popular videos are between 3-4 years ago when it wasn't just you? Washed up much? Why review the same games more than once? Did you just run out of games since you make 2-3 shitty reviews a day. GODDAMN!!!

  7. Yet another Spider-Man game where all he does is swing around, beat up a bunch of mooks and crack corny one-liners. Is Rocksteady the only company that can make great superhero games? Geez!

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