CGR Undertow – SNIPER ELITE III review for Xbox 360

CGR Undertow – SNIPER ELITE III review for Xbox 360

I’ll tell you what I love about these games. They’re so subtle. See? I mean, what really killed him? It’s
Sniper Elite 3, for the Xbox 360. Video games are kind of a ridiculous thing,
and I’ve played a ridiculous amount of them, but I’m not sure I’ve played any as ridiculous…as
these. The Sniper Elite games. If you haven’t had the pleasure, well, grab the lead vest,
nurse. Prep the x-ray machine. ‘Cause this is basically what the doctor sees when he
does a body scan, provided your doctor is a sociopath. By the way, your doctor might be a sociopath. This is x-ray technology, meets “shooting
people in the head” technology. Which only sounds weird until you experience it yourself.
‘Cause when this happens, it suddenly makes sense. Now I understand why my doctor’s
a sicko, that was kind of awesome. Let’s do it again. And there’s no prescription for that one,
f*ck face. More like no face. Holy sh*t, I might be a sociopath. Sniper Elite 3 is like the lovechild of Metal
Gear Solid and Call of Duty. And that skeleton in science class. It’s a stealth game, war
game, gore game. All wrapped up in a nice…cadaver. It’s that age-old formula of “take out
the bad guys, win the game.” And how you do that is up to you. You can sneak up on
them and take the hands-on approach, you can pull out the automatic weapons and stop being
such a goddamn pussy. Or you can do what the title says. You can snipe. Holy sh*t, can you snipe. Now, I’ll say this. If you try to take this
game seriously, you’re doing it wrong. I mean, come on, it’s got x-ray head shots.
Get real. So if you’re down for a silly game that’s not going to beat you over the
head with a super-serious narrative…well, come on in, the brains are fine. You can’t take Sniper Elite 3 too seriously. Of course, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t
have some serious flaws, too. And as fun as it is to sneak around and shank people in
the neck…which is actually the humane alternative… There are definitely some things that hold
this gore-fest back. I guess the big thing is the AI. I mean, it’s
pretty ruthless. If you get spotted by one enemy, suddenly every freaking one of his
friends knows exactly where you are. And that gets super frustrating, ‘cause it’s also
hard to shake them. So actually, what you end up doing here is avoiding the rifle altogether.
You start to rely on stealth kills. In a game called Sniper Elite. Which is kind of like if BurgerTime were about
a vegan book club. And this is probably just because we’re
at the point where these consoles are a generation behind, and the current-gen versions are the
priority…but this thing looks kind of bad on the PS3. There are spots where it looks
really blurry and low-res, and the x-rays look way less impressive than they did in
previous versions. Alright, that’s still freaking impressive. I still really like the design, though. It’s
sort of a straightforward approach to stealth. Not too complicated at all. You just stick
to the shadows, hide in the grass…one cool thing is that you can use the sounds of nearby
machines to cover the sound of your rifle. That way, you can snipe fools unnoticed. That’s
pretty awesome…and a bit underutilized, actually. But sound plays a really important role in
this game. In fact, there’s a new system where you can basically play cat and mouse
with the bad guys by luring them around the map based on your most recent sound. That
is, if you’re good, and sneaky. You can also just blow their f*cking teeth
out. Look, this game is silly. This series is silly.
And honestly, it feels like a B-level game. But that’s part of the charm. Now, is it
starting to stagnate a bit? Yes. Is all the gore necessary? Of course not. That’s the
kind of crap that makes video games such an easy target for criticism. But the cool thing
about Sniper Elite is, even without all the gore, it’s still a fun stealth game. Strategic, but simple…stealthy, but not
a dick about it… Violent, but… Actually, it’s just violent. There is no
but. ‘Cause I shot it off. It’s Sniper Elite
3, for the Xbox 360.

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  1. Well i dont mind about the grapfic look at least the gameplay is cool!~
    And also, dont ever try plan any bomb (landmine, S-mine or Trip-wire) at near you…when i said 'near you' i meant dont cover at the wall, top floor or bottom floor~stay far away from your trap or you might get unexpecting damage~

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