CGR Undertow – PAC-MAN AND THE GHOSTLY ADVENTURES 2 review for Xbox 360

CGR Undertow – PAC-MAN AND THE GHOSTLY ADVENTURES 2 review for Xbox 360

This isn’t what’s best in life. I’m
sorry, but that’s one thing we can be sure of. And if anyone cares to explain to me how
I’m supposed to feel about coming back to it… I mean, I’m all ears. Pac-Man doesn’t even have ears. How’s
he to hear the lamentations of the women? That’s what’s best in life. It’s Pac-Man
and the Ghostly Adventures 2. Speaking of crushing your enemies, I’m this
game’s enemy. And it’s crushing me. I was not a fan of the original Pac-Man and
the Ghostly Adventures, one of the most derivative platformers in the history of derivative platformers.
And a boring platformer, too. It was like playing a mix tape of video game cliches,
just one ripped-off idea after another. Oh, what’s that? You want original ideas? Holy crap, how about antigravity levels? I’ve never seen those before. Or maybe platforms that rotate every time
you jump? Oh, people will flip out over that. Hey, how ‘bout we punch the hell out of
people, too? I mean, let’s not monkey around this time. See, Pac-Man doesn’t have ears. So he can’t
hear me being a sarcastic jerk. Now, does every game need to be original?
No, of course not. No design idea exists in a vacuum, you know? Every new concept came
from some older concept. But it’s one thing to take inspiration from old ideas. It’s
another thing to, just…take ideas. Much like the first one, Pac-Man and the Ghostly
Adventures 2…is just a greatest hits collection. Of songs it didn’t write. From genres it
was never known for. To me, this game makes as much sense as having
a Super Mario FPS that just takes ideas from Wolfenstein and Doom, only it throws in Mario
and a couple of turtles. And I’m not even kidding, this is the same design approach.
It’s a Pac-Man…platformer. With Sonic’s attack mechanic, and with Mario’s…everything
else… It’s like hearing a brand new song…and
you somehow already know the words. That’s Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures
2. Of course, to be fair…it’s taking some
pretty fun ideas. And that’s the other thing about these games. As generic and derivative
as they are…they’re not bad. Like, they play pretty well. The controls are decent,
there’s some surprisingly good platforming…and to be honest, this one’s much better than
the first one. The first one literally gave me a headache. I actually had some fun with this one. I really enjoyed the platforming, I had a
lot of fun with the new power-ups and antigravity levels…this is actually a pretty solid platform
game. At least, in terms of the mechanics. No, but where the game loses steam and really
starts to irritate you…is its design. Or the lack thereof, to be honest. The levels
are incredibly boring sometimes. See, that’s the thing. A Mario game isn’t just fun because,
oh, power-ups and platforms. It’s fun because the level design is really clever, and it’s
constantly evolving and doing new things. It takes you on a ride, and that ride is what
makes the mechanics so much fun. This is just the mechanics, without the ride. It’s a really good roller coaster car, without
the roller coaster. If I sound down on this game, it’s because
the first one sucked and this one is even more derivative in its design. But the good
thing, the sincerely good thing…is that it really does play well. Not quite Mario
well, but…still, pretty well. And it also adds a bunch of on-rails sections, where you
get to…okay, this is just Sin and Punishment now. While we’re at it, hey, let’s steal from
F-Zero, too. If you could arrest video games for theft,
I’d give this thing 18 to life. Okay, I stole that from Skid Row. Point is, this time around…it doesn’t
really matter as much. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a game you should go out of your
way to play. It’s lifeless, and it really has no identity of its own. But if you liked
the first game, or you’re just really into platformers of any kind…well, this one might
actually surprise you. ‘Cause it surprised me. It plays well, it looks alright…the
music blows, but all in all, it’s a way better version of Pac-Man and the Ghostly
Adventures. And maybe that’s all it really needs to
be. Tell Pac-Man I said that. It’s Pac-Man and
the Ghostly Adventures 2.

45 thoughts on “CGR Undertow – PAC-MAN AND THE GHOSTLY ADVENTURES 2 review for Xbox 360

  1. The first game was a huge waste of time and complete step down from the World trilogy. I'm not not falling for it again with this crap.

  2. sigh!What has he got against modern pac man?i enjoyed the first game.the only i hate about this game is its price!

  3. I actually found this game pretty enjoyable. The graphics, music, and gameplay were all solid. Only problem is the story. But other than that the game was good enough to get an 8/10 from me.

  4. This game is "derivative" by mixing good elements from different games in the genre, but every new Mario game is original and unique because it adds one or two more mechanics to the formula each game? This is why I get so frustrated with and sometimes pissed at Derek. Anything that borrows for his beloved Mario or Nintendo franchises is immediately bashed. I'm surprised he hasn't bashed Utopia for being "exactly" like LoZ or Wipeout for being "just like" F-Zero.

  5. Wait, did the sea level at the end of the review completely stole the music to the birthday board on that awful pac-man party game? And don't tell me how I know that      

  6. I do see that this game rips off many things from the most recent Mario games, but I'm pretty sure that 1:27 was done before Donkey Kong did, that 4:15 was done before Star Fox did, and that 4:20 was done beofre F-Zero.
    Is it a cliché licensed game that steals ideas from other titles? Yes it is, but don't you try to tell me Nintendo owns every single idea.

  7. Sounds a lot like it's doing similar stuff to what the Pac-Man World games did (at least 2 and 3). I didn't mind personally that it was just ripping off a bunch of other platformer games concepts. It was kinda like being able to play all those other games (Mario 64, Sonic Adventure, Crash Bandacoot, even some Nights Into Dreams mixed in) in one game, with a Pac-Man skin, and some classic maze style bonus levels thrown in. The level designs were not as good in those either, just like the Pac-Man World Rally games didn't have as great of level designs as Mario Kart but solidly as good or better mechanics, but still it was all fairly fun.

  8. I'm going to be honest guys!
    This game ISN'T BAD! It isn't as bad as the first one! It's 90% Better! It has smooth gameplay, better camera, fun platforming, epic music (ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK FOR THE GAME), and improved collectibles and powerups


  10. I am not a big gaming fan, but i do enjoy mario and donkey kong games. I played pac man for ps2 years ago (as a kid) and really enjoyed it. I was just curious, you keep bashing every part of the game saying its stealing everything. But these types of games are all similar. You run around, shoot or eat things, collect stuff, power up, fight bosses. I dont really see how they could have done it any differently. Just my opinion. I dont think this is as bad as you make it seem. It probably is more boring for you because you are into different games and play them every day. Your expectations are higher.

  11. To be honest, judging from the gameplay footage alone, this game looks pretty awesome to me. Colorful graphics, fun & varied platforming, cool power-ups… it may not re-invent the genre but I don't see anything wrong with the game.

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