CGR Undertow – DOLLAR DASH review for Xbox 360

CGR Undertow – DOLLAR DASH review for Xbox 360

How many friends do you have? I mean, not
in total. In your vicinity. Like, do you live with some of the guys? You know, a little
ménage à braj situation? Or hey, maybe your sister has some cute friends who dig Bomberman.
In either case, you should get this game. Otherwise, you could probably pass on Dollar
Dash. You could also…tell your sister to make
hotter friends. I guess it makes sense for a multiplayer game
to, uh…you know, be its brightest in multiplayer. But it’s worth pointing out that Dollar
Dash takes that a step further. With friends on the couch, pizza on the table and beer
in the fridge, this game is fantastic. The problem is once your numbers are lessened
by people either going home or suddenly losing consciousness…Dollar Dash becomes less fantastic. In fact, it becomes…kind of pointless. To start with the good, though, this is a
fun multiplayer game. If you’re familiar with games like Bomberman, you know what to
expect here. Dollar Dash pits up to four stripe-wearing bank robbers against each other in a slapstick
race to steal other people’s money. Ethics are for charity. And poor people. So there are three game modes in Dollar Dash.
The first is a race to a certain cash amount. So you move around the screen, collect money
and try to get it back to the getaway car…without having it stolen from you. There’s also
a mode for beating up opponents and one for carrying a safe for as long as possible…and
they’re both enjoyable, but the cash race is really the main attraction here. Of course, across all the modes, the gameplay
is the same frantic mess of violence, thievery and explosions…in other words, multiplayer
gold. There are a ton of weapons scattered across the board, and you can carry up to
three at a time…you might have a rocket launcher as a main weapon, as well as bombs
you can drop behind you and a freaking Jello mold thing for defense. So with all these weapons and thieves running
around, Dollar Dash turns into chaos almost immediately. And again, if you’re playing
with friends—uh, especially friends in person—it’s an absolute riot. But the problem is…Dollar
Dash is a multiplayer game exclusively. Which is to say…not much to do when everyone goes
home. Playing with bots? Maddening experience. Dollar Dash does what it sets out to do very
well. It’s a blast with friends; it has online multiplayer, as well; it has 10 stages
and a ton of weapons; there’s more than enough here for a whole night of old-school,
on-the-couch multiplayer. Just don’t expect anything more from Dollar Dash.

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  1. I was invited to a pre release testing of this game and I can totally agree, with 4 players this game is a blast, but you should probably wait until the sale to get it as I think they are charging a little too much

    And yes, the lack of a single player campaign or something similar does suck but it was not the maker's intention from what I was told

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