Celebrity Lookalike Guessing Game

Celebrity Lookalike Guessing Game

Today we see celebrity
impersonators in person. Let’s talk about that.( music playing )Good Mythical morning. Today we’re debuting
a brand-new Bruno Mars song that we wrote
using predictive text and getting into
some dog movie posters, but first we’re gonna
be seeing double. Uh-huh.
Celebrity impersonators
have existed as long as celebrities
have been jaded, closed off to the public,
and inaccessible. So today, in honor
of the Academy Awards
this Sunday, we’re gonna try and figure out
the celebrity match for some professional
impersonators. It’s time for… Welcome to
the celebrity guessing zone. Here’s how this is
going to work. Okay, each round we will
have a professional celebrity
lookalike come to the middle
of the stage. They will not have costume,
makeup, hair, anything that makes you think
it’s that celebrity. It’s just their normal,
non-celebrity selves. We will face off by getting
to ask yes or no questions back to back until one of us
gets the right celebrity. And as we’re asking
the yes or no questions, we will have some lifelines
at our disposal to help us out, but we can only use
each one once. The first one is wig out. The lookalike gets a wig
relevant to their celebrity
that they wear. And the second one is
mad props. The lookalike gets a prop that gives us a clue
as to who the celebrity is. And third, the lifeline
is pipe up. The lookalike has to say
a cheesy motivational phrase the way the celebrity
would say it. So they’re impersonating
the celebrity’s voice, but they’re not saying something
the celebrity would say because that would be
too easy. Instead,
it’s a motivational phrase. And lastly, the loser wins
a lookalike cupcake, which looks great,
but is actually very gross. Let’s play. Okay, announcer Jordan,
who do we have up first? Jordan:
First up, we have Ben Cornish
from Los Angeles, California.
He’s obsessed
with chicken wings,
long jogs on the beach,and “Toy Story 3”
made him cry in the theater.
But who is
his celebrity lookalike?
– Oh, wow.
– Mm, chicken wing man. Are you
a movie celebrity? – Yes.
– Are you a movie celebrity that has been popular
since their teenage years? Yes. Do you have a famous
movie celebrity buddy? Yes. He said– Okay, you said “yes.” Like “the chicken wing
may not taste as good as you thought it did”
kinda thing? Are you Leonardo DiCaprio? – Yes.
– Ah, yeah! – You thought it was Matt Damon?
– For a second, I was like– but it’s obviously
Leonardo DiCaprio. I knew you were going down
the Matt Damon tree,
and I knew you were wrong! Jordan:
I was gonna guess Boss Baby.
That’s why
you’re not playing, Jordan. Okay, and, Ellie,
we have a clip, right? Ellie:Yeah, let’s see Ben
all Leo-ed up.
Hey guys,
my name is Ben Cornish, and I am the world’s premiere
Leonardo DiCaprio impersonator. – Wow!
– Oh, ho, ho. – You freaking–
– Wow! That’s incredible.
You sound just like him. I don’t know h– I literally
thought Matt Damon first. – I feel so stupid.
– Yeah, you should. You look exactly like
freaking Leonardo DiCaprio! I knew when he walked out,
but I wanted to make it
interesting. – ( laughter )
– Thank you for that. – Can we hang out?
– Sure. Let’s go clubbing. A lot.
Like, everywhere. Like at my house.
I want my kids
to respect me more. Jordan, who
do we have next? Jordan:Our next contestant
is Cherise Bangs
from Los Angeles, California.Once, she almost fell off
a cliff doing yoga,
and she’s allergic
to penicillin.
Who is her
celebrity lookalike?
– Hello, Cherise.
– Hello. – Okay.
– Don’t do yoga
near a cliff, girl. – ( laughter )
– Are you… a singer? – I am a singer.
– Oh! Are you a… dead singer? I am not a dead singer. – Okay.
– Still around. – And good for you.
– That means I don’t have to ask
“Are you a live singer?”. – ( laughter )
– That’s how that works. Does that mean
she’s a lip syncer? Ha! Get it?
Not a live singer? – Whatever.
– ( laughter ) I’m friends with Leo.
Don’t judge me. Are you popular right now? I am.
I’m always popular. Oh, fo-fo-fo-fo. You are always popular
and you are living? I’m living. Are you a… pop genre singer? I would definitely say so. I would like to exercise
a lifeline. I would like you
to wig out. You got it.( music playing )– See you in a minute.
– ( laughter ) – She’s gonna wig out
in privacy.
– So high tech. Rhett: Oh, wow.
That was quick. Ooh. You’re back
and you’re blonde. – I’m back.
– I’m gonna guess you’re,
using my lifeline… That’s some blond hair,
isn’t it? – Are you Britney Spears?
– I am. – Hey! Whoo!
– Britney Spears. – Yeah!
– Dang, you’re pulling ahead.
Let’s see Britney in action. Hey y’all, it’s Britney,
and I’d love to be
at your next event. – ( laughter )
– I think we can arrange that. Okay, Jordan, who’s up? Jordan:Next up,
we have Irby Gascon,
a self-professed health nut
who grows his own sprouts.
Who is his second persona?– Hmm.
– Hm. – Kirby, it was?
– Irby. – Irby.
– I-R-B-Y. – Got it.
– Irby growing sprouts. Are you a movie star? – Yes.
– Yes? You had to– it took you
a second to figure that out,
though. – Took him a second?
– Took Irby a second. I think he’s just trying
to be mysterious. ( laughter ) Irby, are you
an action star? Um… at times. – Uh.
– The mystery deepens. Have you also
been a television star? – Well, yeah, yeah.
– Well, yeah? – Yeah.
– Well, yeah. – Hmm.
– Do you play a cop? – No.
– You could. ( laughter ) Yes, you could. You could.
That’s why I asked. ‘Cause you could,
definitely. So you’re a movie star. This is tough.
Are you living? – No.
– Ooh! Oh! Hmm, oh.
Okay. Are you also known… for other things than being
a movie star, like– Uh, you can’t say “like.” – Yes.
– ( laughing )
Oh, gosh. I guess you could have
said “like.” ( laughing ) ( laughter ) – Are you Elvis?
– Uh, yes. – Yeah!
– I knew it! I know you, you just
throw the sideburns on.
Let’s see you. ♪ You can knock me down
step in my face ♪ ♪ Slander my name
all over the place ♪ ♪ Do anything
that you want to do ♪ ♪ But ah, ah, ah,
lay off of my shoes ♪ ♪ Don’t you
step on my blue suede shoes ♪ I always thought Elvis
would make a great cop. Yeah, exactly.
Very cop-like performance. – Great moves.
– Thank you, Irby. ( as Elvis )
Thank ya very much. ( laughing )
Got it. All right, Jordan,
who do we have now? Jordan:
Get ready for
Jennifer Popagain.
She bakes, she sings,and she is a short track race
car driver in her spare time.
But who does she put
the va-va-vroom into
as a celebrity impersonator?( laughing )
Oh, wow. “Va-va-vroom.”
On the short track. – I get it.
– ( laughter ) Well, you like to sing in–
in your normal life, so are you
a singing celebrity? – Yes.
– Oh. ( laughing ) Okay, I gotta go
with genre. – Are you a country singer?
– No. – Oh. Ooh.
– I went too far out
on that limb. – You did. Tsk, tsk, tsk.
– I was going there with you. – ( laughing )
– What other kind of singers
are there? ( laughter ) Suddenly I’ve drawn a blank. Besides country,
I can’t think of anything. No, um, are you a pop singer? – Yes.
– Okay. I think I’m gonna exercise
the mad props.( music playing )– There she goes.
– See you in a little bit. – Oh, my.
– Hello! – Jennifer?
– Jordan:Careful with
that milkshake.
You’ll bring all the boys
to the yard.
( laughter ) – Oh, ho.
– Okay. – Ooh.
– I see what’s happening here. Wow.
( smacks lips ) You– you really need
to get a better look? ( laughter ) I don’t need to,
but I wanted to. Um. Jordan:
For your information, Link,
that’s a butt.
( laughter ) Okay, I got a little–
got a little hang-y out action. Hmm.
Are you… – J-Lo?
– I am. – Yeah!
– Let’s see it. – How you all doing?
– Woman: J-Lo, what’s up? Really happy to be here.
It’s a beautiful night. A beautiful cause,
and I’m really happy to be
a part of it. Thank you all for coming.
Love you. It’s not easy
to pull off J-Lo,
but you’ve done it. – Yes.
That is quite a feat. – Thank you.
– Thank you. Yes. Yeah, you can take
the butt with you. Who’s our next impersonator? Jordan:
Today we have Johnny Rico,
also from Los Angeles,
He used to own
a furniture business,
and he’s scared of the water
in the ocean.
And who can blame him?
It’s filled with lobster turds.
But who does he impersonate?I’ve always thought that,
lobster turds. Jordan:
I don’t trust them.
They’re my least favorite
– Jotty?
– Sir? – Welcome.
– Thank you. – That was in– Jotty or Johnny?
– Jotty. – Johnny. Jo–
– Yeah. – “Johnny” like the name that–
– Johnny Rico. – Johnny Rico.
– Oh, Johnny. Jordan:And Link,
for your information,
“Jotty” is not a name.
– ( laughter ) I thought you–
you’re not a good announcer. – You didn’t announce it
– ( laughter ) – I’m sorry, Johnny.
– No, I didn’t hear “Jotty.” – I mean, that would be
a stretch.
– Jordan:No, that’s true.I can work on my enunciation.
– Um… Jordan:
See, I can take a note.
( laughter ) All right,
I think you’re a singer. – Am I right?
– That’s correct. Johnny,
if you’re not Bruno Mars,
then who are you? – ( laughter )
– Oh, dang it. Yes!
Let’s see him in action. ♪ Put your pinkie rings up
to the moon ♪ ♪ Girls,
what y’all tryin’ to do ♪ ♪ 24 karat magic
in the air ♪ ♪ Head to toe, so player ♪ That is uncanny, man!
You look just like him. – Thanks. Thank you.
– And you sound like him. – Thank you. That’s awesome.
– I mean, you don’t sound
exactly like him, but you sound–
you sound pretty good. I mean, you don’t sound as
good as Bruno Mars, but– If you sounded exactly like him,
then, I mean, you wouldn’t
be here right now. – It’s always a work
in progress.
– Yeah. – And who do we have here?
– Jordan:Please welcomeDon Frankel
from Hollywood, California.
He’s as great on the green
as a golfer
and even better
on those ivories
as the keyboardist
for “Sharknado 4 and 5.”
Who is his celebrity match?Are you sure
the celebrity isn’t just being the keyboardist
for “Sharknado 4 and 5”? – Jordan:I’m impressed.
– Is that true? – Yes, it is.
– Link: Nice, man! Can I– can I touch
the fingers that made
“Sharknado”? – Nice.
– Oh, wow. He does shark– he does a shark
impersonation as well. ( laughter ) Is your celebrity
a keyboardist? – ( sputters )
– No. – No.
– ( laughter ) – Dang.
– You were thinking
of all, like, – your keytar celebrity list?
– Yeah. Um, are you a TV celebrity? – No. Although I have been–
– You nodded yes,
but you said no. – No.
– No. ( laughter ) – Uh, are you a movie star?
– No. – Oh.
– He did it again.
Did you see that? – Oh, yeah.
– “No.” He makes you think you were
right, but then you were wrong. I’m gonna start
treating you like that. ( laughter ) You’re not TV– okay, so, uh,
you’re a musician? – No.
– What? Oh, how else can you
be famous? – Are you a YouTuber?
– ( laughter ) – No. No YouTuber.
– Jordan:I knew it. Pewdiepie.– ( laughter )
– I know who you are. –( drumroll )
– Joe Biden. – No.
– ( laughter ) Oh, wow, okay.
Oh, ho, ho! You’re in the right ballpark,
though. – Are you Bill Clinton?
– ( as Bill Clinton) I sure am. – Oh, dang it!
– ( laughing ) Yes! ( laughter ) – I forgot about Bill Clinton.
– ( laughter ) – You gave it right to me, Link!
– Dang it. Congratulations to me.
Let’s see Bill Clinton
in action. And so I’d like to thank
all my fellow Americans who, uh, who supported my wife, Hillary,
for the presidency. See, I’d like to get back
into the White House. I left something
in the Lincoln bedroom, and I’d like to get it back. – Oh, wow. No follow-up
questions about that.
– ( laughter ) All right, Link,
eat your nasty
impersonator cupcake. – Oh, my gosh.
– ‘Cause you lost! Joe Biden.
Good guess, though. I wouldn’t have gotten
without it. Can you– can you act
as if you’re scoring this
dramatically like “Sharknado”? – Absolutely.
( music playing )– Smells great.
– Rhett: Wow, that is a big
keyboard. I love it.( music playing )What is that in the middle? What’s that in the middle? Jordan:
Pork brains!
( laughter ) – Link: Ugh.
– Rhett: Makes you smarter,
Link. There’s a little bit of brains
in the middle. Ugh!
You want some, Bill? Well, I’d like to, uh,
take a bite, but I want to wish
everybody– He’s stalling.
He doesn’t want to take a bite. All right, I wouldn’t
take a bite either. – I got it.
– Oh, he’s doing it! Ugh! – Mmm.
– Bill Clinton will eat
anything. Now click to see us debut
a brand-new Bruno Mars song made using a predictive
text bot. Link:Look just like the stars
trying to look like you
with our mythical sunglasses
in tortoiseshell,
available at mythical.store.

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