Cars Race-O-Rama All Cutscenes | Full Game Movie (PS3, PS2, Wii, X360)

Cars Race-O-Rama All Cutscenes | Full Game Movie (PS3, PS2, Wii, X360)

hey there race fans Troy Aikman heater
the new to Radiator Springs Speedway we’re lat in the glade and the data cuts
and rates and Academy team are taking on I’m shown what a precision instrument of
speed and aerodynamics can do thank you you know that’s not how we do things
around here who taught you to race like that kakuka
katika Chick Hicks that’s right me and some of my friends are here to win the
race so Rama series and shut down your pathetic Doc Hudson racing again then
every car in the world bought a cup of my school the Chick Hicks
where they will learn me lightning when we’re through your
gap-toothed buddy later we’ll have to tow you out of town in shame cuz
Radiator Springs will be mine all mine you call what they were doing out there
racing we call it cheating cheating never got anybody anywhere oh come on
everybody knows that nice cars finished last in your dreams Thunder pretty tight
about thunder oh you know cuz thunder always comes after tarnation or you do
it Jason my hook right here you got to make your own fun
maybe reintroduce ourselves jog your memory like I’m Bubba and they sear boys
or tater and tater jr. proprietors of the world famous Oh
tater toward company say hello boys hello boys boys ring a bell mater long
time ago we agreed to race in rust bucket Stadium for the towing rights to
Radiator Springs their get used to this flashbulbs
lightning this is Candace’s world and we’re just living in it I thought I had
a paparazzi problem Mikey the only problem you had is
beating at my home track no no no daddy promised that I’d never
lose I’m calling him right now whatever you want me I’ll make the usual
arrangement thank you daddy well I’ve got some shopping to do you
know how buying always makes my hurt go away I’m awaiting parasites why just open a
slew of platinum accounts on Romeo Drive and I plan on maxing out everyone ah Highness things a little upset you know
satu huh later what did I scare you
me scared ah only thing scares me well never mind
I don’t like talking about the goose love it cuz it’s enough to shake the
rust off your bumper the dirt from your ween channel the old from your
carburetor are you done babbling now yeah I guess
so good then me and the taters would like to pay
I just thought assure tater Rhymes was made not only that but mater rhymes with
tater – come on that God bunch more stuff to rhyme with her name
those three could spell a queue my spotted a man that’s enough light I’m gonna stick your
jocks bend your rims fun gonna be there soldier you’re excited to get it I am no
machismo bigger than big better than bad time I don’t you what me time is all
about me time doesn’t even make sense we’re supposed to be meeting bigger than
big better than you when Merkel’s fault I need more rpms bigger tires bigger
stops bigger vendors bigger everything to cook y’all later you won’t believe the new hey my
new buddy oh we are just about ready to overheat we’re so happy Bubba just told
us that we’re gonna get all the tow and rights to Radiator Springs that’s great
you’re gonna love Radiator Springs has a bunch of great cars Flo’s v-eight café
Ramones Sarge’s phil mowers hey wait a minute
Radiator Springs has a tow truck – that would be me hmm
I think this is what city folk called ad Lemmy hey lightning I want to introduce
you to one of my new friends this is stinger why are you I choose my
friends more carefully how’s it going all the strong silent type huh we get it
a little cliched but we get it look at behind you lightning you may not talk
much but stingers skills on this track speak loud and clear do call yourself a muscle car
more like a steel brain worthless bucket of folks what do you have to say for
yourself smile now go ahead but just wait I still
got some surprises for you including our plans for Radiator Springs we had fun too don’t you morons get it
we lost no towing rights and Radiator Springs no rust bucket Stadium nothing
zilch nada what do you mean nothing we made a new friend in our new friend
one and she’s her name’s rod it’s almost like these are the trucks that beat me you haven’t seen the last of me me I’ll
get rid of you if it’s the last thing I know I’m sure
you will oh and I’m gonna learn how to spell IQ
too hello and welcome to Radiator Springs Speedway for this year’s
historic drama series no time to waste let’s head down to the track for today’s
festivities new chick her car that doesn’t race you sure look the part oh I
see you got all dressed up too yeah I’ve been saving this for a special occasion
and anytime I get a chance to beat you it’s definitely a special occasion I got
a little secret for you Candice stinger hello chief
I was just using them to learn how to beat you now I’m the perfect
high-performance custom racer who’s gonna take you I should’ve just put my time money
energy into myself instead Candace and those other clown cars then I kind of
won at all I get up in the champ I could have been
a better racer but you weren’t chick there’s more racing and winning at all
costs the best racers are part of a team something beyond themselves the sooner
you learn that see you won’t be alone ah this isn’t over yet now be back I’ll get
revenge stay alert Lightning after you would you
leave defected I promise you that poor chick you’ll never learn that doesn’t
mean the cars the Academy and I won’t keep a man from trying to expand
couldn’t have said it better myself the dog kid Lightning the others and I wanted to
apologize for how we behaved on the track yeah you’re better than bad they
after than fast sorry I don’t understand he means that he likes the way you race
then I have to admit I do too even though it takes the spotlight on me
thanks I really appreciate it and you’re all welcome to come by the Doc Hudson
Academy anytime we’d love to have you that’s better than bag oh thank you you’d like to say thank you I’m sure deep inside he’s grateful too

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  1. 5:27 I didn't know "Macho Man"Randy Savage was in this game,that just makes it even cooler.Thanks for uploading this.

  2. Excellent work, WishingTikal. Next video game walkthrough – SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom (PS2).

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