Can Antoine Griezmann beat Steve Nash in a game of HORSE? ?

Can Antoine Griezmann beat Steve Nash in a game of HORSE? ?

Woo! – What’s going on here? What’s up, everybody? I’m here at the
Barcelona training centre with Antoine Griezmann and we’re gonna play some HORSE, or, we’re gonna play BURRO. Because we’re here in Spain. Let’s see what he’s got. All right, Antoine’s going first. – Ah! – All right, you know, I got lucky. The guy has good technique, he’s not really warm yet, I could tell, the longer we played you were probably gonna beat me. – Ha ha ha.

83 thoughts on “Can Antoine Griezmann beat Steve Nash in a game of HORSE? ?

  1. Man I loved Steve Nash it was criminal he never won a ring this is from a Liverpool and trailblazers fan the suns were beasts

  2. totally random but
    i had spanish finals today and i totally forgot "there" is allí
    1:14 now i know… but i doesnt matter anymore… ?

  3. Griezmann is the only person that every kids on planet Earth need to emulate. Not Messi. Not Ronaldo! Messi is a genius, a product of God's might. He has no equal. Ronaldo is born a Greek God. His physique is inhuman, more like that of a Greek God! Griezmann, on the other hand was born very average like the rest of us. He wasn't the tallest, strongest, fastest and his football techniques were very average. Many times he was rejected. His father grew tired of taking him to trials. Yet he persisted and with the persuasion of his mother, his father accepted the rejections that his son was subjected too. His father used to say "another day, another rejection"! And yet Griezmann has something that developed over the years, something called GRIT, the only quality that wasn't given to him or any one of us, but that can be learned and developed! Look what grit can bring you, a WORLD CUP star, one that even the God given genius Messi or the Greek God's physique Ronaldo can't have but will envy for the rest of their lives! So stop the hate on Griezmann people and get a poster of him and stick it to the wall of your kids' bedroom and teach them that with GRIT, they too can win the WORLD CUP, the most prestigious sport competition in the world!

  4. for a second i found myself suprised that steve nash was making so many shots. seeing him on champions league for so long made me forget this guy was a 2 time nba mvp lol

  5. Interviewer: “Why should hire you to do BR Live Champions League commentary?”

    Steve: “I play basketball and I like Tottenham”

    Interviewer: “That’s it?”

    Steve: ………..

    Interviewer: “You’re hired”

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