Call of Duty: WWII – Story Trailer | PS4

Call of Duty: WWII – Story Trailer | PS4

[RUMBLING] – Hey. Stop. – He’s not worth it.
Daniels. [CLICK] – Gentlemen, we are on the verge
of the biggest operation of the entire war. – All right, fellas. This is our chance to break out
of Normandy. It won’t be easy. Focus on your men because that’s
what will get you through. – If we get this convoy across,
we’re in the heartland. – All right. On me. – We thought we knew what war
would be like, but nothing prepared us for
this. [SPEAKING GERMAN] – Lose your tags. Lose ’em. They’re after Jews. [SPEAKING GERMAN] – I’m not giving up on my
platoon. – We are cogs in the machine,
Joseph. We start going our own way, the
whole thing breaks down. When did you forget that? – These are men, our men. When did you forget? – Let’s take that bridge and
find our boy. – Gear up! Let’s move! – You think you got some guts,
don’t ya? – Listen to us. – Look, it’s all or nothing. It’s all been leading to this. – Let’s move. – Well, ain’t that something,
Fritz. Pre-order the bundle now.

100 thoughts on “Call of Duty: WWII – Story Trailer | PS4

  1. As a young man who throughly enjoyed the Call Of Duty games set in World War II on the PlayStation 2 (my favorite was big red one ) I appreciate this and I look forward to it. I'm not concerned with graphics or how good it's actually going to look once it's in my hand I just want to genuinely enjoy the storyline, like the old days.

  2. I always though Advanced Warfare's cinematics were better than Black Ops 3 and Infinite Warfare's. Sledgehammer knows how to make really good cinematics.

    Also really happy the story department won't be getting censored like the rest of the game.

  3. Deveriam botar também um trecho onde aliados e nazistas disputam uma improvisada partida de futebol num suposto dia de Natal, em meio à guerra.

  4. Hoy sii sera un buen juego q biene alfin estan los mejor juegos de guerra nada de guerra del futuro sino q mejores guerras al antigua👍😍

  5. My heart absolutely sunk during this trailer. So intense and I love seeing the swastica tease at the end😉. Cod finally went back to there true root.

  6. Always hated the direction Call of Duty took once it went all futuristic, but… after watching this trailer, I gotta say that this feels like classic Call of Duty.

  7. Last year Battlefield brought a great game, for once, but now Call of Duty is back to becoming unbeatable once again. We don't need sci-fi CODs, there's plenty of sci-fi shooters as it were. Going to get this on launch alright!

  8. Yes!! They have the swastika in the game!! Thank god. Hope they removed the female and black character selections tho. Its not cause I’m sexist and rascist but I and many other people want this game to be as realistic as it can be, In WW2 there weren’t any female and black soilders.

  9. A legacy edition with a remastered version of MW2 or BO1 would of been the cherry on top wouldn't you all agree…. #MakeItHappen

  10. Bonjour votre triller est bien mais trop sombre, je suis déçus car l' image du jeux en ligne est médiocre, tout le reste est parfait! Mais pour dire le voile blanc et transparent sur l'image du mode en ligne est vraiment agassente,aussi les décalages d'images sont flagrant (image différéepart a port au joueurs) et cela n' est pas digne d'un call of duty multis player! Constatation sur plusieurs game play multis joueurs Merci et meilleurs salutations

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