Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Reveal Trailer | PS4

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Reveal Trailer | PS4

The rules have changed. There’s a fine line between right and wrong. And somewhere… …in the shadows… …they send us in to find them. Target is in the main house. You have execute authority. Bravo 6… …going dark. Stand clear! Green light. The weapons are now in the wild. Get to safety!
Go! We get dirty… …and the world stays clean. That’s the mission. Who’s your team? Some old comrades. Play new content first on PS4.

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  1. Did anyone notice that the lady with the French accent isnt the final game? same with the Marines jumping out of the plane. Still an awesome campaign tho

  2. I hope battlefield catches on, I'm tired of the futuristic, and the world war 2 games, gimme some guns with have now.

  3. Why does the game try to blow my speakers during the intro, but then I need to turn the volume back up when I get to the menu screen?

  4. Lyrics:

    The rules have changed

    There's a fine line between right and wrong

    And somewhere

    In the shadows

    They send us into find them

    1-2 to 6 Actual

    Target is in the main house

    You have execute authority

    Bravo six, Going dark.

    Stand Clear!

    Victor 6-4 Green light

    All weapons are now in the wild

    These guys host as a hostile to civilians!

    Get to safety GO!

    We get dirty…and the world stays clean

    Thats the mission

    Who's your team?

    Some old comrades.

  5. Okay, I loved playing the story. It played very smooth and the quality was insane. Loved the ending too. However, story didn’t encapsulate me as much as I thought. Overall 8/10

  6. The campaign is fantastic, I think it's one of the best in the series, it's up there with MW2 and MW3. Story is okay with small plot-twist here and there but gameplay is superb with new elements (playing as a kid, giving navigation via cameras etc.), graphics is amazing (with Ray Tracing), voice acting is top notch and the characters are remarkable (I really like Alex, he's dope af!)

  7. Hope someone here can help me
    I have the CodMW 2019 on my ps4, just got this week and CANT play it without updating it.. We have slow Internet and it would take hours.
    My problem is:
    **Why does the update ALWAYS restarts everytime a new version comes out..
    Its 60+ gb update and im not the only one whos complaining, there are other players who also have this problem

  8. Also when the part where u either kill the kid or mom that made me sad I didn’t kill either. but players kill the kid and that’s not funny at all so just don’t do it be the right person don’t kill either they are a family. And it happens in real life so kids get scared in dreams if that happens.

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