Blasphemous – Launch Trailer | PS4

Blasphemous – Launch Trailer | PS4

Rated M for Mature. [GOTHIC MUSIC PLAYING]

100 thoughts on “Blasphemous – Launch Trailer | PS4

  1. Porra Sony cadê as DLC?cadê a merda das outras linguagens ? Por que o PC tem mais opção ? O jogo tá incompleto ? Vou querer meu dinheiro de volta se não chegar em Pt-br

  2. I like it but im having a hard time understanding exactly what this game is about, story wise. A wrathful hand? Some sort of redemption? A reaping? Taking down a corrupt, unholy dynasty?

  3. Is this really the quality of the graphics? This game looks so awesome but I have a big TV screen and I think this would look pretty terrible on it.

  4. What IS this song tho
    Dont get me wrong, i love the game, i play, i have nightmares, i read about the kid with thorns more than i should have…but i want the song even IF the game has amazing voiceacting and soundtracks

    P.S. When the next Worms commin out, Team17 ?

  5. Holy %§$%§ this looks awesome. Like a Castlevania, Dark Souls and … Shadow of the Beast from the Amiga mashed together. Anyone remembers the last one? Yes, I know, I'm ancient.

  6. Remember when they hyped the baby boss fight ? You only fight a boney snake with a face for tail. The baby is background. He does nothing.

  7. Theres nothing more gruesome than 2D pixel gore. Not only does it look gross, because it's so simplistic, it leaves a lot of room for imagination.

  8. Guilty Gears meets Castlevania!!! This looks Awesomely Glorious in all of its 32bit morbidity. Time to mash some buttons!!??️??

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