Black Ops 4 Zombies Just Dropped These Features From the Game

Black Ops 4 Zombies Just Dropped These Features From the Game

One of the reasons I think so many people
dislike Black Ops 4 zombies is because of the lost potential of the game. I believe this is where the disproportionate
split comes from in the zombies community in terms of dislike to like for the game. People who genuinely love Black Ops 4 zombies
take it at face value, while people who dislike it can’t get over the “What could have
been idea”. In today’s episode of the Mainframe, I want
to explore the “what could have been but was dropped” in Black Ops 4 Zombies. *Intro plays*
Black Ops 4 Zombies started with high hopes, an incredible reveal event, and marketing
that sent players expectations over the moon. At launch, Black Ops 4 released with game-breaking
blue screens and bugs causing the development team to be sent back months in available dev
time to work on other assets. From the start, Black Ops 4’s ambitions
were too large for what they wanted to do. Being flown out to the reveal event I had
the privilege to talk to Jason and Craig about zombies along with all the other content creators
attending the event. You could see the excitement, joy, and confidence
the development team had going into Black Ops 4. There was a clear vision of things to come,
but time was not on their side. What I imagine the dev team felt on launch
was complete horror. Watching their game break over and over again
during live streams. Treyarch went silent as they were pushed into
unreasonable crunch time again to try to fix the game. The community grew angry with the lack of
communications, while the development team didn’t get to enjoy the fruits of their
labors after finishing 2-3 months of crunch prior to launch the game. Overworked and burnt out the hopes for Black
ops 4 zombies turned from certainties to possibilities to hopes for a future installment. On launch, Black Ops 4 zombies released with
three on disk maps and one pre-order DLC map. There is no denying this was the largest quantitive
launch ever for zombies. A true accomplishment for the dev team despite
the bugs. As anyone who has ever created a video game
knows every game ever ships with known bugs. If you were to see a game a month before launch
you would be shocked to see the sorry state it is in before it is turned around into what
we consume. The roadmap was there in fan’s minds to
see what this great year of zombies would bring, but these ideas would never come. The first casualty of the bugged launched
Black Ops 4 was Factions. A game mode half mentioned at a Comic-Con
panel that previous summer. The idea was to have a global rewards system
with seasons that allow players to earn rewards. Ideas ranged from story rewards to cosmetics,
to gameplay bonuses but nothing was ever confirmed. It is a topic that went quiet as the game
launched. It appeared that the mode couldn’t be implemented
with Black Ops 4 due to the team’s focus on making Black Ops 4 functional. That single fact, Getting Black ops 4 to Work,
will be the continual roadblock for progress in Black Ops 4’s launch cycle. As the months ticked by fans latched onto
Factions to become the saving grace to the game. Players were subjected to so many other ideas
becoming abandoned by Treyarch due to their need to fix the game. To me, this is a point where some members
of the community latched onto something, so hill to die on due to their inability to accept
the reality of the situation. Factions was going to be something cool, but
not revolutionary. I believe it got delayed due to the game’s
broken launch. Eventually, it was clear it was better to
release nothing than releasing a poor product. I think Treyarch was smart to cut their losses
with faction given their situation if that was the case. Factions may be the feature that gets the
loudest remarks online despite it never being marketed like many of the other modes, save
that one comic-con panel. But there is a load of other features that
got dropped in Black Ops 4 zombies that we should talk about. Rush never was expanded in any way. No weekly challenges, no specialty events,
no changes to the game mode or evolution within the mode. With each Call of Duty Zombie map from World
at War to Revelations, there was always a step forward in trying new things. With every rush map released the same exact
gameplay was copy and pasted into the latest zombie map. The game mode went nowhere just like mutations. Mutations were another selling point during
the Black Ops 4 reveal event. This promised to breathe life into Call of
Duty Zombies for years to come by allowing the player to customize nearly everything
in the game to create the most unique challenges or experiences to date. But no one played due to gameplay issues,
easter eggs being turned off, the lack of XP, the lack of incentives for playing, and
no evolution of the mode throughout the life of BO4. The AI system of black ops 4 was an excellent
step forward for helping players who can’t get a group of people to play with the chance
to squad up. There was talk of a better system to be implemented
to control and command your AI teammates in order to accomplish easter eggs. Think of the appeal of having the ability
to jump into a 4 player easter egg whenever you wanted with AI that was just competent
enough to complete the egg. Finally, solo players wouldn’t lose out
on quotes or the chaos of four-player easter eggs with this option. Yet in reality, another avenue for the player
to get involved was dropped. One of the promises Treyarch stuck with all
season was gauntlets, you can’t fault them on their dedication to make that mode possible. Although Treyarch was forced to stop work
on hardcore gauntlets around the time they had to make another game a year early thanks
to Sledgehammer and Raven’s falling out. All the resources it took to make those gauntlets
still wasn’t enough to finish the hardcore gauntlets. With so much on their plate yet another feature
that was abandon was customization. Facepaints never evolved into anything more
despite blackout and multiplayer having the infrastructure to create custom outfits for
characters. The potential was there for outfits and customization
but Treyarch didn’t have time. DLC weapons never received an update to allow
custom attachments for some of their weapons. To this date, there are 7 items that can’t
be customized in the armory. Black Ops 4 Zombie’s story can be summarized
as a misallocation of resources. Launch must have set Treyarch so far behind
that they never recovered in the lifespan of the game. Marketing for zombies declined with each map,
Zombie Chronicles 2 was probably abandoned, and the fully animated CGI cutscenes were
slashed due to the restriction of resources. Music trailers, secret websites, memories
videos, interviews with the developers, and viral marketing campaigns all but disappeared
from Black Ops 4 zombies pushing the game away from the most devoted fans. Black Ops 4 zombies is the story of what-ifs. What could have been if Treyarch could have
stuck with it? That idea is enough to ruin the game for so
many players. It is too frustrating to play when you know
how close Treyarch was to greatness. But if you go in blind, not taking any other
judgments into the game,taking everything at face value you will probably enjoy BO4
zombies. Thanks for watching this episode of the mainframe! Every Friday at 4:30 pm est a new episode
is released! So be sure to subscribe to catch them. Leave a comment and rating for the YouTube
algorithm and if you want to pick up an Aether poster they are available through my website
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videos possible. Thanks for watching and be safe until I see
you next!

100 thoughts on “Black Ops 4 Zombies Just Dropped These Features From the Game

  1. If Treyarch hadn't set the launch date on October, but instead of the usual launch date for Black Ops in November. Then dev's had way more time go fix the minor, big or breaking bug/ glitches, and I get that Treyarch and/ or Activision wouldn't be in the same (original) launch month as another two Triple A games last year (Red Dead Redemption II and Battlefield V).
    But if they did that, they had (if they used the original launch dat somewhere in November) another month to spend time on the game, and I think all will be well in terms of goals that Treyarch had for Zombies.
    Only they had a little bit more time and we had Factions, In-game Rewards, Cosmetics, normal cinematic cutscenes and most importanty fun.
    And maybe, just maybe we had less Blue Screens…

    If only they had a bit more time for Black Ops 4.

  2. They just tried to hard to top BO3 and tried to do too much. BO3 was just so incredible they were always going to fail trying to take BO4 a step further.

  3. Glad to see yr still producing great videos Reed, been an avid watcher for a long time and always enjoy the content.

  4. I’m loving this weekly series!
    What really intrigues me about Treyarch is that they seem to be constantly rushed, but always seems to put out above average products. I can’t imagine what they would be able to create if they were not rushed by Activision to push out their product too soon. I’m really hoping for black ops 5/V(whatever they call it) that they keep it simple. Create one or MAYBE two maps at most for launch, but they have to be high quality like Shadows was. Then cram the game with features that they didn’t/couldn’t put in BO4. Launch the game with Newton’s Cookbook; daily, weekly, and monthly challenges; and unique camos/cosmetics you can only get in zombies. I think this would make the community much happier.
    I do not have super high expectations for this new Treyarch game, but I am going to try to take it for what it is (whatever that happens to be) and just enjoy it🙂

  5. Great video reed. Hopefully the next treyarch game will be an improvement, hopefully bringing back the old perk systems as I hate the current one

  6. This is why I have a lot respect for you, Reed. You actually sit down and analyze what went wrong with the game while at the same time understanding the situation that the developers went through and acknowledging the people who do enjoy the game, versus everyone else whose all "fuck treyarch and they suck and I hope they get fired and they suck my pee pee…" alla r/codzombies subreddit.

    Like no. Real talk for a second, if you're a person in the community that does that, please get off the internet, put down the controller down, and go outside. We all understand you don't like the game, and you have every right not to like it, and you have every right to voice your opinion. But when guys are constantly harassing the devs, sending them death threats, calling for them to lose their job (when the situation doesn't even warrant going that far), that's not ok (those of you who are doing and saying those type of things). Seriously some of you are my age (22) or close, and yet you express your frustrations in the fashion of an edgy 14 year old. Grow up. I get you guys aren't happy, no one is blaming you for that, but you need to realize that at the end of the day, it's just a game, and it's not that serious.

  7. Absolutely love the style of this video. Reminds me of Nightmode’s type of style, and just enjoy the style of discussion. I really hope Treyarch knocks the next game out of the park. I graduate from undergrad in May, and I’ll have more time to play for the first time since BO3 launched.

  8. Hey tame check in… did someone just say factions??? Bro, totally not cool, thought this had some traction… ill keep check in…..

  9. I treat BO4 like the Disney trilogy. Non canon fan fic. Zombies ended with revelations just like Star Wars ended with return of the jedi

  10. Outside of the BO4 development, the other thing that gets me is the Primis statues announced at ComiCon. The $250 price point was absurd, sure. They sold and shipped Richtofen, and then they quietly deleted any mention of the other three. Just another casualty of the 2018-2019 COD cycle. If I were a collector, that incomplete set would drive me insane.

  11. Dang its said to see what could've been, I totally forgot that factions didnt even happen, lol I was hyped!
    Let's hope the next game improves, there's always hope! Thx Reed!

  12. I think BO4 is a perfect example of perspective. Myself and a fair amount of others I've played with see the game for what it is and enjoy it despite any minor issues we may have with it. Those in the larger zombies community compare the game we got with we were told we were getting and, in this case, the bad overshadows the good.

    I do hope Treyarch has learned their lesson when it comes to promoting their game and keeping their aspirations in check. It's always better to say very little on the game and surprise the community with more content than to promise a great deal and deliver very little.

  13. I take it at face value. Its a good solid fps game. Its a good package overall blackout/zombies/Mp its not gonna be as good as it could've been , but ill see what bo5 is like and judge it then.

  14. I hate to be an absolute Debbie downer, but Zombies at face value is still BO4 Zombies- flow and all, lacking longevity, lacking tangible gameplay progression.

    It truly is a tragedy and I sympathize with the devs to whatever interpretable extent I can as an outsider regrading the absolute struggle they faced, but, even though money is the absolute blood of projects and visions of this incredibly immense scale, Activision is still knowingly their publisher, and Treyarch would rather sweep this under the rug while I remain having invested money, time, and emotion into their tragedy, eventually only playing it for the sake of justifying my conflicting concerns relative to the other chunk of players, who have disregarded this, once all of the possible enjoyment wore off weeks into its life- well before the budget imploded. I never played Fallout or Star Wars Battlefront and thus never faced an unfortunate launch of the likes- I had all I needed with Treyarch and their passion.

    Black Ops 4 is the worst let down of a video game I've ever had the misfortune to care about.

  15. I think the other problem that went against BO4 was the lead up to the games release and many influencers putting out the idea that ONLY TREYARCH can do zombies good and everyone else sucks but then not only was the game broken on launch but many things other developers did in IW and WW2 were picked up and/or adapted by Treyarch and implemented into BO4 causing a rift to form for people to either admit they were wrong about the other modes or to admit Treyarch isn’t the end all be all.

  16. At face value i didn’t enjoy it. It was a step down not up. The perk system was a step down, the maps were not noob freindly at all. It was the least replayable game of all zombies. Not just other treyarch zombies. I would have been happy with bo3 copy and paste with new maps.

  17. I am glad to say that I personally really enjoy bo4 now, I didn’t at launch, but after adjusting to the gameplay differences I personally prefer a lot of them. All the hate for bo4 really gets on my nerves because it’s usually due to them not accepting the changes the game made and automatically assuming it’s worse.

  18. 39 seconds in and im already like oh my god, Reid is spitting facts right here your so wise and probably the most under rated yt provider. KEEP UP THESE EPISODES PLEASE!!!

  19. So if this was too much for a 3 year cycle then surely the next game will suffer from all the same issues? Maps/modes cut, tons of bugs, etc. Honestly I dont see why modern warfare can't become a 2 year game if it continues to get the constant love/updates/battlepasses

  20. not what it couldve been but what it always was hours of fun survival instead of a 1 time playuable map because of these idiot easter eggs that half u moronso nly care about instead of fun maps

  21. Zombies as a game I think peaked at BO3 and should have appropriately ended in BO3. BO4 I think took the simplicity value away, and made maps tedious in having to complete tasks to have the game, for a majority of the time, go your way. If not, survival is pretty daunting.

  22. The title of this video is misleading. The way it's worded is as if they recently took features out of the game and that's the only reason I watch the video, to see what they removed. That is not what this video is about at all…

  23. Honestly for me the fact that they strayed so far away from what i liked about zombies killed this game for me. The fact that EE became the main and possibly only focus on these maps took away the ability to just go into a game and play with randoms. Black ops 3 had this issue a bit as well and made people not want to play because it would take 30 minutes top set up the map so you can actually play it. The fact that they removed jugg and the other traditional perks as well didnt sit well with me as they were such a staple of the serise and really helped make the game what it was. Im not saying that i didnt like the story elements that the easter eggs added but it came at the expense of casual gameplay and that i think was the main issue.

  24. The best part?
    Glitch. If he didn’t make tutorials, I’d probably not have played anymore after my few initial playthroughs of the on disc maps.

    The worst part?
    The damn green tags when you go into the armoury!

  25. hopefully reeds speedruns gets people back into playing I went back to playing trying sppedruns and ee challenges and im enjoying it we should have some sort of challenges from zombie youtubers to complete and get some fire back in this community p.s play ww2 zombies love the vid

  26. It just didn’t feel like Zombies there were so many new features which hindered the game and they tried to fix unnecessary problems.

  27. Watching that reveal event hits the nostaglia already, damn.
    I recon the story, characters, music and tone really were pretty amazing and is something they can be proud of.
    And god damn the maps were so beautiful, especially Dead of The Night, IX and Blood.
    Was just the mechanics that killed it for me. Despite 100s of hours and many IX solo speedruns I couldn't lie to myself any more.
    Mechanically it just wasn't fun for me personally at the end of the day. Regardless of any expectations I had.
    But the positives are it made me go back on PC and appreciate BO3 and even IW zombies so much more than I did previously 🙂
    And it will probably invigorate the team for the next game, and gives them better insight into what more people enjoy mechanically. So it's a positive future I hope.
    Great video as always ofc, should go without saying by now xD

  28. What ifs is what made the game for me… Not on the dev side but on the community. People were laser focused on telling the story as is was raping up, but thats not the community i fell in love with in bo3. Like was there more then 3 radios per map? Did anyone take note that OG Richthofen in alfa Omega seemed more… mentally sane, as if the shadow man, THE VOICES that made him the poler opposite of primus Richthofen were gone. We still have no idea what happes to the version of Richthofen that became an ethereal being, on a comparable scale to monty and the shadow man, in Samuels body; and why did the shadow man set the cards for everything. Conspiracy is the heart of the zombies community; i don't need too question why it's shrinking. Love from a content starved fan.

  29. I really think that the only fault here is promised content in factions. Now before someone jumps down my throat I have a level 1000 account, all dark ops, all zombies achievements, and all weapons dark matter. What black ops 4 was at the end of the day was grindy and the instant satisfaction of today was not met by that game it’s why they cut the camo requirement in half. People are upset about not having rush support but it’s a dead player base and a miss for the community. “They dropped hardcore gauntlets” when less than 1% of the community has the hardcore even completed much less flawless and even in the normal I don’t ever remember a content creator going through it and then saying how much fun they had. At the finish the challenges were bashed for being pointless or intentionally creating problems so again it was a miss for the community as a majority. What made black ops 3 great were the week long streams to solve Easter eggs. People stayed hyped about maps for days playing 20 hours a day to be first. This entire games life cycle was ruined by data mining and pissy developers that got fired. Looking at it comparatively to BO3 that is loved it is smoother to play (launch issues aside), elixirs are good not godly, the Easter eggs are more involved (maybe not as fun but more intricate), you survive easier not off of an in game gumball easier in BO4, the perk customization is better than running the original 4 over and over, and as someone else mentioned the maps are beautiful and interesting. What it missed the mark on is having a super Easter egg so there is no point in doing them (classified 150 especially), rewards for completing anything are cases for cosmetics that are almost completely unusable in zombies or annoying in long games (death effects), and that the game was so hyped and content creator influenced the masses by bashing it. I love zombies and watching video after video of bitching (excuse my French Reed) from the people who built the community tore it down. We are impressionable and if someone says it’s bad that has 2 million followers a large population of the sheeple form that same opinion without giving it their own chance. People love zombies that’s why it’s been in almost every cod game for 10 years. Even small time streamers have people who will sit in and watch but what was interesting to me was one I played with and he offered to his 10 viewers a spot to play to the ones giving us stuff to do and they didn’t want to play they wanted to watch. I feel that that correlates to a person like Noah who was the biggest zombies player ever subs wise and him bashing the game in every video built a culture of hating on the game. Not hating on him just the trend that came to be because of the route he took. In comparison Pizza has always looked for content in a positive way with his myth busting and he still have a positive zombies community that get excited for his videos. We believe what we are told that’s why Fox and CNN have their followings on the far right and far left that get the news spun in their favor and take it as law. Bo5 needs to be something special in zombies but it also needs to have the support of content creators to have a chance. Bo4 died before it even got to the DLC because the community tore it to pieces off launch. The game was very frustratingly buggy and there are things that if I didn’t have a desire to have it all I wouldn’t ever want to do as a casual player. Reed I sent you the stat way back on how many kills og dark matter required and classified 150 is disgusting to call an Easter egg because nobody wanted that. The grind of this game hurt it because people want something for small amounts of effort and when there is a large amount to be heavily rewarded. Gauntlets could have been great with a solid reward and a super Easter egg would have given us a reason to play. Factions would have been more grind and while we think it’s what we wanted I am glad to not have something else that would be a cosmetic we can’t use that took a month to get and would just have been bashed by the community. This zombies mode had the most involved eggs, easiest ability to survive, good maps, and something to grind for if you were that kind of player. Bo4 will go down as one of my favorite zombie games because there was so much to do it just wasn’t structured for everybody to enjoy it. I would love to keep going sometime but this is already a short story at this point. Looking forward to the arguments in the comments from some of you and just remember it’s all love 😘

  30. I'll tell you why everyone hate bo4 zombies…let's see uhh perks being useless (no jugg or double tap or classic perk machines) PAP weapons are trash. [email protected] bo1 bo2 bo3 all stuck with the same design with the perk system only implementing a little at a time. I wish bo4 never happened bc they ruined what could have been a masterpiece.

  31. You said it perfectly, they got held back so far it was impossible to recover. I have hopes that they can pull off BO5 and give the DEVS the satisfaction of seeing their hard work praised.

  32. Listen, I’ve been there since the beginning of zombies. The main two things that turned me off was the perk system as well as specialist abilities. It did not feel like zombies anymore and I haven’t played since 🤷🏼‍♂️

  33. I hope to god they just take a step foward with Black ops 5 zombies next year, Black Ops 4 was just the result of bas time and resource management and ultimately the game failed. I just hope Activision raises their budget and gives them complete creative control.

  34. Your also forgeting one more thing, the custom perk system, due to how abruptly they added this system without telling people before hand, alot of people got angry, I mean people were literally rioting over the fact that jug wasnt in the game when it first fame out

    What I think they could have done is make it so you can switch between the custome system and classic system, but obviously they would have had zero time for that

  35. No one talks that much about custom mutations. It was the BIGGEST pet down imo because there was no reward or benefit to playing it. No XP, No Easter eggs, nothing.

  36. This isn’t zombies related but I’m sure we can all agree that Blackout on PC would have benefited from crossplay. But awesome video dude!!

  37. Remember when Jason Blundell promised that the high rounds boundary would be boosted from 225 or something like that.
    So many promises broken and nothing to show for it. It’s shameful.

  38. I think the employs are overworked, coupled with bad administrative choices, the map was see through and horribly buggy.

  39. Tbh non of these are even the issues that made me hate BO4 zombies. To me the maps were just horrible, perks were meh, and they added way too much useless crap in it. My hud shouldnt take up a third of the screen. At this point id be happy if zombies was gone for good. I have 0 faith in anyone at activision or treyarch to make a great zombies mode again

  40. I think for what it was, I fully enjoyed zombies on bo4. I played it a lot and had a lot of fun doing easter eggs on solo.

  41. Just completed Dead of the Night yesterday with a buddy because the game glitched our time out of the home screen so we did it again to get a time. Since we have done all the eggs, we decided to try gauntlet on Hellcatraz, and it was actually a really great and funny time. Made it to round 5, then round 14, and we will be trying it again soon. Can we not play it with the public tho?

  42. I just want to point out that out of all launch maps, Classified was clearly the one that was the most completed. In all honesty, amount of maps matters far less than quality of maps, and saying that the scope of BO4 is the largest is, while not entirely untrue, contradictory to the actual experience. Every other game has very in depth maps, including non-3arc ones, and it's important recognize that BO4Z takes a lot of inspiration from the non-3arc titles, particularly WW2 with the create a class system. What clearly happened with BO4 was a lack of time killed it, yes, but also a lack of love on 3arc's part. Over the course of BO4, the tone changed dramatically. Obviously, Craig was excited to do Chaos, but what about Aether? A clearly tacked on for nostalgia experience, ultimately lead to nothing. You can literally disregard BO4 Aether easier than ever because it follows through on nothing and comes after quite literally the most expansive zombies experience to date. You have to look at the context, and even if you don't, debatably BO4Z isn't really that solid of a mode because of the focus on crutch perks, no adaptability in game, elixirs always being in your face, and each map generally being very similar to each other in a more literal sense than ever before.
    TLDR: BO4 bad, everything else good, GG EZ Willard Wyler.

  43. this iteration of zombies could have been better but for what we got I'm happy enough with it. In fact this is the only call of duty I've ever hit Master prestige and I hit master prestige after losing my vision
    I know disabled gamers are a small small crowd but I really hope accessibility features for the blind and deaf gamers out there are implemented. They did pretty damn well with sound effects and sound additions in zombies in Black ops 4.

  44. Things I hated in blops 4 zombies:
    – The hud was way too cluttered
    – Awful Easter eggs
    – A few bad maps
    -The perk system

    Other than that I really enjoyed it, especially ancient dead, that Greek style map.

  45. Just makes somebody's a stand-alone game so we have all of Chronicles 1 zombies Chronicles 2 bring back the reimagined also remaster three Maps we haven't got which is five Mob of the Dead and Call of the Dead with a couple of tweaks like double pack weapons for things like blasting furnace fireworks turned and bring gobblegums to it and weapon customisation Newton's cookbook grief mode and much more if that was a stand-alone game and it was supported and it worked properly I would most probably pay whatever they wanted to charge I think a lot of us would charge within reason

  46. Like, I've stuck with this game because I genuinely really like Black Ops 4 Zombies.

    Call me a psycho or something, but I found more enjoyment here than, say… Maps like Gorod Krovi, Ascension, Buried ect ect.

  47. I think cod 2020 will be BO4 year 2 along with a campaign. There's just no way they're gonna make another game from scratch

  48. When BO3 was on Steam, had custom zombies, had jugg, didnt have 4 remakes, or a very bad ending, had gobbles and zombies chron 1.0. But you know what honestly you can look at the decisions that Activision as a company makes as a whole. And that is why Black Ops 4 was a fucking failure because of corporatism/greed

  49. i miss Jason Blundell, he was in every "Q&A" about the new zombies map or just updates to the game, but since the decline of the game (around about dlc 2 or even the 1st can't recall) he just vanished. Lets just hope Treyarch come back strong on their next game

  50. Man I haven't seen you in minute, glad to see your still out there grinding.
    The first thing you said about what bo4 zombies could have been really nailed it in the head tbh.

  51. Absolutely nailed it dude definitely 10 out of 10 on everything you said, just so frustrating to see how everything went down, I remember walking to the store on opening day to buy bo4 and I was so pumped, now looking back on how the whole year unfolded it was just so unfortunate

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