Black Ops 2 using Keyboard and Mouse on Xbox 360

22 thoughts on “Black Ops 2 using Keyboard and Mouse on Xbox 360

  1. hey one question, if i play black ops 2 on the xbox with a mouse and keyboard that means i will have aim assist. Aim assist with mouse and keyboard should be a deadly conbination no?
    Im a pretty good player on the PC but im wondering how much better i would be if i played on the xbox with a mouse and keyboard.
    Reply please

  2. Pretty deadly with aiming assist. I've tried it. 🙂 lol!

    In my experience, I grew up playing on desktops, specially FPS games. I played a lot of Counter-Strike back in the day when it was still a mod for Half-Life. Now on a console like Xbox, I was pretty decent at Black Ops 2 and Halo 4…. but when I started playing with my adapters everything just changed. lol! It was like playing the old Half-Life: Counter-Strike again. 😀 I have gotten a lopt better using the adapter.

  3. Thank you! Check out my second vid and see if you like it better. Personally I do like my second one better 😀

    The name of the vid is "Black Ops 2 Ownage using a Keyboard and Mouse on Xbox 360"

  4. I used to play counter strike also =p the reason im thinking of changing to the xbox is because there aint many people on the PC and easier to find hackers also. Is there aim assist also if you use a mouse and keyboard? i thought you could only have it if u used a controller xD

  5. I'm considering using a mouse via console (PS3 and later PS4) I have been using a controller for the past 5 years and never used a mouse for gaming. Would it be worth getting use to a mouse so I can point and click much faster than with a controller? And how long would it take to get use it a mouse and keyboard?

  6. So awesome man I knew there was a way I could bring my entire PC gaming life with me to the console. Appreciate the video. Can't wait to be the fastest moving player in COD on 360 haha. Playing PC for so long then playing on a console just seems slow for me compared to PC movement in games.

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