Billie Eilish Surprises Her Biggest Fans | Just Dance 2020

Billie Eilish Surprises Her Biggest Fans | Just Dance 2020

Yo, I’m Billie
Eilish, and I am here about to surprise
some fans who are going to be playing Just Dance
2020 that I helped design. [MUSIC PLAYING] MAN: Come on in. Excellent, thank you. I’m going to have you two
come over right over here. Great, like that. Perfect. My name’s Dakota. I’m from San Diego. I love Billie Eilish so much. She doesn’t, like,
cover up the truth. Her personality–
she’s very carefree, and she’s just really funny. I didn’t really have friends
for a really long time, and I would cry a lot. I felt really bad about
myself for a really long time. But then, like, literally
the cure to any bad moment, I would just play Billie Eilish. And then I would just,
like, sing-along and go back to my, like,
weird-like quirky self. [MUSIC – BILLIE EILISH, “BAD
GUY”] Oh, wow. Yeah, that looks– That looks– –really cool. –awesome. This is one of
my favorite parts. He’s the same
guys on my shirt. GIRL 1: Very unique. GIRL 2: Yeah. GIRL 1: Yeah. Like, the kick in the
beginning, that’s like– that’s her, yeah, and
her favorite color green. GIRL 2: Yeah. GIRL 1: Of course. I also just, like,
love her energy. [LAUGHS] She’s, like, puts me
in such a good mood. [LAUGHS] BILLIE EILISH: [SNORT] Oh! Oh my God! God! Hold the– oh my God. Wait. [LAUGHS] Huh! Oh my– Ah! Hello! (HIGH PITCHED) Oh my god. Huh? Oh my– [LAUGHS] No! No, can I hug you? Huh, oh my gosh.
(HIGH-PITCHED) Oh my God. Oh my god, oh my god. Can I give you a hug? [INAUDIBLE] (CRYING) I love you. [LAUGHS] [DING] [SCREAMING] Oh my God! Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. Hold up. Oh my God. What’s up? Hi! Oh my God. Oh my God. I’m like– BILLIE EILISH:
You’re so beautiful. You’re so– you’re just– you’re my everything. Shut up. I feel like I’m not
even alive right now. I feel like I’m– [LAUGHS] Should we dance? We should dance. Can we dance? Oh my God. [MUSIC – BILLIE EILISH, “BAD
GUY”] I mean, this is so crazy. Oh! I can’t move in this jacket. [LAUGHS] Are you
wearing the same thing? Yeah! I don’t [INAUDIBLE]. I’m just like– [LAUGHS] Oh, you got me. Yay! Oh my God. I can’t believe– Jesus. Oh my god. Oh my god. Thank you. I love you. Take care [INAUDIBLE]. You’re so beautiful. Shut up. Look it! I love you. I love you. BOTH: I love you. That was so unreal. [MUSIC – BILLIE EILISH, “BAD

100 thoughts on “Billie Eilish Surprises Her Biggest Fans | Just Dance 2020

  1. That spark between the girl with the pigtails and Billie when they met face to face 🔥 In 10 years they gonna be the new Justin Bieber couple. ❤️

  2. Did that girl with the space buns just Said, i didn’t had friends for a really long time? Bro the kids at her school are trash how can a girl that cute and zweet not have friends? I’m confusion btw i’m 13 lol

  3. "I can't move in this jacket."

    "are you wearing the same thing?"

    "YUP" 😂😂😂 the sweetest. btw that jacket does look hard to move in.

  4. the way she came in between the two girls was hilarious 😂 you could see she was trying not to laugh half of the time

  5. Just they way she treats her fans is amazing. She loves every single one of us and it shows. I really can’t wait to meet her. Maybe not this year but one day I really hope I would be able to hug her and actually be in touch with her🥺❤️

  6. She is so sweet to all of us.that is so amazing for me becouse its bound to be reconized everywehre else and yet she's so sweet and nice to us , i just love 🤗

  7. the girl who was dancing to the extreme was cracking me up! it looked like she was ready to pass out or have some sort of attack cause of how out of breath she was 😂

  8. Omg it's like a mom vibe with her protecting her little chicks, like come here children and snuggle with me! It's so wonderful these things makes my day!

  9. I have this thing where I always notice people right behind me so i’d turn my head slightly and then scream TRUST FALL!

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