Best PC Games of 2018

Best PC Games of 2018

hey everybody
Kingman here from PC world I’m here with Adam Patrick Murray let’s make we are on
camera today we’re not yeah we can do from a void no we’re here to talk about
game of the year 2018 I don’t know how many of these games Adams actually
played a couple of them ok ok cool so yeah I’ve got the whole list right here
we’re just gonna run through them real quick listen any particular order no it
is not as always we have one game of the Year winner we have nine runners-up okay
in no particular order that makes it easy and it’s a very indie heavy list
this year we have one triple-a game on our I game
the year list yeah we have a couple more in the honorable mentions but yeah it’s
been a bad year triple-a might as well get the triple-a
one out of the Year hitman two hitman two yeah I love hitman two did you play
any hitman twos here Adam I have played a little bit of hitman to God uh yeah
that’s a great game more of the same I think is what we said in the review and
that holds true but it’s good more of the same it’s just more levels to cause
havoc in it means good I also have a real big fan of the homing briefcase
I say yeah that’s our triple-a game of the year right there what about Fallout
76 I thought we were so yeah let’s say I go into in the next edition this was a
late addition the list dusk just came out which I had never even heard when we
are recording this it came out two days ago December 10th great game it’s a
throwback shooter it came out in three different parts so episode one I think
came out in 2017 but they just wrapped up episode three so like good 90s scary
shooters around it’s like you’re shooting the KKK
and you’re shooting a bunch of monsters and then some soldiers come in lots of
really neat environments it’s all done in that old like retro art style so my
pixelated and like semi 3d to sort of thing okay it looks like a quaint game I
guess you would say the guy who produced it was part of the rise of the Triad
remake back in 2013 ok but this is a one-man game as far as
I know it’s just how one guy built this oh yeah dusk is great highly retightened
in number 2 tie for number 2 also tied for number 2
yoku is island express yeah I’ve been wanting to play this ok I got a lot of
good stuff about this one yeah so this is a I want to pardon me
the use of the term Metroidvania know that’s a touchy subject but but it’s a
pinball game it is also a pinball game so that’s that’s the gimmick here it’s a
Metroidvania that also is a pinball game and so all of the environments are
designed with like flippers and so use the triggers to flip yourself up through
all the different levels that’s fun it’s really cool mainly it’s just a really
fun mechanic like that one it’s one of those things where once you play it
you’re like how did nobody else ever do this like the pinball Metroidvania
mashup it seems so natural so yeah move on to number 2 you want to talk about it
into the breach I loved into the breach it in fact of this list into the breach
is probably my number one yeah cuz yeah like I’ve dumped way too many hours
across way too many different systems yeah and it’s great because like that’s
a game I mean each of those runs is like 20 to the 30 minutes maybe so game it
like you can sort of just when I was playing I haven’t played it a couple
months now but when I was playing it it was like my before bed game I’ll just
like jump in and do one run oh that’s not too hard yeah it’s real hard to
break yourself oh that’s way too hard but it was a great like ok I’m gonna do
a run and then like I lost and like ok I’ll just go to bed huh yeah I love that
game it has a lot of really creative ideas a really creative approach to
tactics that I wasn’t expecting when I started playing it yeah yeah and I loved
all the art as well I love the like big like pseudo Godzilla monsters and stuff
and it ran on pretty much everything like I would put this in tablet mode and
just sit on the couch and like the touchscreen controls were actually fine
yeah yeah it wasn’t perfect but you know it was enough for me to just lounge on
the couch ya know I love that game like that was a real early Oh oh good thing
I’m just glad it’s time for number two yeah time for number two also time for
number two throne breaker which you had never heard of no come on breaker The
Witcher tails I think is the full name of this yeah this is CD Projekt single
player Gwen spinoff so they make Gwen right which is the multiplayer up game
and then they were building on the side a single-player campaign and so it’s
just like a really weird mix but it works really well and it has that CD
Projekt writing level that I really like so you’re still like you’re making
decisions about the fates of various characters so yeah that game is really
cool I highly recommend it cool I think they moved it over it was
weird like little games or gog gog exclusive but then i think it they said
didn’t sell as well as they were hoping so sale on Steam
hopefully it sold well enough cuz it’s great I mean it’s great enough to be
tied for number two yeah also uh cube escape paradox which I
bet you didn’t I hear no I well no I know about it but I didn’t play it okay
I so yeah this is one of the rusty late games we’ve been a championing or I’ve
been championing the rusty late games here at PC world for a long time now and
follows on from Dave abunch of free-to-play web-based games that’s the
cure escape series but they’re tied in together and the gimmick with cube
escape paradox was it was a hybrid of like escape the room game and then a
film like a 20-minute short film that they made okay it’s like a pretty basic
sort of room escape and a lot of the rusty lake-like aesthetic carries over
so it’s a lot of like oh these guys look William bleeding in a cabinet and well
that’s weird isn’t it yeah but I’m like a total sucker for their aesthetic I
think that their games are fantastic especially for like rum escape which is
generally like a pretty boring genre yeah yeah cube escape paradox I think
it’s fantastic it has a really unique art style or I mean unique in that it’s
their art style still and then just the story they tell in that game is is just
as weird as all the other ones but it’s enhanced by having that like film
portion in the middle that is on our list at number two nice I’m also gonna
put a mutineer zero at number two yeah you saw this one well I mean 3d yeah I
I’ve not played it myself but it’s something that I would love to get into
right after I already hit X come to yeah far behind I would actually recommend
maybe going the other way only because muting your zero is shorter
than I expected yeah it’s only like 1520 hours maybe
yeah it’s doable where is like XCOM that’s like even beginning if your
campaign but do you do you think you can step from the stealth aspect of meeting
you zero back to the I don’t know it’s hard yeah that’s kind of why it’s on
here like I think immunity or zero to some extent is like a unfulfilled
potential in a way like there’s a lot of stuff that I would have loved to see
them have like ten more hours to expand on including the story in the world and
all that stuff but I also think it’s probably the best I mean into the
breaches on here something I could say the best tactics game of the year but
like sort of in a way it’s a like into the breach it’s like a real creative
version of the stuff that I like it XCOM yeah it’s just like a fun take on stuff
that we’ve seen like a million times in video games especially like video games
love post apocalypse stuff but this is like that fall out like old fallout
version of post apocalypse stuff where it’s like funny and still that’s fun
you’re supposed to like laugh at it it’s not just like satire so yeah that’s on
here tied at number two sweet let’s uh let’s move on subnautica did you play
that one I did this one yeah yeah that one’s a weird
that I mean that was January like 8th like if you want to talk about games
that would have been on this list yeah I don’t even play right at the beginning
but yeah like this yeah that game was an early access for a couple of years I
want to say two or three years I think that game like that I’m not a survival
game fan yeah subnautica is like really so somatic is the only survival game
that actually hooked me because that world is the same world was pretty cool
and they like put stuff in it that makes you want to explore the new legions in a
way that like I feel like most survival games the end goal and most survival
games is surviving right now like it’s just like hey is gonna some Nautica is
like hey I want to be able to build my cool underwater base so that then I can
go deeper and then explore what’s down here so yeah I actually I think that’s
like it’s the only survival game that I’ve spent like tons and tons of time
playing because it like is more structure than a lot of those survival
games and is more of a like hey like here’s a story will I tell you and then
you’re just happening to have to harvest you know air fish and and stuff along
the way so yeah I love it our last number 2 game I’m pretty sure
yep return of the over did yeah that was fun I’ve yet to get into this one but
after we did that video yeah we did the video and man that looks really cool
yeah so that’s I think ruin detective games for all times a good game it’s
very creative I love the art style as well circle I think we ended on that
cracking scene yes we do we did there’s even weirder stuff than that in
that game okay it’s just like a very like I don’t know Jules Verne I guess
would be a good comparison like a esque world that he’s built where it’s like oh
it’s pseudo Victorian England but like everything about it is just like weird
sci-fi you’re yeah weird supernatural stuff I think it’s amazing and I love
that that one bit art style I’m glad that he finally got to put that game out
happy read some of how that game evolved over
the years it seems like the development was pretty crazy in terms of like it
started as a thing that was probably like this big and then by the end say
yeah Congrats a return of the Oh burden didn’t quite make it to to game of the
year about my tooth close he got he got it papers please in 2013 you know good
job number two tie for number two yes what is number one Haydn drum roll
please yeah arguing the year this year is Celeste yes I’m surprised that it’s
surprising pick what why do you love Celeste it was I mean first of all it
was it was our a game of the year at June also so it’s been on the last same
thing it’s not a list like this whole year I think that game came out early
February well I’m a service level it’s like the best platform where I played in
years super-tight did you play any of it Celeste no I heard it was brutally hard
and I just I didn’t have the patient yeah so it’s it’s in the tradition of
like a super meatboy like a super hard platformer just a precision platformer
right so it’s a lot of like jumping off walls and then like having those like
nail the landing and a jump off immediately and with another platform
the difference is that like Super Meat Boy was like an adversarial game like
Super Meat Boy when you lose you just feel bad and it’s like sort of designed
to make you feel bad I think that’s like part of its whole aesthetic is like oh
you’re not hardcore enough to pull your PC Celeste is not that Celeste the thing
I like about that is it ties the the precision platforming side of it to the
themes of that story and so you are climbing a mountain Celeste a mountain
it’s like the titular mountain of the game but the whole thing is and I’m
gonna spoil some stuff because it’s hard boil er it’s hard to not it’s hard to
talk about this game without giving away what makes it special and so if you have
heard no this is Game of the Year and you’re interested
in Celeste I would say just go play it that’s like pretty solid advice usually
but like in general game that your stuff gets a little weird yeah yeah so the
mountain is Celeste is also a metaphor for like depression and anxiety and
other like mental health struggles and so when you die in that game first of
all I should say that game has a great assist system so like you can turn on
assist at any time the game so you didn’t like give yourself an extra jump
or like a slow down time feature whenever you want the game does not like
unlike um doesn’t penalize you or say yeah there was a cup head it was like
last year’s like oh it’s just like you play our way or you don’t play it off
yeah Celeste is like the complete opposite
like they’re like hey I just want you to be able to get through this game however
you need to and then the game does a great job of subverting because you come
into it thinking like oh it’s the hard platformer like this is super meatboy is
gonna struggle the whole time and instead you come into that game and
after the first level I think it’s like hey man don’t worry like it’ll tell you
how many times you die level it’s like hey man don’t even worry about that
number like the important thing is that you made it through and then like the
whole game is just them like reinforcing those ideas and being oh hey you can do
it like you can make it to the top of the mountain oh and as you go through
the game you realize that like the game is actually about overcoming depression
overcoming anxiety and so they’re like huh telling you hey man it’s okay to
like slip and fall like it’s okay to like fall back into bad habits it’s okay
to be sad as long as you keep trying huh and so yeah I think it is like a strong
achievement in terms of like tying mechanics to the story and the themes I
and then on top of that it’s just as I said a fantastic platformer like we
don’t usually address very serious themes in video games yeah yeah
Celeste is like one of the first times where I was like oh this is like it’s
doing a thing and doing it so subtly that you’re already
like 70% of the way through the game before you’re like oh this is all like
oh okay I understand that’s awesome so yes last game of the year I think
it’s great travel I think it’s it’s heads and tails about anything else this
year and I say that something anyway I loved all these number two games and we
went through and it hit me as somebody who like has dealt with depression
anxiety hit me in a way they’re like nothing else to see here
Wow okay even comes close to psycho so I tried yeah highly recommend anybody who
hasn’t played it play it Wow and yeah game of the year 2018
congratulations just run through we have a couple honorable mentions it’s mostly
expansions and I don’t I don’t want to dwell on them too long it’s just not to
say like hey big I could have been on this list we don’t make expansions
eligible for game of the year okay usually so pray moon crash which is
there like roguelike version of pray but cool incredible get to go back do that
if that was a standalone game that would be for sure that’s awesome Assassin’s
Creed origins that curse of the Pharaohs DLC which came out in April I want to
say that’s the best Assassin’s Creed has ever been
barn done we’ve got destiny to forsake in on here which was pretty awesome yeah
I think it’s a fantastic expansion I think that’s neat too started really
rough and honestly is still in a sort of rough place post forsaken I don’t really
love the new DLC structure which is like weird event based stuff it’s not you
know like last year we got two major expansions in between the base game and
forsaken now they’ve moved like it’s the black armory or whatever and it’s just
kind of like there’s not a big reason to go back there’s no cutscenes or anything
but forsaken itself is fantastic I think it’s one of the best expansions this
year and then we have a non expansion we’ve yok is a zero on here which I’ve
tried to play twice but I’ve not gotten super deep into yeah it’s a great game
yokka zero is really fun we’re only throwing in honorable mention section
because it came everyone else last year oh but I thank
you for coming to pieces yeah exactly I hope that they bring Sega Briggs the
rest of those games to PC I know Kwame is supposed to come sometime soon and
also what our judgment I think is the official name but project John’s eyes or
whatever oh yeah I hope that comes PC because I want nothing more than to
kickflip a skateboard in some guy’s face so yeah that’s our game of the year list
everybody yeah 2018 is over finally not quite over for us but you know almost
almost over yeah so yeah we’ll be back at 2019 we’ll have
a 2019 list going up also yes most anticipated list and yeah we’ll see you
back here early in January for on the flip side less than evil – it looks like
you got a first big game of 2019 stay tuned for that thanks again for Celeste
and thank you Adam for anytime come with me all right
see ya see ya

26 thoughts on “Best PC Games of 2018

  1. So I've been joking for years that since we were going through an 8-bit retro style obsession over the last 5 years or so that soon they would start releasing games with crappy, retro early 3d graphics that looked and controlled terribly. Now they have. I didn't want to be right. That looks terrible.

  2. Also, if you can't be bothered not to mumble through the name of the games, maybe include a list in the video details.
    Edit I was wrong to criticize in that way, and I apologise.

  3. Good job boys! Just a suggestion, it might be nice to have a third on your panel. Someone with a somewhat more mature prospective (older). Gordon comes to mind but someone that has a history of gaming…

  4. How many “ties for #2” do you have? Why don’t you just drop the numbering and just give one top game and then list all the other games that you liked.

    Also, you lose credibility when one guy keeps saying “I didn’t play that but I heard good things”.

  5. Destiny 2 is an awful game, EXP trottleing, locking already purchased content behind dlc. Micro transactions in a 60$ + game, more micro transactions and micro transactions.

  6. Forza Horizon 4
    Dragon Quest XI
    Yakuza 0
    Black Ops 4
    Assassins Creed Odyssey
    Far Cry 5

    I think whoever made this list is gaming on integrated graphics ???

  7. may have to give some of these a whirl a game i really liked a long while ago was Fez which also had a vintage type plat-former feel with modern extras it was really cool and really long with parts that you didn't necessarily have to finish in order to beat the game a lot of that list kinda reminded me of Fez and that a game doesn't have to be AAA standard to be great.

  8. No VR games? Where's Beat Saber, Vox Machinae, Echo Combat, Hellblade VR, Moss? Can't really call it a PC list if you leave out VR.

  9. Thanks for all the hard work Hayden and Adam. Definitely ones i hadn't heard of, or not thought much about trying. Don't mind all the Negative Nancys and Debbie Downers in the comments. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  10. Been playing alot of xplane 11 since triple A games are god awful and developers are starting to annoy me with microtransactions. But i am gonna try and get into more sim games and respect simulator developers instead of triple A developers.

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