BEST Nintendo Switch Games?

BEST Nintendo Switch Games?

– Best game on any current gen console? Zelda. What’s your favorite Nintendo
Switch game except Zelda? Zelda. (funky music) Okay, seriously though, aside from Zelda, the game I’ve definitely put the most time into on my Switch right
now is Shovel Knight. It’s not exactly an exclusive game, though it does have an
exclusive chapter right now which is Specter Knight
that is incredibly fun I definitely recommend checking it out. If we wanna talk about stuff
that’s exclusive to the Switch, I’d say my number one
is probably Fast RMX. It’s this sci-fi style racer very much in the vein of F-Zero
something we haven’t seen in quite some time, it’s really simple but a ton of fun. One other one I think that’s
worth throwing out there is if you don’t own a
PS4, definitely check out I am Setsuna, it’s better on the PS4 if you can play it there, but if not, handheld
Switch is pretty awesome. Which upcoming game are
you most hyped about? So what’s actually interesting
about this question for me is that a lot of the games
I’ve been really excited for and waiting a long time for, just came out in the early part of this year like Nier: Automata, Mass Effect: Andromeda and of course, the new Legend
of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. As far as the rest of this year goes, I’d say the one title that
I’m for sure psyced about is Persona Five in just
another couple weeks. But going even further past that, there are a lot of games
I’m really excited for that we just don’t have definitive release dates for just yet like Red Dead Redemption
2, Death Stranding, the Final Fantasy VII
remake and just so much more. This has been a great year for games, and there’s a lot of cool
stuff on the horizon. Do you ever get tired of video games? And what other hobbies do you have if so? So I don’t know if I’d ever say that I’ve gotten tired of video games in general, I’ve definitely burnt
out on specific genres like I’ve played to many FPS or too many RPG’s back to
back, a more recent example being open world games,
’cause there’ve been a lot of great open world games recently, but there’s been a lot of great
open world games recently. When I’m not playing
games or making videos, I spend a lot of my time
consuming media you know, TV, movies, books, I’d
like to say that I read a lot of highbrow classics
or intellectual fiction, philosophy, not really,
9 times out of 10 it ends up being trash fantasy. And really when I’m not
playing video games, I’m just playing more
traditional old school games. I love doing lots of
board games with friends, different card games, and even
table top role playing games like DND and other more
obscure pen and paper RPGs. If you could go back in
time and replay any one game for the first time, which one would it be? So this is a weird one, and
I had to think about it a lot because there’s a few
ways I could go with this. I could replay a game
that had some kind of amazing plot twist, and
I wanna have my mind blown all over again. Or I could just replay
a game I really love and have that sort of new rush feeling of experiencing it for the first time. And, the conclusion I’ve come to is I would replay Super
Mario RPG on the SNES. Not because it’s one of my favorite games, but because that was the
first real RPG I played and it completely changed
my perception about gaming. You know, I had missed out
on stuff like Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger up until then, and it was this new experience
that was so much different and really introduced me into what is now, my favorite genre of gaming.

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  1. I hope you read this, you're my favorite "Review Channel" it's totally different to a "Unboxing channel" 🌚❤️ so keep going with the good work man 💪🏿❤️

  2. Zelda, Isaac, Shovel Knight, Fast RMX & Blaster Master Zero are the games worth buying on the switch right now, Mario Kart 8 deluxe also comes out in April so its got some games right now.

  3. Year has been amazing so far, but there's still a few games I'm excited for! Lovely Persona's right around the corner, but going further than that, there's..

    Crash Trilogy
    Ni No Kuni II

    Off the top of my head, they're the ones I'm looking forward to the most! And if I'm able to get a Switch, then Splatoon 2 as well. But tbh, there's so much catching up to do on the smorgasbord of games that have released the past few months. Nier, Everything, Snake Pass, Nioh, Gravity Rush…

  4. game i wanna replay would have been metal gear solid for psx and make sure i have a casltevania save file in my memory card for physio mantis to see

  5. All the people who are comparing Ps4 to Switch: Ps4 has many great titles out right now. Switch is shit for all the people who don't like zelda. It's game library doesn't look promising for the whole year as well. Ps4 also provides a lot different experience.
    If you wanna buy switch right now , you must be a Zelda fan.

  6. is anyone else having issues with their switch's battery indicator displaying the wrong battery %? I'll charge to 100% only to turn it back on to have the battery % drop 20+%. Once mine gets to 1% I'll still have at least another hour of gaming before it finally shuts down.

  7. Awesome vid man! I just bought mine not too long ago, I can't wait for Mario Odyssey and Splatoon 2 to come out, but BOTW is amazing!

  8. D&D video please? A serious request to contemplate how you could produce a video with your typical aesthetic but about your D&D custom figure from Hero Forge or the books you use or something. At least for a quick one off nerdy video? At least think about it?

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