BEST Linear & Legacy Sensitivity For Controller Fortnite! (Best Sensitivity PS4 + Xbox)

BEST Linear & Legacy Sensitivity For Controller Fortnite! (Best Sensitivity PS4 + Xbox)

Hey what is going on guys, in this video today
we’re gonna be going over the best linear and legacy sensitivity values for controller
Fortnite players. Usually I only make 1 sensitivity video every
few months but when I uploaded the last one which was was towards the end of season x,
it was before linear became this hot new setting that a lot of controller players are using. And if you guys watched the video I made maybe
a week or two ago, I looked at roughly 15-20 of the top controller Fortnite players, and
literally 50% of them were on linear and 50% of them were on legacy, so it only makes sense
to include both in this video. And if you’re on exponential, I would definitely
recommend switching to one of those 2 options. But speaking of looking at the top controller
players, that’s basically what I did to determine the quote unquote “best” sensitivity values
you’re going to see. I looked at the 8-10 top players that were
on linear and then the 8-10 top players that were on legacy, checked their values, discarded
any blatant outliers, and then kinda averaged every thing out. I think that strategy/formula actually makes
a lot of sense, and without further ado let’s get right into it. Alright so let’s start off with linear sensitivity. Apparently it’s a really big struggle for
players to find linear sensitivity values they’re comfortable with because it’s just
so much different than legacy or exponential, so hopefully this can help with that. And even though technically build and edit
sensitivity multipliers should go first, since those are the setting on top when you open
the menu, we’re gonna save them for last and instead start with the look sensitivity section. As I was doing my research for this video
one of the things that surprised me the most, was actually how similar almost all of the
top players were when it comes to look horizontal and look vertical sensitivity. Pretty much everybody I checked had both their
horizontal and vertical in the 45% to 50% range. Well that is except for faze sway, I think
his was like 75-75, but obviously he’s a mechanical demon so I think trying to emulate him is
probably not the smartest thing in the world. So I think a perfect average of what I saw
is 47% horizontal and 47% vertical. And based on the legacy to new sensitivity
conversion chart that apparently is pretty accurate, those values are roughly equivalent
to about 6.5 X or Y on old settings. Another interesting thing I noticed is that
pretty much every single top player has the same number for both their horizontal and
vertical. That’s interesting because let’s say you use
something like 7 X 7 sensitivity on legacy, if you click the button to translate those
values to the new sensitivity, the game will make it so that your horizontal and vertical
numbers are very different like 45 and 60. So a lot of people were kinda freaked out
by that when the new settings first came out, but it seems like most of these top players
don’t think that’s anything to worry about. Another thing I saw pretty much unanimously
from the top players is they had 0% for turning horizontal boost, turning vertical boost,
and turning boost ramp time. This definitely makes sense because the higher
your boosts are, the harder it’s going to be for you to build muscle memory with your
sensitivity. I did see 1 or 2 players using like 1% or
2% instead of just straight up 0, but that’s probably just a small matter or preference. And for the final setting here “Instant boost
while building” I did see one or two people have it turned off, but the vast majority
had it on so that’s definitely what we’re gonna go with here. So that covers the look sensitivity section,
now let’s move on to ADS sensitivity. I was pretty surprised to see that ADS sensitivity
actually seemed to have a lot more variance that look sensitivity did. I think the lowest I saw was letshe who plays
on 8% horizontal 8% vertical, and then I saw some other guys close to 20% in both. However what we’re looking for in this video
is more of an average, so I think 12% for both horizontal and vertical is a good compromise. Now much like we saw in the look sensitivity
section, pretty much every single player used 0 for the horizontal and vertical boost, as
well as the turning boost ramp time. Next up is the advanced sensitivity section. Now most of the things in here aren’t important,
we’ve already determined that we’re gonna be using a linear input curve and you obviously
want aim assist on 100%, so all thats left to be determined is look dampening time. And much like we’ve seen with the boosts in
this video, pretty much all of these top players are using a 0.00 look dampening time. This is something that’s going to feel incredibly
weird at first if you’ve either just NEVER used linear before, or you’ve used linear,
but with something like the default 0.2 second dampening time. But as time goes on you will adjust eventually,
and clearly the top level players seem to think a 0 look dampening time is the way to
go. The final section here is the build mode and
edit mode sensitivity multiplier. Again there was a fairly wide range of values
used by the linear players I looked at, but I didn’t really see anyone lower than around
1.6 or higher than 2.5. So I think a solid middle point there is 1.9
for both build and edit. Now as I always like to say about these sensitivity
values, and honestly it kinda fits for all the sensitivity values, is that if you’re
on console you may want to go a tad bit lower than what I showcased. Since pretty much every single top linear
player I looked at plays controller on PC, they’re gonna be getting much higher FPS than
a console player will. And it just logically makes sense that lower
FPS means that it’s slightly harder to control higher sensitivity values. So now that we’ve covered linear settings
let’s move on to legacy. And again I just want to clarify, that even
though I play on legacy, these aren’t my personal sensitivity values, they’re an average of
the best legacy players sensitivities. So starting with X and Y sensitivity here,
you’ll pretty much find that all good legacy players are in the 6-7.5 range with these
two values, and that’s the way it’s been for a while now. So based on what I saw from the top legacy
players, I think that a solid average is roughly 6.75 for both X and Y sensitivity. Unlike with the linear sensitivity values,
you’ll see some people using like 7 X 6.5 Y to where they aren’t the same, and that’s
actually something I’ve always done, but it does seem like more people have X and Y the
same compared to different, so that’s what we’re gonna go with here. For targeting and scoped sensitivity again,
you’ll see a pretty wide range of values from maybe 0.25 to 0.5 even, and a lot of that
depends on what you choose for your X and Y values, basically the higher the X and Y
is, the lower the targeting and scoped is gonna be. For example, a guy like Jarvis who plays on
almost 7.5 X and Y has a targeting and scoped of roughly 0.31, while a guy like upshall
who plays 6 X and Y is going to be much higher than that. Now since we chose 6.75 for X and Y which
is kind right in the middle, a targeting and scoped sensitivity of 0.375 seems to fit pretty
much perfectly with that. The final 2 sensitivities in the legacy section
are your editing and building sensitivity multipliers. And unlike how there was a lot of variety
with most of the other sensitivity values here, editing and building were pretty straightforward,
almost every single player had it maxed all the way out at 2.0. And even the players ho didn’t have both maxed,
would be using something like 2.0 building 1.9 editing or 1.9 building 1.8 editing, and
even those cases were kinda rare. However, I wanna give the same disclaimer
here that I did in the linear section. If you play on console, you may want to turn
to down your building and editing sensitivity a bit, any maybe even some of the other sensitivity
values that we covered. The top legacy players that these sensitivity
values are based on all play on PC, and probably get roughly 200-300 frames per second while
playing Fortnite. On console, you’re probably gonna get 40-60
FPS on average, so it’s probably gonna be be a tad bit harder for you to control your
sensitivity. And one of the easiest ways to counter that
is just to turn it down a bit. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this video and
if you watched the entire thing be sure to let me know with a comment down in the comment
section below. Are you currently using linear or legacy sensitivity
and settings? I know this definitely isn’t the first time
I’ve asked that, but I always like getting updated to see how the community is chaning. Be sure to leave a like, leave a comment,
subscribe, turn on post notifications, do whatever the heck you want, and I, will catch
you guys next time!

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  1. I use sway's linear settings and they dont feel much different from other sensitivities because he uses a low build and edit sensitivity

  2. Controller player legacy sensitivity

    Controller sensitivity X: 850

    Controller sensitivity Y: 850

    Controller aiming sensitivity:500

    Controller scope sensitivity: 510

    Controller building mode sensitivity: 1.133

    Controller editing mode sensitivity:2.000

  3. Can you please read back to me because when I look up my right bottom joystick when I look up and looks down then when I use my right left bottom joystick when I look down it makes me look up and I don't like it at all so can you please reach back to me thank you

  4. Thanks Gronky ! I recently switched to Linear on your advice and I was not able to find my perfect sensivity on linear . As soon as the video uploaded , I switched to the sensivity you gave and after about a month , I am really good . I Really appreciate your work

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