Best Gift Ever | Gaming Graphics Cards | MSI

Best Gift Ever | Gaming Graphics Cards | MSI

– Okay, so I got you something. It’s a little crazy, but–
– Okay. – I hope you like it. Boom.
– Dude, you did not get me the MSI GeForce RTX
2070 SUPER GAMING Card. – With ray tracing. – What’s ray tracing? – Ray tracing makes your
game look way more realistic, like you’ve never seen it before. – That’s cool, but I play Minecraft. I don’t need new graphics. – Just trust me. Come here, I’ll show you.
– Okay, yeah, yeah. – Look at Minecraft now. RTX! (upbeat music) – Wow. This is like a whole new experience. This is it, this is where I live now. I live here, in Minecraft. – (laughs)

42 thoughts on “Best Gift Ever | Gaming Graphics Cards | MSI

  1. The same feeling you get when testing out that new toy you kept staring at while window shopping (hits different when perusing online). I'm loving the Gaming X Trio 2080 Super, great e.o.t.y gift

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  3. A slightly more affordable gift would be the MSI SEKIRA 500P gaming chassis… speaking of which when is that going to be released

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