Best Cheap Nintendo Switch Games!

– Ever since it’s launch back
in March, the Switch has been getting a growing library
of awesome titles. Now, of course there’s
been big name stuff like Splatoon 2, Arms, and of
course Legend of Zelda, but there’s a lot more out there
that’s worth people playing. Now, at the 20 to 30
dollar mark, there’s a lot of great stuff, but let’s go even cheaper. Let’s talk about games that
are 12 bucks, eight bucks, even as low as five. Let’s talk about the best
cheap games on the Switch. Kicking things off with
the cheapest of the cheap at just five dollars is KAMIKO. Now this is a very
simple, retro-style game. Think of like an old-school Zelda game, but on fast forward at all times. The basic idea is that you
have to get through each level killing enemies to build
up energy, and then spend that energy to open
up chests or activate special shrines and make
your way out of the level. The gameplay is just simple
enough to make it really easy to learn and very easy
to invest a little bit of time into here and there,
but just complex enough to make it a ton of fun to play. And while it isn’t necessarily
the longest game out there, one of the things that helps
give it a lot more game time is that there are three
different characters to play as. Each of which has just an
interestingly different enough style to make playing through this title at least three times completely worth it. And honestly, don’t take my word for it. It’s five bucks, just try it.
You’ll love it. Next up, let’s talk about one of the ports that made its way to the Switch. Now if you’ve ever gone
to the Switch library, you’ll notice that one thing
there’s a lot of right now are ports of old school Neo Geo games. And if there’s one Neo Geo
game that has held its age perfectly well, that’s
worth picking up for just eight bucks, it’s Metal Slug. Metal Slug is one of
the original old school arcade run-and-guns, offering
one or two player co-op that is fast, simple, tons of fun,
with beautiful animations. And, unlike some of the later games which are also on the Switch,
it doesn’t suffer from any of the major slowdown
issues in some levels. Now, one thing about this
version is the fact that it is just an emulation of
the old school arcade games, so it does end up being
a little on the easy side thanks to the fact that you have infinite, fake virtual money. But if you’re the kind of
person that likes to get high scores, or just have simple
fun and co-op with friends, this will fit the bill perfectly. Next, let’s slow down the
pace a little bit with a very different kind of run-and-gun
shooter: MIGHTY GUNVOLT BURST. Now, this is the newest
game that is a crossover between NT Creations, Azure
Striker Gunvolt Series, and Mighty No. 9. If you haven’t heard of them before, NT Creates is actually
the team responsible for some of the later
MegaMan games, before Capcom basically gave up on the franchise, Like Megaman Zero and Megaman ZX. And although the Mighty No. 9 part might scare you a little bit
after how that game went, don’t let it because this
crossover game is really a true successor that the
MegaMan franchise needed. All the old school MegaMan
tropes that you love are still here, but with
the addition of a few unique twists and changes
that make the gameplay more difficult and really
interesting for people that have played all the older games. It’s a little shorter
than old school games, but thanks to the fact that
there are two different playable characters you can
get through the game as, it’s totally worth picking
up for just 10 bucks. Then we have another game from NT Creates, but instead of being an
original title or a sequel to anything they’ve worked on before, this is actually a remake
of an old school NES game. Master Blaster Zero. As I edited this, I realized that I apparently had Mad Max on the brain. The game is called Blaster
Master Zero, not Master Blaster. – Master Blaster runs Barter Town. – Now if you’ve never played
it before, Master Blaster Zero was this sort of
Metroid-like game featuring the use of a vehicle to travel
around the world, but also entering small areas in a
top-down shooter platform. This game includes all those
gameplay details but has fixed things up a little bit as well
as adding a changed-up plot. One of the most impressive
things about this game to me, though, is how much support
its gotten since launch. Titles like these are
very easy to forget about once they’ve hit the E-Shop. But this game has been
getting continual DLC, including more difficult
modes, and features multiple playable characters
from other franchises, like Shantae or even Shovel Knight. At just 10 bucks for the base
game and two dollars more for every DLC character
you want to try out, this game’s definitely
worth giving a shot. Next up is a game I never
thought I would’ve actually seen on the Switch, and that’s Implosion. The reason being is that
Implosion was originally an iOS and Android specific game. I actually covered it a couple years ago when I was still doing top
five mobile games lists, and I loved it back
then and I love it now. The port job for bringing this to the Switch was done excellently. All the controls have
been redone for the Switch and they are perfect. The combat is fast-paced and flashy. The only complaint I really
have is that the visuals leave a little something to be desired, but that’s really no
surprise considering this was a game on phones two years ago. The story is nothing to write home about but the gameplay is paced perfectly. If you just want some simple, fun action blowing stuff up as a
robot, just go grab it. Then we have a game that
honestly I would argue is probably the best for
its dollar on this list, but at the same time I actually
want to warn you not to buy it, and that’s Shovel Knight
Specter of Torment. Now this is worth every
penny, but the reason why I warn against getting it
is ’cause for 15 bucks more you can get Shovel Knight
Treasure Trove, which allows you to play as Shovel
Knight, Plague Knight, Specter Knight, and the
upcoming DLC for King Knight. Basically, a lot more gameplay
for way less money total. And honestly, even if you’ve
already played Shovel Knight on other platforms, it’s
totally worth picking up again for the Switch to get easy
multiplayer co-op, gameplay on the go or at home. It’s just honestly the definitive version of the game as far as I’m concerned. So those are my favorite
games on the Switch that go for less than 20 bucks. If there’s any that you love
that I did not talk about, put ’em down below in the comments and I will see you guys later.

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