Best 15 Black Friday Indie Game Deals on PC and Consoles 2018

Best 15 Black Friday Indie Game Deals on PC and Consoles 2018

hi everybody and welcome to our
countdown of some of the best indie game deals for Thanksgiving holiday 2018 with
over 14,000 games currently on sale of either steam platform let us guide you
through the pile with 15 of our top picks of the best looking deals on the
platform and across the major digital stores this Black Friday and Cyber
Monday these limited time offers are based on us digital markets with prices
in dollars and may not be replicated in Europe or further afield at number 15 on
the Xbox and PC you can get 20% off cuphead with it costing you $15.99 this
tough as an old boot platformer isn’t for everybody although if you can relish
a challenge don’t mind if achill t related gated content and have yet to
play it this seems like a great time to take the plunge next up from the
artistic mind behind journey Abzu is a beautiful underwater adventure full of
vibrant colors and peaceful gameplay you can pick it up for $11.99 until the end
of this coming cyber monday from the Xbox Store which represents a call
saving of 40% the deal is even better on the PC with Steam selling it for half
price at $9.99 at number 13 black the fall is an entertaining action puzzle
game set within a communist dystopian era it’s currently $8.99 on the Xbox
Store and a dollar less on Steam making this one more than a half pricing offer
while short at around 2 hours it offers a pleasing Avenue of escapism while also
available on the switch thus far black the fall isn’t included in their Black
Friday Nintendo eShop sales and still costs $14.99 on that particular platform
for under $1 on Steam saving you 90% on the RRP Virginia is a single-player
first-person thriller set in a small town within a story that’s been edited
in the style more usually seen on film and TV the story follows the style of
the detective and war tradition depicted by the likes of Fargo Twin Peaks and
true detective while also for sale on the Xbox for five dollars it’s the Steam
offer you should really go for and for less than a bar
it seems almost silly not to add Virginia to your library just outside
the top ten night in the woods is an adventure exploration game featuring
maybre in ski recently returned home to Rust Belt town after dropping out of
college it’s a touching story full of amusing characters and while slightly
let down towards the end it’s on sale by the Xbox Store for $13.99 which
represents a 40% saving while also found on the PlayStation 4 and steam it
doesn’t currently feature in those platformer holiday sales a number 10
coming from Sonic and published by the EA originals program feces you climb and
glide your way through a dark forest while they’re able to explore its living
ecosystem and meet with its mythical creatures while out on the PC
PlayStation 4 and the switch it’s on the Xbox Store where it’s being offered for
six sixty a seventy five percent saving while we wait for Campo Santo is next
effort ending aside the superb first offering fire watch starring a chap
avoiding his responsibilities and spending the summer in the forests of
Wyoming is down to $4.99 that’s a full 75 percent off and as far as walking
simulators go Firewatch genuinely sits at the pointy
end of the best of the bunch our number 8 is a quirky little
adventure title that’s played in 60-second increments published by a
digital devolver you die every 60 seconds with a timer counting down to
your oblivion while on paper this sounds gimmicky minutes elegant gameplay is fun
wholesomely addictive and a joy to play you can pick up minute for $2.99 on
Steam or for $8 on the Xbox Store in graveyard keeper we have a simulation
style game with the twists to being you’re looking after a graveyard and
it’s your role to make as much money from it as possible sure you could stick
to the more usual rules associated with burial practice and yet here you can
sell off the corpses for food offer which burning festivals or simply toss
them into a river having been paid to have them buried while slightly macabre
it’s well-executed and currently 30% off via Steam
currently sitting with 40% off on the PlayStation 4 and steam priced at 779
octahedron is a fast and furious neon colored vertical action game about
creating platforms and using them to traverse across the level coming with 50
handcrafted levels with enemies and elements that react to the music
octahedron is a tight 2d enjoyable platformer our number 5 should be well
known to the majority of viewers and if not now’s a perfect time to collect it
for Steam or on the switch enter the gungeon is currently 50% off on both
platforms and gives players one of the best bullet-hell roguelike experiences
currently on the market at number four and the only party game in this year’s
Black Friday countdown overcooked 2 is currently down to 20 74 on the Xbox and
1874 on Steam this makes a 25% saving over the regular price point overcooked
2 offers up to 4 player couch fun where you take part within a Madden haphazard
kitchen escapade this one will have you laughing and cursing your buddies in
equal measure our number 3 coming from Steam Foam steamworld dig 2 takes you
back into this platforming mining adventure into a world that’s full of
riddles treasures and traps this Metroidvania is the 4th installment of
the series and 2 armor and the best so far at $9.99 in the season steam sale it
feels practically a steel with just the right amount of challenge and
entertainment to keep you coming back and back for more at number 2 in the
game we recently called the best indie one ever made dead cells at $19.99 on
the switch is saving you five bucks with this price being matched on a PC and
Xbox dead cells offers a master class in roguelike inspired gaming with elements
of action and features that offer potentially hundreds of hours of play
time it feels fresh and while it can be unfair and maddening on occasion it’s a
must buy for anyone within a fin Tifa this genre in our number one
position for the best indie game deal this Black Friday we have hollow night
the void heart edition on the PlayStation 4 retailing this holiday
period for 749 that’s a full 50% off the usual cost holla night from team cherry
first launched back in 2017 and features an epic insect lair adventure through a
vast Kingdom of ruins and caverns in one of the most enjoyable Metroidvania ever
made and we think it’s the best all-round pound-for-pound deal this
holiday season so what did you think of our Black Friday indie game countdown be
sure to give us a like and let us know in the comments for those PlayStation 4
fans apologies PlayStation tends not to go into these type of sales in a big way
and this year was no exception hence the lack of coverage within this video in
any case we’re now out of time and once again we wish you all a wonderful
holiday and look forward to welcoming you back here soon for more videos

40 thoughts on “Best 15 Black Friday Indie Game Deals on PC and Consoles 2018

  1. Hey everyone. Hope you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving and if you are on the look out for any indie games once the Turkey is all gone, here's our countdown of the best of the bunch.

  2. I was looking a Video like this! Most the advertised games are not teir AAA games that haven't been selling like publishers would like

  3. Nice to see you throwing Firewatch in, but, with all due respect, this channels is obsessed with sidescrollers and isometric games. Some people (.e.g., me, sorry ;)) hate both of those, whatever the premise, story, etc. However, the nws of a sale got me pumped up for some reason, so why not list my personal top indie deals right now on Steam 🙂 Most of those are first person puzzle games, mostly narrative based; only discounted games are included; majority of prices rounded to actual prices.
    Nobrainers, must play:
    1. NaissanceE, free. This is the best deal on Steam, period 🙂 An absolute landmark achievement, even if rock hard in a few places. Simply remembering some of it's high points takes my breath away.
    2. Vanishing of Ethan Carter, 2.84 Eur. I dream of a day a better short FP story-puzzle game gets released.
    3. Antichamber, 5.70 Eur. Waaaaaay ahead of its time, impossible to replicate or create a sequel of, imho.
    4. Portal Stories: Mel, free mod, if you have Portal 2, which is 1.63 Eur now. In case you wonder, this is pretty much Portal 3, as far as I'm concerned.
    And unfortunately my top-5 game played to date, Mind Path to Thalamus, is not discounted, but it's still only 10 Eur, so not that much, really. And Talos principle is not indie, I presume. No. 1 in my book and only 6 Eur.

    Second tier, but brilliant in their own right:
    1. The Fidelio Incident, 2 Eur.
    2. Test: Expected Behavior, 3 Eur.

    My wishlist top-4 (untested waters):
    1. The Spectrum Retreat, 5.20 Eur.
    2. Tacoma, 5.10 Eur.
    3. Path to Mnemosyne, 7.50 Eur.
    4. Lake Ridden, 14 Eur.

    I didn't list standard prices, because who cares about the discount. All what should matter is the actual price, not how much off you get. There are still old games available that even with 50% off are more expensive than better new alternatives without any discount.

  4. Get an additional 5% off Overcooked 2(30% off total) at IndieGala…

    Totally legit store, use it all the time. Better hurry though, the same deal was at Fanatical just yesterday and they already sold out.

  5. I thought you'll mention Hat in time (got -42% in eu on steam) and subnauti… oh wait. Subnautica didn't get any cheaper :O
    Anyway. Great video. I've bought virginia cause i left 1,25 on my steam wallet. XD

  6. Love this channel! Why not review/show the games on Humble Bundle/Monthlies and Fanatical (Bundlestars)! It helps the viewers and you guys can make a few bucks back (Humble has a referral program and it gives $ per monthly buyer – Fanatical has a referral link also). Just think about the idea! 🙂

  7. The Sexy Brutale is 50% off as well, making it only $10 now. Easily one of my favorite games of last year, if not the favorite. I don't think it showed up on any of this channel's lists ever, but it was damn good.

  8. Okay, so I just bought Virginia. But with regard to Minit, it's published by 'Devolver Digital', the 'Devolver' comes before the 'Digital' 😉

  9. Anyone scrolling through the comments, let me tell you this. Hollow knight is the BEST game I have every played and it is worth way more than 7.50 let alone it's original price. Pick it up right now, you wont regret it.

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