Content Warning: Violence, Blood, Horror, Body Horror. Back, punch, forward, punch, back, punch,
forward, punch. There’s such a clear rhythm present in Beat
the Art Breaker’s combat, and that alone would have been enough to make this an enjoyable
experience, but the game takes many turns that give a unique tone to what is essentially
a brawler. So Beat the Art Breaker is a small open-worldish
brawler where you travel around several areas, fighting enemies, gaining and buying items,
and progressing the plot through various actions. As said already, the combat is fantastic. Each enemy challenges one to position themselves
to avoid damage, move in quick to deal damage, then dodge out to repeat the process. It paces the difficulty of these encounters
effectively, starting one with enemies that can be defeated with just punches, then gradually
introducing enemies with more aggressive AI. As one beats up enemies, the player will accumulate
money, which they can spend on upgrades or keys to new areas all in the Uzu shop. Uzu is this being, who only desires that you
keep spending money. With his capitalist focus as well as being
in a shop that seems to be in a creepy void, Beat the Art Breaker has an undercurrent of
mystery. This feeling is not unfounded, since the further
one gets into the game, that undercurrent becomes the main focus. The game shifts into horror at times as revelations
about characters and the world are uncovered. The methodical combat takes on a mind game
at this point, where enemies begin to test one’s skills to their utmost ability, requiring
almost perfect precision. There’s also a surprising amount of choice
the player has in the plot, culminating in four different endings. How it implements these choices is by having
them revolve around the mechanics of the game. In order to make meaningful changes to the
story, Beat the Art Breaker asks you to consider the knowledge you have of what is going on
and to then figure out how to apply the game mechanics to change the course of the story. It’s a melding of mechanics and narrative
that was refreshing to see. The brawler is a genre usually seen as straightforward
to its detriment with repetitive combat and lack of any interaction outside of their fighting
controls. While I think that is a highly dismissive
and ahistorical view of the genre, Beat the Art Breaker defies any notion of this by adding
layers of complexity that incorporate its combat so its brawler aspects are strengthened
rather than compensated for, showcasing how the genre still has some fight left in it. Thank you for watching. If you enjoyed this video, please consider
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  1. I'm surprised by it's gameplay, because that was one time I imagined hand-to-hand fighting game world play like.

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