Bayonetta 1 & 2 – REVIEW (Nintendo Switch)

Bayonetta 1 & 2 – REVIEW (Nintendo Switch)

Bayonetta 1 & 2 are awesome action games. That is hopefully old news to some of you,
but there are plenty of people who never touched these games. Take one look at Bayonetta 2 on Wii U, and
you will see the limited group that played it. Now, these wonderful experiences are coming
to the Nintendo’s new hybrid console. This will allow you to take action with you
anywhere, and ensuring that new elements really stand out.Let us first hop into the original
Bayonetta. The non-stop action climax game is back,and
will push you to do the best combos possible. Bayonetta remains a relentless video game,
particularly when you compare it to its sequel. The fight sees you taking on the various angels
, and even the slightest error can be extremely fatal. The many, many quick-time events are a good
case in point, as failing them means a brutal death. You will learn while you play and by the end,
you are expected to wield this game properly in order to advance. Bayonetta won’t be for everyone, but luckily,
there are tools to make its goals approachable.All the features from the Wii U version are here,
which includes the various Nintendocostumes. As was the case with the Wii U game, these
are unlocked from the get go.The Umbra Witch will be able cosplay as Peach, Daisy, Samus
and Link, and she still looks fantastic. It remains an utter joy to screw around with
the Samus visor during the cutscenes, which adds sillyness to the proceedings. They all come with a rich amount of sound
effects as well, and that simply adds to the charm.The major difference with the original
Bayonetta on Switch is performance. The game on Wii U had some odd framerate dips,
which gave me pause now and again. It would decide to chug at weird intervals,
which annoyed me than the regular dips on Xbox 360. On the new system, it runs smooth without
any odd faults. It is more topar with the smoothness on PC,
which can only be considered a big plus. Next to this, it looks marginally better the
Wii U release, which had the feeling of vaseline being smeared across the screen. Now don’t get me wrong: the texture work
still feels old, but it is all much grander to look at. The touchscreen controls made a comeback in
both games, but this time they got time in the oven. On the Wii U, they were a clunky option that
wasn’t fun for the beginner. Due to the nature of the game, these controls
instantly showed the problems of the Wii U GamePad. You couldn’t have multiple fingers, various
gesturesor get anything done at a decent pace. PlatinumGames saw fit to improve on the groundwork
and make it something usable in both games. Naturally, I do still prefer using a controller,
but it is nice to have choice. You can press and hold to move Bayonetta in
a certain direction, attack by tapping on the opponent in question and quickly go through
menus by pressing the options you need. For those in a hurry, this can beneficial
if you play it on the go. Things become a lot more interesting with
Bayonetta 2. Naturally, this game was a tighter package
than its first installment from the get go. There were all kinds of weapons that you could
equip on both your arms and feet, levels featured bolder design choices and controlling Bayonetta
felt smoother. It still remains the finest selection of action
game levels that I’ve witnessed, and that is saying a lot. The game was also far more forgiving in its
requirements for the best ranks. The best part about Bayonetta 2, however,
is that you had simply more time to act. This in turn made it fun to replay levels,
and try to become a better player. As far as its additional content goes, there
are some significant changes to be found in Bayonetta 2. The big one is that all of the costumes, Nintendo
or otherwise, can be unlocked with Amiibo. As soon as you can enter the Gates of Hell
bar, you can scan them in and claim your goodies. You can put in Amiibo 32 times per day, allowing
you rank up items and/or get more Halos. While that is pretty broken, most of you will
come here to quickly unlock the costumes. The compatible amiibo are Samus, Fox, Link,
Peach, Daisy and both the Bayonetta Smash amiibo. With those last two, you will unlock additional
sets like the classic or dress outfits without paying a dime for them. When you unlock the costumes, a fun message
will play that puts light behind what you unlocked. It is a really neat touch. While this destroys some of the rewards for
your hard work, it does make costume only runs a fun new thing. I found myself putting on Samus Aran’s armor
and ducking into a Morph Ball form. This doesn’t only look cool, but has features
and nods galore. It makes the traditional Metroid sounds, and
it comes with a fully working arm cannon and the ability to drop bombs by double jumping
in ball form. The Samus speedruns for Bayonetta 2 will be
a thing of beauty. Sadly, the Umbra Crows are now completely
useless in my humble opinion. They were previously usedto unlock Miiverse
Stamps, which obviously is no longer a thing. The developers could have added an ability
or two here for the in-game store, but they are purely a collectible now. Just like the original Bayonetta, the performance
has seen improvements over the Wii U original. The textures look nice and sharp, and the
action is all sorts of flashy. Bayonetta 2 had a couple of slowdown moments
in the first release, but those seem to have fully disappeared here. The optimal performance translates very nicely
to the handheld mode where it is an utter joy to play. I was a bit worried that the button layout
would throw me for a loop, but the problems disappear rather quickly. Overall though, it is just incredibly impressive
how the action remains so fun on the go.If you ever thought about playing Bayonetta 1
& 2, you should do so now. The updated versions are the best out there,
and naturally can be taken with you anywhere. The games have some nitpicks, but they can
be forgiven in the grand scheme of things. The boldness of its concepts, level design
and presentation are all things to be admired. Why not hop in and embrace the darkness of
the Umbra Clan?I love these games a lot, like a lot a lot. Even though it is my fifth run through both,
Istill get excited by the flashy action. Now the task remains to wait for Bayonetta
3, and hope it can fill the void I now feel. Thank you for watching. Be sure to subscribe to GameXplain for more
on Bayonetta and other things gaming. See you later. Bye Bye!

100 thoughts on “Bayonetta 1 & 2 – REVIEW (Nintendo Switch)

  1. I certainly understand the appeal of dressing Bayonetta up as the other Nintendo characters. Rolling around in a Morph Ball is fun and using mini-Arwings as your default guns look cool but in a pure gameplay sense, nothing beats the Link costume. It comes with a built in shield that allows you to block a head on attack by pressing in the direction it's coming from.

  2. Comments section is flooded with complete nutcases complaining about his accent. If it's that painful to listen then don't watch the video.

  3. Seriously with the critique on this guys accent? Maybe next time he should do it in his native language rather than catering to all of your viewing pleasures with a language that probably took him years to learn. Fucking dicks.

  4. Bayonetta 1 reminds me of dmc for some reason. But over all it looks like a fun dual package of games 😊😊❀❀

  5. Yay Nintendo!!! Another game I already own and beat 4 years ago on the Wii U!!! " But its now portable!" Fuck you Nintendo.

  6. I hate Amiibos. It sucks so much that Amiibo-support is sold as a new "feature". Why not give everybody all the new costumes as we pay full price for a year old game??

  7. Hey Daan, awesome job with the review. It's my first time playing Bayonetta. While I suck at it most of the times the moments when I'm actually pulling off combos and managing to enter Witch Time are rewarding enough for me to try and see this game through. πŸ™‚

  8. You realize that the original japanese pronounciation is closer to "Buyonetta" he says than the american english pronounced "a" in Bayonetta? You even say "Peekachoo" although it says its name clearly like "PikAchoo" There are several more examples, so stop being all entitled.

  9. Will soon add this to my collection. Damn you guys are a bunch of jackasses. How many of you can speak a 2nd language from another country? I understood him fine. Your brains were probably too stupid to comprehend what he was saying.

  10. I wonder if the 3rd Bayonetta will have a yellow color scheme. Like how the first had a red and the second had a blue. Maybe the 3rd will have yellow and complete all 3 primary colors.

  11. +GameXplain
    Can you please learn to speak English before presenting a video in English. I'm asking for a certain level of professionalism, regardless of your background.

  12. Cool review but I'd like to have had a glimpse on the story (without being spoilery but more like an intro) and how gameplay worked. If you can work that into future reviews I'd apprciate that very much, thanks and keep up the otherwise excellent work πŸ™‚

  13. It's frustrating that the game is a port of a 3 & 8 year old game and they're charging full price for the game…while it also doesn't come with a physical version of Bayo1. So you're getting less but the same price for more.

    It's a great game and it's awesome more people are getting a chance to play it but my goodness … Nintendo really needs to stop pricing their games up so much vs other devs like Capcom. Bayonetta 1 and 2 for $60 or DMC 1-3 for $30.

  14. Do not buy what he doesnt mention is that the switch version for some dumb reason is weaker and lower graphics then fin shitbox 360….

  15. Wow. Gimtendo switch strikes again with another shit port. Everyhting about this port is dog shit. It's sad the Gimtendo Switch can't runt his old ass game. The 360 version looks better than this cancer. Be a Smart consumer. Don't buy into gimmicks, buy a PS4 or build a PC.

  16. Im so used to thinking "eh I already have it on the superior console so I dont need to rebuy" that I didn't even stop to think about the console it released on.

  17. Personally I think the Switch is the best out of all three systems. I don't if its just me. But I feel like Nintendo outdid both the Ps4 + Xbox1. Faster downloads, no sneaker installs, only system that plays handheld and on the TV, and a lot of neat games – Zelda, Mario Kart, Mario Odyssey, Splatoon, And the Bayonetta collection. I love my Switch, well worth the price! πŸ™‚

  18. Never got to play it before so I picked it up on switch. These games are hilariously ridiculous in the over the top cut scenes and combat, but unfortunately not very difficult. Much in the same vein as devil may cry, it can also be described as a neutered team ninja game as far as action titles go. The combo system in this series is all right, but definitely not as deep as fans give it credit for. I enjoyed the campiness a lot more than the actual gameplay. Still decent games, just wish they were harder.

  19. I disagree with the difficulty level. I completed the original on hard. Yes it's challenging, but it's easier than games like Ninja Gaiden 3, but slightly harder than DMC 3. Either way, if you like those mentioned games, you will love Bayonetta!

  20. I got both Bayonetta 1 & 2 on the Switch & my goodness were they a blast. Bayonetta 1 was amazing & alot of fun, buy Bayonetta 2 is my favorite & it's one of my top 10 favorite games of all time. I'm looking forward to Bayonetta 3. Hope that's good.

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