Batman: Arkham Origins Xbox 360 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – Killer Croc Fight

90 thoughts on “Batman: Arkham Origins Xbox 360 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – Killer Croc Fight

  1. He mutated; or rather evolved in a more reptilianesc fashion… Since the Origins timespan game, i guess, more or less like in the comics…

  2. Is this normal mode? Because i just played hard killer croc and it took me forever. Dont know if im just bad or youre just crazy haha

  3. by far the best taler on here freemz,your guides are good been with you since the dead space vids and you play well and the commentary is never boring, keep it up mate

  4. I love the little details they put into arkham games. like in city when half the courthouse was burnt and in origins with how croc is smaller and less animal like.

  5. Try sliding thru the vent covers sometimes…it will save time..its not nesc. To always stop and tear them off.. FYI…GREAT WALKTHROUGH SOOO FUNNY….WONDER why BATMAN has problems with guys that throw BOXES!…LOL…after all..he is..BATMAN…right batman…gravely voice I'm BATMAN….

  6. can any body help after i beat killer crock my screen goes black and there is sound in the back ground and the esc works fine

  7. loving ifreemz batman impressions, keep up the awesome walkthroughs, wounder who the sandwich maker is in this walkthrough aswell? mmmmmm

  8. I like the batman series but the only thing I don't like is the fact that you cant change the suits once they get ripped up. batman wouldn't walk around with a torn suit. get to go to the batcave but cant change into a new suite. that sucks

  9. need a video on unlocking "data port" some like HOT STEAM and "preacher points" ….cant unlock them …plz need help !!!!!!!!!

  10. dude I freemz your soooo freaikin funny I don't even watch your videos for the walkthrough. you inspire with so many things its amazing definently the best gamer out there haters gunna hate but im watching the last of us walkthrough im on part 30 lol ik im like fan boying but I cant wait too wait too wathc this series I like relating too how you feel and your reactions are hilarious. well keep doing what your doing man and take it easy

  11. batman is so much better in this game than in movies, they should make him more badass and give him some crazy moves like he has in here

  12. lukas demuth u r wrong as he has it in his trunk in asylum and so that shows he has it but because he was only transporting the joker he didnt really need it

  13. I love the batman series,batman Arkham asylum was my favourite game,I also live the films ,I have the box set of batman the ones with christian bale in

  14. Literally the entire time when you were doing the Batman voice, I was just like, "Stop Please!" I couldn't do it, the puns were too much.

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