Batman Arkham Origins Gameplay part 11 Final Boss Battle

alright guys so welcome back to another
gameplay of Batman or coercion my name is Joseph so welcome back guys to my
channel of just a gamer flight guys so your moves at the end the game real more
finish it so we probably go this way through all my friends the game guys
almost oh boy hello boys Oh big guy okay
oh crap alright I try to I get hit guys other than big go big fella
do the work there we go come on oh no come here oh crap another thing so oh crap
oh man I got hit Oh No there we go get motherfucker real Oh No hey no nothing so come on big
fella hit them really Oh Ariel here we go
oh crap uh-huh oh come on now Oh feel free to another so take this oh there we go your
mom fucker no hey Jess oh nothing so say what Oh oh no oh no oh crap what you’re not part
Lancer shit there we go
Det yeah perfect timing a crow that good all right let him go I understand you had a chance to let me
die if you didn’t take it then right now you’re wishing you had IQ a lot of
people Tippett let’s do this
okay okay so with our friend bagels in his hand is a heart monitor
once he claps it on every beat of his bacon little hard will charge the
battery on this electric chair when it’s fully charged so either you kill babe
no won’t kill him but you will you will fight me with all your resolve or you
will die someone is going to die you need are the cloud the question of which
one of us it is is in your hands oh boy oh crap this is round two what are therefore damn all right shit there we go Arielle yeah oh fuck oh crap here we go
oh man oh my god it’s a book my back don’t move maybe people good lord
careful Jim and there goes our that’s 2014 making you don’t need to in Jim Jim
Jim have a seat Jimbo we’ll fight together
like two little potato latkes your game now you finally peace in death
that you’d read not find life I’m not looking for peace here we go shit shit fuck all those there we go there we go oh crap
damn I try to get away you gotta be kidding me I can’t get away you gotta be
kidding me oh my gosh you gotta be kidding me man are you freakin serious
expected better from you oh my gosh I try avoid I try hey I have any time hi
they try again try again they’re real nope oh crap gather all right here we go today’s shit oh my gosh Oh damn oh my gosh Arielle your mom fucker it is but damn crap oh man
gather okay that goes wrong okay guy damn the game is over Joker let captain
Gordon go yeah put the gun down freak how about a good Judah that’s the Christmas well I’d love to
stay and celebrate your victory but I’ve got stockings to stop mistletoe – hey
and about 15 skyscrapers to blow up before sunrise and God you had your vest on he’s got my gun Gordon Joseph I need
your help to stop the Joker our help you’re the so-called vigilante or his
one kill enough for you tonight veins and cardiopulmonary arrest I have
only minutes to resuscitate him before it’s too late
you mean you didn’t it’s not how I do things
now go alright there’s a bad idea
oh I try to live up oh well I don’t like this idea come on guys oh
no I can’t help ya what oh shit oh boy you leave me no choice oh fuck oh damn
Oh yeah bad left jail no I’m gonna fight him try my best
all right I see did that one coming there we go let go go go go go go Chucky gone over there Arielle right
keep running oh man open it there we are where you go oh he right there
fuck oh man you coming we saw oh man Dahl’s it erielle there we go Bob be going where you going I see where you are there we go run run keep going
ma coming ah area okay that go let’s call Ariel yes beatdown time a guy of it’s over Alfred I’ve defeated
big oh shit oh fuck oh crap oh wow yeah can I survive out
that oh crap Arielle Boston fine that damn good
we TV bang yes and thank you for the help with bing he’s secure and it
appears the tn1 vein took damaged his memory permanently does that mean he
looks that way glad to hear it he’s still on the loose
but not for long okay so we’re gonna stop the Joker where’s Gordon sniper oh crap help me keep these guys off the warden
okay hate this nothing so oh come on now hate this say what clothesline what where’s the Joker you went through
that door towards the chapel Thanks toilet chapter however all right all right let go fight the Joker there he is
Oh and back come on things still alive that’s class nothing so it is Hale our yards offer oh hey oh oh damn that’s why utility isn’t it
you like the range meet me tell your knuckles bleed I quit there you know
there’s only one way to stop me lay out any one of my guys would have
killed him the city deserves better than that you know my daughter thinks you’re
a hero but I still have to bring you in I’m in the chapel
we got the Joker I had some help awesome I keep asking myself why I
didn’t bring him in and I now know the truth is I let him go because of you
because you believe in him I don’t know they put me in charge of a station full
of rotten cops and I can’t change them any more than I can change this damn
city or at least that’s what I used to think stop it’s hot that is fun good one baths it’s going to maybe maybe I can give them something to
believe in maybe he can give them something yeah
awesome a pitch game awesome hey guys so thank you for watching my final game
play Batman Arkham origins are we free shit don’t forget click the light sky
comment share thinking for check out my channel of don’t forget my flight guys
so I got like two more game so work on is where as evil 7 in the Ebola end so I
buy finish one of them by October 22 because offered I mean October 22 new
game come out and do like the gameplay on that one story Amal everything that
is data e2k 20 guys my career MO universe MO in everything guys alright

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