Baby Born in a Locker [Yakuza 7] (English Sub) PS4 gameplay

Baby Born in a Locker [Yakuza 7] (English Sub) PS4 gameplay

What about the adult video seller? Today, Ichiban took care of him! He’ll never do that again
because Ichiban taught him a good lesson So how much did you get from him? Well that’s.. The money we got from the seller we gave back to the buyers adult videos were all a fake Is that so then what about the collection of bonds? That one I got for sure! Just as you ordered
I brought back the wallet I didn’t forget about the interest too I’m surprised that you did well do you think I’d say that?! This band is the same one
as our young master’s bank Hey, Ichi! Where did you go with our young master? We just went shopping That money, I got from young master Hey gave that to you? You asked him to give money! Even if you didn’t collect enough money
this is not what you’re supposed to do! I didn’t do that! My pride won’t allow that! What do you mean pride
if you can’t collect money well! What’s that look You don’t feel anything? Is this too soft for you? If you’re a yakuza you should know how to take responsibility Hey! Bring the tools! Do it What is it You don’t know how to do that
even though your’e a yakuza? Then I’ll teach you! If you cut between the joint
it’ll come off easy but that doesn’t happen often Good day, sir! Good day! Hey, Ichi
Can I have a minute with you? Yes! You saved me, sir! Can’t you get along well with Jo? He hates me too much becuase I can’t collect money well Think of how he’d feel too He’s doing his best to manage our finance That I know but.. His definition of justice is very different from mine.. I think loyalty and humaneness is
more important than money You have to get along with other people’s ideas We Arakawa Clan are all a party member Party? You like games, right? Think of it as a game In a group of people there’s always a role for each person If there’s a guy like you
who don’t think twice there’s Mitsu, who backs you up and Sawashiro, who disciplines That’s how a group works Oh.. then you’re the king! A king.. Both ways, you still are my cute son Right, I heard you took care of Masato today Sorry for making you take care of my housework Is my son doing well? Yes That’s good to hear These days he won’t answer my calls Though I’m a king here in my home
I’m just a naked king Well then let’s have a dinner of the centery Ichiban! Yes sir! Every one of those couples look happy Are you meeting someone? No.. I’m not good with woman You’re pathetic You must’ve been popular among women Hey, Ichi How dare you say so No.. Don’t say it in past tense I still look good in front of women But even I had a woman
whom I thought I’d marry there was only one Masato’s mother Did I say this to you before? Yes.. Only that she passed away 24 years ago, today it was the last day of the year I was a entry-level yakuza of Hikawa Hungsan The boss there asked me to
marry his daughter That’s young master’s mother? Don’t be hasty The one I truly loved was the other one a woman named Akane But, then.. I thought my boss would give up
after time passes by So I secretly dated Akane But then.. I never knew she’d get pregnant No.. So, between the boss’s daughter and Akane I didn’t give a second thought who to choose But I didn’t have the chance
to say about my baby and Akane to my boss Then it was when the baby was about to be born that I decided to let the boss know “I have a woman whom I promised to marry” I said so to my boss He couldn’t have gone easy on you After getting beaten hard I was lying in ground at new years day If it ended there
I would’ve been happy Huh? The boss ordered to kill Akane and my baby inside No way! how could he do that! I couldn’t believe what I’ve heard but the boss was meaning it In that clan they leave no trace of a dead body We, who made him lose face became their target How I ran away from that place I.. ran as fast as I could they thought I was dead
and were off their guard That moment, Akane was at a hospital
because of a sudden labor pain I called her and said
she should leave the hospital right now The boss’s members were coming to that hospital and.. We promised to meet here
and run away together Cafe Alps Yes but even after a while
she didn’t come When I was about to think
she was caught a call came to me Akane? Yes Where’re you now? I thought you’re caught by them Baby is born.. What? Our baby but they came to that place.. So.. I had no choice but to run away OK, where’re you now?
I’ll pick you up right now! At Shinjuku station near the coin locker OK, hide there so that no one can see you Akane they’re looking for a woman carrying a baby The baby.. hide him in a locker
and leave that place quietly Baby in a locker? Are you Serious? Don’t worry I’ll pick up our baby right away! You, be at a safe place and tell the Alp’s owner your location Hurry! Put the baby in the locker! OK.. I’ll leave my baby to you Akane I found her! That’s the woman! Catch her! Hey! Akane! The woman! where’d she go? Let’s hurry and find her! Shit! Wait! Please wait! What’s up with him? He’s weird Damn it! Open! Please open! Should I call the police? My.. My baby.. Hey, hey, are you OK? Wake up! Move away! I carried him in my arms
and went to the hospital But the doctor who diagnosed Masato said it was multiple organ failure by hypothermia Young master’s illness was caused by that? That night it was very cold If I had.. held him 5 minutes, no even 1 minutes earlier he could’ve been healthy It’s not your fault! Because..
there was nothing you could do! Ichi You’re having a hard time
taking care of Masato What do you mean hard time? Eventually it was the last time I talked to Akane She ran away to a friend’s bar but they were ready for that She was caught by them.. and was killed When I took my baby to the hospital Some members of Hikawa Hungsan moved out from here after a few days The clan was wiped out That’s done by you? No I didn’t say anything! This is getting too long But.. I wanted to say this to you
when I have the chance Though you’re my subordinate you’re my son too No.. How could I.. Enough with my boring story Well Let’s hurry and grab something to eat! I’m hungry Yes, sir!

10 thoughts on “Baby Born in a Locker [Yakuza 7] (English Sub) PS4 gameplay

  1. It was kind of fucked up how a baby could be stored in a locker, but it's also a dangerous idea too. Although…even more fucked up with how it went down. Reminds me of another, except it was different, but still messed up.

  2. Can't believe how it all started. First his father, then the woman he loved, and now his son's condition. Though the clan that carried out the murder was dealt with in the clan being wiped out, I can't help but wonder….

  3. Oh? Mitsu's back too. Seems like he's taken a back seat role compared to his Online counterpart (He was the main antagonist for the first act of the story).

  4. 10:45 : they used modern club Sega in the background. This scene take place in 1977. RGG Studio really need to improve on these fews details

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