Awful Game Ads on Instagram

Awful Game Ads on Instagram

Hey, Greg, welcome back to my channel. I hope you’re all having a great day, This of course is another episode of Weird Shit That I Found on Instagram Every time I make a video about Instagram ads or Instagram memes or Instagram comedians My Instagram DMs are immediately flooded with people who find similar things and they send them to me Hoping that I will make a video about those things also It’s kind of helpful actually as someone who you know makes a lot of videos about these things It’s kind of nice to just have people send them to me So if you find a weird shit on Instagram, feel free to send it to me My instagram is dannygonzalez. But especially after the video that I made about Instagram ads I got so many people sending me all of the weirdest Instagram ads that I couldn’t not make another video about them now I know what you’re thinking that sounds like a lot of fun and it does and it will be But before we have too much fun, I think it’s important to remember that this chair sucks. I’ve been using this chair for a long time. It’s a fine chair. It’s sturdy enough I guess what I’m trying to say is there’s nothing fun or cool about this seat. It’s a pretty plain seat It just doesn’t really do much for my butt or the rest of my body come to think of it But luckily today’s sponsor is SeatGeek. SeatGeek is an app that makes getting tickets to cooler, more fun seats, way easier. easier you can get seats to football games basketball games Taylor Swift games Kanye West games Whatever kind of games you’re into ; with SeatGeek You can do everything on your phone within the app including actually scanning to get into the event They’ve got the best deals and they have a scoring system that lets you know When you’re getting a good deal and when you’re not and if you use my promo code Greg You’ll get $20 off your first purchase. So head on over to SeatGeek you can use the link in my description Thank you to SeatGeek for sponsoring the show guys get your butt in a better seat I’m sure a lot of you remember the last time I reviewed ads for mobile games on Instagram they all seem to have this really weird strategy where they show a clip from the game and then the caption above it just Makes no sense. It’s almost confusing to the point where you have to download the game Because you’re just so confused. Here’s an example of this strategy it’s a game where you’re this little blob and it looks like you go around trying to knock people off of this platform and the Caption is “I never knew anxiety until I played this game.” I have never felt anxious in my whole entire Goddamn life until I downloaded this game Which is totally inconsequential in the grand scheme of things Whether I win or lose in this game has no bearing on my well-being but it was so stressful that for the first time in My entire life I felt anxiety and I know what you’re thinking. Yes, I do live a very privileged life There’s this game. It looks like all you really do is just Zigzag back and forth but it is the most relax game ever. This one’s pretty interesting It looks like you’re just a little ball and you bounce from platform to platform and you try not to fall and it’s got Disney’s Magic Cinderella’s castle or whatever it is in the background and the caption for this one is if you score 400 You can go to Disneyland so this is interesting cuz like for the first time it feels like an ad has a coherent phrase at the top Like I understand what it means if you score 400 They’re gonna they’re gonna give you a ticket to Disneyland I guess which is great tickets to Disneyland cost like $100 each It’s pretty impressive that an app would just pay for you to go. Just forgetting like a Seemingly pretty attainable score in this game. I think the problem that I have with this is I just kind of doubt it I really doubt that if I download this game and get a score of 400 that they’re gonna like mail me a ticket to Disneyland, so I decided I would put this to the test Download this game and get to 400 myself and see what happens. Haha No, okay the best I can get to is like a hundred (false that’s a hundred and one) so I Guess I’m not going to Disneyland this very specific format seems to be actually pretty common with games Here’s another game where you like hit a ball and see how far it goes and it says if you bounce ten times you can Legally reach pink castle which is just the Disneyland Castle tinted pink I can legally reach the pink castle was I not allowed to before Why wasn’t I legally allowed to reach pink castle? Why are they trying to keep me up? Come on, I’m a nice guy Let me into pink castle Legally this time and then there’s this one which says if you swallow Big Ben you can go to Disneyland If you swallow Big Ben, what the fuck does that even mean Big Ben’s like the giant clock tower in London? So if you swallow that you might find yourself at Disneyland and to prove it right next to the picture of the game there’s a picture of this like skinned and gutted Donald Duck Screaming and agony or maybe anger, you know like you see at Disneyland man I can’t wait until I swallow Big Ben I can go to Disneyland and see all my favorite characters like Mickey Mouse with his arms torn off decapitated goofy and skinned and gutted Donald Duck who’s very very Angry about something probably the fact that his stomach is gone. Here’s another fun phrase It’s a little game where it looks like you flip and then there’s a picture next to it which is a girl playing in bed and a guy looking over a shoulder like The fuck you doin? and the caption is when she’s tapping the game more than you I don’t understand that progression of emotions because I think the fire is supposed to be like Sexy like kind of hot. So it’s like she’s tapping the game more than me. Oh, ha ha ha She’s tapping the game more than me? hell yeah girl you tapped that game you don’t get it at me As long as I can creepily look over your shoulder in bed while you tap that game, baby girl there was one ad I saw on Instagram that it seemed literally everybody wanted to send me and Rightfully, so I think it was very festive and applied to my life personally a lot It looks like this game where you’re a little pumpkin and you spin this sort of Cylinder to try to fall all the way down It looks like a pretty interesting game but the caption and the picture next to it are even better if you reach level 2 You’re legally a pumpkin legally a pumpkin. I’ve never heard anything better in my fucking life And all you have to do is reach level 2 bring it. I don’t really know what kind of perks or responsibilities come with being a legal pumpkin, but I Mean, it sounds great to me. So your bitch ass better believe that I downloaded this game, and I got to level 2 That’s right. And it took me about 15 seconds. All I had to do was spin this little cylinder while the ball fell and then I got there it was kind of weird because when I got to level to the game barely even Acknowledged that I reached such a momentous achievement. It also didn’t say anything about Pumpkins said nothing. It just said like okay at level two do that now, so I don’t know what that’s all about But I’m guessing that my new ID will show up in the mail pretty soon confirming my identity as a legal pumpkin So I just like to take this opportunity to say to my haters I told you so you said I’d never amount to anything But now I’m a pumpkin because the Instagram ads that I really want to talk about today are quite a bit different Than any of the ones I’ve talked about before this will be a series of ads from probably the most fucked up looking game I’ve ever seen it’s a game called Game of Sultans I don’t really know if it’s a popular game or if any of you have maybe even played this maybe you could tell me if the game is as fucked up as the ads are but it seems to be Advertising all over Instagram. The thing about these ads is it makes the game look like this really gross like sexist and All-around just like awful game, and I don’t understand really how it’s supposed to make me want to play the game each ad that I’ve seen and that I’ve saved is like a series of pictures like one of those little Albums that you can go through on Instagram So the first picture is three women and it looks like you’re given a choice. It says your majesty please choose a maid to serve you so it looks like you’re playing as like the king or the Sultan of this palace and you have to choose a maid and it looks like you’re basing this decision purely based off looks as there’s not any sort of resume that I can see you’re basically just trying to decide who’s gonna clean your house best based on who is hottest I’ve never known those two attributes to be a correlation, but I don’t know maybe the Sultan knows something that I don’t Ooh, the game’s heating up a little bit. Now you get to decide who would you choose as Empress as Sultan? Graceful and elegant as you are you get to have your pick of any lady in the land you can choose this woman Well, you’ve got your arm around she seems like quite a catch She’s sort of tickling the little hairs on your chinny chin chin, or you can pick this crying woman who is pregnant with your child and I think the body language is pretty clear in this picture who he’s thinking about choosing so it looks like you’ve gone from choosing a maid to getting someone pregnant Picking an empress. So what’s next in the life of a sultan? You may be wondering Well, it looks like the next thing for you is to on the crown the kingdom has to live on after you go So it’s time to start having babies. So as Sultan you decide to have a child and The newborn son is too ugly. What should I do Oh No Okay. So this is an interesting predicament the Sultan has had a child and It’s too ugly. The newborn son is too ugly like there’s a certain amount of ugliness that the Sultan would accept but this son with his unibrow and his Freckles. I don’t know. He looks pretty much like a normal baby except for the unibrow. This son is too. Ugly. What should I do? What do you mean? What should I do? Like there’s nothing you can really do now about the baby’s looks like he’s here. The baby is here But let’s see what the options here are I’m guessing it’s going to be something like you can choose to either, you know Give the son up for adoption cuz he’s too ugly or you can love him just the same because no matter what he looks like He’s still your son. It looks like there’s one button and it says dislike. So I guess that’s your only option is to just Dislike your son forever. Oh, the newborn son is too ugly Dislike, I don’t like you. I’m sorry. You’re too ugly And that is the only thing I will be doing is not liking you this game doesn’t seem very fun. There’s not many options So you might think this ad is a little bit too far already But things are really about to go off the deep end in this next picture So there’s this picture of this girl and she appears to be crying It looks like she’s got something going on with her face, and she says my queen, please forgive me So I guess we’re the Queen now. I Don’t know what happened to the king or the Sultan wherever he is he’s probably off disliking his son somewhere and the two options here are forgive her or Slap again. I’ve already slapped her once. I feel like a monster and I’m not even playing the game It just put me into this situation Where I’ve already slapped this girl once I don’t even know what she did the game just assumes like yeah Well, obviously you’re gonna slap her once but what do you want to do after that? Like are you gonna forgive her or do you want to slap her again? If this is really in the game, I don’t really think this game should be in the App Store I mean, it’s just a confusing premise for a game first of all Like what even is this game about? is it about even being a sultan because it kind of just Sounds like being an asshole like you’re picking a maid based on looks you’re abandoning this woman You got pregnant you’re calling your son ugly and then you’re slapping This woman the caption for this ad doesn’t really help either the maid conceived your child accidentally That’s a weird phrase. She conceived your child accidentally It’s sort of taking a lot of the blame off the dude right like the sultan’s like whoa. Whoa. Whoa, yeah I might have had sex with you But you’re the one who accidentally conceived a child saying accidentally makes it sound like it was like a clumsy thing like, whoops So I slipped and now I’m pregnant would you ask her to give birth and promote her as a concubine? What’s a concubine? Sound like a mix between a cucumber and a porcupine a concubine is a woman who lives with a man but has a lower status than his wife or wives The next ad for this game has some pretty good social commentary. Let’s check it out The first image shows three women again, but this time we see young girls one is poor one is Noble and one is rich I think That this image is trying to make some sort of like Social commentary about rich people because the rich girl looks a little bit heavier. The caption says Ottoman palace life I was born 20 times before I gave birth to a cute princess. What does that mean? I feel like that’s a mistranslation or something, but the results was accidentally phat no one wants to marry her Oh, no one wants to marry my fat daughter. Do you know how many times I had to be born to have that daughter? So I don’t really get what the picture supposed to represent Like was I supposed to have a poor daughter so that way she’d be skinny, but don’t worry. The next picture is worse Jesus Okay. The next picture is the rich girl from the previous picture saying father I need a hug and the father saying you must lose weight. What? Okay forget how fucked up this is for a second that like Forget how fucked up it is that this dude won’t give his daughter a hug because she’s overweight. How is this game fun? Like it just seems stressful to have to be this little little guy who is getting stressed out about his daughter’s weight He’s all worried about his ugly son. I mean look at him. He’s so stressed out about his daughter’s weight His face is all warped. He’s got like shade coming over his forehead. It looks like he’s in physical pain because his daughter is heavier than he wants her to be but don’t worry because part of this game is putting your daughter on a diet so that she Can become the ideal looking 18 year old in your eyes Wow, I thought this game was gonna be fun when you could have ugly sons But now that I know you can put your daughter on a diet Where can I download this game? What an awful sounding game? Why is it an appealing idea for a game to even be this sultan? Who’s just this like womanizing douche? I don’t know but now I’m kind of tempted to download it and see what it’s actually like if it’s actually like that at all Or if that’s just a bunch of like weird clickbait Eid stuff to try to get you to download the game So, I don’t know Let me know if you want me to make a video about me playing that game or at least seeing what it’s like Maybe I’ll try it guys. Holy shit. The response to my last video has been crazy So for those of you who didn’t see my last video I basically recapped this entire story where brilliant surprise toys took down one of my videos But after a long effort and a little bit of reviewing my legal options, we got it back up That was the video about Papua being replaced. There was the song at the end of it I turned the song into a full version of the song to sort of stick it to Chad that went up on iTunes and Spotify It got on the top of the iTunes comedy charts for like three days After I posted that video it got back up onto the top of iTunes Comedy charts and stayed there for like a week It’s also now my second most streamed song on Spotify And it’s probably gonna become my most streamed song on Spotify in a couple days. It’s just crazy all the good feedback I’ve been getting on that video. I really appreciate it And I think it just really goes to show how strong Greg truly is If you don’t know what Greg is, it’s the name that I call my fans It’s my fan base, but it’s more than just a fan base It’s a family we’re a family and we’re an army the strongest army on YouTube in fact and the fastest growing at that So thank you guys for being so supportive I’m really glad that you guys have enjoyed the song as much as you do poopy butt poopybutt Thank you. My sister wants a corgi for turning out notifications. You are truly Greg I hope that your sister gets the Corgi that she wants I’ll see you guys next time with a really interesting video where I am overcome with stage fright poopy butt

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  1. I play Game of Sultans. Its nothing like the ads. You do earn the affections od consorts and pop out a verifiable army of heirs, but mostly the focus is on leveling up your advisors and consorts for multplayer conpetitions

  2. Lol I was really confused about it and played the sultan game. Turns out it was just a lame strategy game and has nothing to do with that ads. Either way it's not a good game ;((

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  10. Dancing Line is actually a really well-made game. I've never even seen that one ad, but all the other ads for it are really well made.

  11. When I was watching this, I got a freaking ad that said if you pass level 6 you are legally a bird (it this weird game that involved birds)

  12. I played it for a while. you end up having like 10 wifes and children with them. but they are not ugly. and when you are done making children you go to war. or letting other countries gift you with women to serve your wifes. or you get an old women to help getting your kids married. oh and of course the fathers of your wifes are your favorite soldiers, not those skilled the much… aweful but kind of addicting.

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