‘Avengers: Endgame’ Cast Play Name That Avenger | MTV News

‘Avengers: Endgame’ Cast Play Name That Avenger | MTV News

– We’re gonna name that Avenger. Let’s see how well you know the bodies of your fellow Avengers. – Well. – I’m gonna show you some extre– – Extremely well. – What is this? What body part and who is that? – I don’t even know what
part of the body that is. – I don’t want to know. – Ew. – What the hell? – Is that a raccoon? – Oh, God. – This is awful. – I dunno, Hulk’s nuts? (laughter) – [Josh] What is that? – [Chris] Is that like beard? – Yes! – It’s a beard. – I mean, I have a beard. It’s not me is it? (wrong buzzer) – I mean, it’s gotta be Hemi, right? Who else is that hairy? – Is it Downey?
– Oh, is it Downey? – No, no, it’s a goatee, it’s Downey. – Look at that, that guy
knows what he’s talking about. (correct ding)
– Yes! – Oh, man!
– Yes! – Oh, yeah!
– Yes! – That’s your buddy’s, Downey’s, goatee. – Ew, that’s gross.
– Oh, man. – That’s horrible. I thought that was Rocket. – What is that? – [Danai] That’s a shoulder. – I don’t wanna, what is that? – Oh, my God, that’s like a…
– Yeah, that’s like a… raccoon’s armpit. – It looks like a walnut. (laughing) – A walnut. Have you never
seen a walnut in your life? – That’s a goiter. – That’s like an arm, someone’s arm. – Walnut, as in nut. – That’s one of Hulk’s nuts. (laughing) – Is that a hairline? – It is a hairline! – Is it, Evans? – Oh, no, it’s Renner. – Oh, is it Renner? (correct ding) – Controversial haircut. – Renner. – Ah! – That’s you, buddy. – Oh, that’s me? – Look at that. See come on, how cool is that haircut? – Okay, let’s move on. Next up. – Oh, okay. – Oh no. – How horrible. Please don’t be me.
(laughing) – Ugh.
– Is that someone’s back of their neck?
– That looks like a walnut. (wrong buzzer) – Is that someone’s elbow? – No, it’s a forehead. – Wow.
– Eww. – Okay, that’s a forehead. – That’s someone’s forehead! It’s Bryan Cranston. (wrong buzzer) He’s in these, right? (laughing) – What do you think that is Chris? – Ummmm. – I don’t know. – I don’t want to even answer that one. – Is it gonna be Ruffalo! (correct ding) (laughing) – I knew exactly what it was. – That’s his furrowed brow. That beautiful furrowed brow. – Ohhh.
– Ohhh. – Awww – Look at that. – Is he pursing his lips? (laughing) – Aw come on. He’s thinking deeply. – [Josh] That’s his Blue Steel. – He’s kinda doing a Duck Face. – Oohhh – Oh God. – I’ve seen them before. – That looks like Hemsworth’s abs. – Yeah. You knew that
a little too quickly. – Uhh, right out of the gate! (laughing) – Is that a butt, or is that abs? – Are those abs of butt? (wrong buzzer) – That’s Evans.
(wrong buzzer) – Is that someone’s back?
(wrong buzzer) – No, that’s his stomach. – It is? – It’s either Evans or it’s Hemsworth. – I failed biology, obviously. – That’s the Hemisphere. (laughing) – That’s Hemsworth. – Yeah, that’s the
happiest place on Earth, that’s Chris Hemsworth’s abs, of course.
(correct ding) – Aww, God! – This one? – That’s an eyebrow, that’s Scarlett. – That’s Brie’s eyebrow. Oh, it’s Scarlett’s – That’s an eyebrow! – That’s Scarlett’s eyebrow. – [Josh] Yep. – Scarlett. – Nice. – That’s a sharp brow, man. – That’s a movie star brow. – That’s an eyebrow. That’s your eyebrow. (wrong buzzer) – That’s my eyebrow?
(wrong buzzer) – No, no, no, that’s Bucky. – What? (wrong buzzer) – It’s Scarlett Johansson’s eyebrow? – That’s my eyebrow! (correct ding) – That is your eyebrow. – Yes, I know, plucked to perfection. – Last one. – That’s an ass.
– Oh! – Whose ass is that, Joe? – Is that somebody’s butt? – Yeah, it’s been through something. It’s been through some wars. – It’s either the chest
of Winter Soldier, (wrong buzzer)
or my ass. (wrong buzzer) – Very close. – Wait, wait, wait.
– Is that Karen’s ass? – Evans.
That’s Evans. – It is? – [Chris] Captain American’s costume? – It’s a butt, it’s a butt, it’s a butt! – His…Butt. – Oh, that’s my tush. (correct ding)
(laughing) – It’s a butt.
– Wow! – Oh, well done, Danai. Don’t ask me how I know that. – Someone’s just been looking. (laughing) Someone knows. – That’s your tushie! – That’s my butt. – You guys did it. – [Brie] You guys, do not tell him that I knew that that was his butt. Nobody is allowed to tell him that. – I’m texting him right now.
– No! – Our little secret. – Don’t worry, cause that will tell him. – No, you guys, you’re
not really gonna use that. – [Josh] Circle of trust. – [Brie] This isn’t
gonna go anywhere, right? – Hey, we did pretty good I think – I think we did alright. – 50%, 50%?

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  1. Well, each one of them will be in history for something… One for his abs, the other for his… ahem tushy… We have the godfather and the one that is (sadly) the comic relied…

  2. 2:01

    paul rudd: *gueeses hemsworth in like 1 sec8

    me: questons everything and now fucking ships two actors help me error erorr error

    dont hate me for now shipping this-

  3. i guessed every single one of them right within 5 seconds, im so proud of myself watching them struggling to even know which body part is that lmao

  4. Larson has a crush on Evans. She’s like a schoolgirl. If she didn’t, she wouldn’t (pretend to) care whether or not Evans knows that she pegged that booty as his.

  5. Tht vdo proves Brie larson knows nothing nd acts like she knows everything 😝
    Moronity at it's best 😂😂

  6. Lol i knew them all directly (except the last one, but there i couldnt look the whole Time when you had the Picture to guess). How was it so hard for them??

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