Asterix & Obelix XXL 2 Walkthrough Part 1 Remaster (PS4, XB1, PC, Switch) Lutetia

Asterix & Obelix XXL 2 Walkthrough Part 1 Remaster (PS4, XB1, PC, Switch) Lutetia

like zoos getafix what’s going on come
down such a fuss we’re waiting for batter mix I’m afraid he’s late how are
you right the sunlight but we’ll be even
right though and get – I will come to the point
you all know if Caesars plans to conquer the Gaulish village my village not Musa
well I believe he’s a druids whisper away from succeeding later knows why
Odin what war you get have you sex to your bosom think it’s super every month
strikes to your warriors your village needn’t fear the Romans who overcome
your village Caesar would need forgive his legions of power even more greater
than yours and I don’t know of anybody who could harness such a great power
magic does precisely Bravo uncle DJ room as we say in Rome marvelous dear fellow a fine brace of
druids they are yours noble Caesar make good use of them count on me get a fix
take on the world what getafix a traitor for you to talk
about our druid like that my name is san shed her goal and I
should know if I see one I’m a traitor myself traitor to Rome are not betray
treachery to treason those region of Caesar pretty but I didn’t understand a
word of what he said there stirrings so you’ll have the gall to come to our
village to slander our druid without evidence
and what’s more you even admit to being a traitor I’m on your side now cool
finish a story Asterix it’s true that getafix has been a bit old lately you
know last week he didn’t want to give me any magic potion but he doesn’t ever
give you magic potion or beliefs you fell in the cauldron when you was little
and that doesn’t make our get to fix a traitor you’re not going to believe the
first Roman that comes by my duties he’s gone
juice Lord Gator fixes golden sickle by Toutatis
if getafix was here I’m sure he could give us an explanation of this whole
story but Bella knows alone knows where he is
now he’s in last vitam who’s that that’s Begum is round-the-clock plan to
combat to the goriest unique welcome in a jewel season
production a city the games these Romans are crazy
shrieks you and oblem shall come to Rome it’s the only way to discover why k to
fix the speechwriters to discover if he betrayed his final statistics oh yes
that’s what I was gonna say I’ll come with you go stay well away from us I’m
Shiva this whole thing stinks of a trap but have no choice right off let’s go
our village what should we do Asterix
should I know normally it’s your break-ins
oh yes of course pounds no caster eggs it’s our friend attractor you can’t get
in through the main door goals the park isn’t open to the public yet but I know
a secret entrance there behind that block over to you ah MINIX all those
please let’s go legs we wait for you Sam shiver it is simple security and now you
realize these pesky torches reach into the torches twins invention – the
torture rape and Crystal Light Western zones all open the bathroom no way cuz now’s the moment a perfect number
missed or they weren’t open to you eliminated the number Roman citizen
detected only dissipate tabash hi Roman trust me if you experiment to be of
different ways to batter of each you already know that you from the troll
are there Asterix rumblings at any moment by pressing the switch but it is
very useful to change character from time to time as there are some things
the asterisk with knoblauch’s and vice-versa
sometimes you may have to use your noodle
for example put Obelix past a minister’s passage course not hey doggie doo
Asterix I don’t know of elix this character is
worrying me more and more this platform attack strike eight remind
you of anything you should know it’s evolving Astrix is still the only one
that can climb on board but to move it Obelix now only has to stand on the spot
marked on the floor to grab the rope no need to hold the button down and the best for last this big bowl is a
bomb so move it carefully it should be able to blow up that wall that looks a
bit fragile to me but first of all you’ll need to clear the way by lowering
this little red part try pushing this little stone block first get close to mine thing you see taking us for fools
Asterix or know how to push a little stone I’m more worried about that but
Jenny keeps on talking about using a block should be able to reach
the ledge up about well done cause all the torture tonight
no not here ends the nothing careful now we’re about to enter into the heart of a
little bear to tell you the truth it market determines
very well gone find a way and liberate the truly I’ll be hanging around here if
you need me put your back into it Obelix I’m not
that heavy if mr. excuse isn’t happy he could just
move his machine all by himself I think we remain Romans must have flown
at least three miles not bad II mr. s Therese forgot to say the reason I had
magic polish news you you I’m getting a bit hungry Asterix but no
I’m saying a single wall boy they’re a bit disappointing I know they
were stronger than welcome little Valencia you must get
these battle moves running at so much bit sleepies roads are crazy open the door soldier we have to get in
sorry gentlemen I cannot work stay back Asterix I’ll pay a visit I’m going
through the door I got a work call even if you had
superhuman strength which I dance in as this is real life but even if you had
some strength they die in Kerala this torque is indestructible so come back
when you go to the injured sorry cuz this ain’t gonna work you

23 thoughts on “Asterix & Obelix XXL 2 Walkthrough Part 1 Remaster (PS4, XB1, PC, Switch) Lutetia

  1. Well done with this, and wow, talk about a blast from the past, but not only that, so many Easter Eggs, from characters to objects, so many references to other games, each one special in it's own way, keep doing a wonderful job, I look forward to more.

  2. got this game and i actually like it.. however when there is a narrative part i do not get the voice of the charactor…and yes i checked in the options and put the voice even on 100% .. can anyone help me ??

  3. Wow, sweet memories… After the basket training in the school, i playing this game in my home was marvelous. Thanks for this video.

  4. a Mario sunshine Spoof, a Yoshi egg hidden in the background, Tetromino's as a wall and bombermans head as a bomb?! I'm 17 minutes in and never expected so many references. Don't know how to feel about this, I mean if you are going to take the time to put something in do something clever with it…..

  5. Thumbs up for a “Walkthrough, no commentary”

    Goddamn, I can’t even remember how many times i typed those words as a 6 year old to look at the gameplay before i actually got the game one day for birthday

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