Asphalt 9 for Nintendo Switch VS a Real Lamborghini

72 thoughts on “Asphalt 9 for Nintendo Switch VS a Real Lamborghini

  1. Cool I cant wait to join… 20 in a club??? WULFF DEN UK for all you Wulff den fans in the uk come join the club!!

  2. I have never felt like someone has deserved something more than when i watched this video… i hope you get your own and keep it real…as always!!! At least let will have a drive!

  3. I knew the Burnout namedrop was coming. Hands down my absolute favorite racing game ever. It was the reason I got a PS2.

  4. Asphalt team should add map editor it will be so fun to make maps in offline mode and play with friend local or online

  5. finally somebody notices that Asphalt 9 Legends is on the Switch (i hope more people will play when they see this video)

  6. Wulff Den you have single handedly delivered the Switch content that I want. You revived my hype on BOTW when I put it down the first time and you showed off Warframe to my friends better than I ever could. Granted, I don't play either much now, your videos are still top quality and just fun to watch even if I'm not actively looking for the product you're showing off. I'm for a petition to replace the Nintendo News channel on the home screen with exclusively your content.

  7. it's obvious he hasn't played through much of the game and avoids talking about the deeper gameplay mechanics. and he can't roast the toxic free-to-play mechanics because he's sponsored. But i love the guy for taking the opportunity to rent a lambo just for the hell of it.

  8. I've put 50 hours into this game and I have yet to pay a dime. It gets grindy every now and again but it's still fun!

  9. I'd love to support this company with a game purchase since it's like burnout 3, one of my favorite games of all time but I'm not going to spend a dime on a game if I don't have to, this should've been a retail purchase

  10. I hate this game! The racing itself is great, but it feels too much like a mobile game. You race for 30 seconds, and then have to spend 3 minutes hitting "ok" and "next" on menus.

  11. I was surprised by this game when I downloaded it just because I wanted an arcade racing game and it was free, it is quite fun and it's a good choice for a quick session.

  12. I got this because of you. This game is fun, their monetizing model sucks though. Why should I wait hours to refuel my supercars after I spent tons of hours to unlock them? Gosh

  13. they have cupholders at the place if the wheel was on the left there i think you can open on one little 6th edged button that looks like every else 6th edge and its gonna come out a holder

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