Ask Splash | What game do you keep coming back to?

That would be Street Fighter: Third Strike. Stardew Valley That would have to be Monster Hunter.
The series just keeps getting better Gears of War is a game I keep coming back to.
I can’t get away it’s a drug and I need help Football Manager.
It’s a horrible, horrible addiction. BF4. I don’t know why.
It’s just it’s warm comforting embrace. Civilization. It’s kind of my comfort
food for games. It’s a game that if I don’t really know what I’m gonna play I
can kind of log into Civ and try and take over the world
so yeah it’s a game I’ve loved for years it’s absolutely amazing. I play Rocket League a lot because it gives me that competitive itch from not
being able to play football seven times a week. I wore the shirt special
hoping that somebody would point it out. I keep coming back to Super
Mario Land. Recently it’s been Monster Hunter. Monster Hunter’s one of those enraging games
that I could spend all day on and not notice. Siege, or Minecraft. Because
they’re really similar. The game that I’ve reinstalled the most often
that I keep coming back to after a break is Dungeon Keeper 2. It’s a quite gentle building
simulator when you get right down to it. It’s non-threatening in
ways that you wouldn’t expect a game about being an evil soul-crushing
Underlord to let you be. But you can make all of your
creatures very happy.

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