Ash of Gods: Redemption- Release Date | PS4

Ash of Gods: Redemption- Release Date | PS4

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100 thoughts on “Ash of Gods: Redemption- Release Date | PS4

  1. Well, they took too much inspiration from the Witcher franchise. The music, the setting, the characters… It does feel unoriginal

  2. For those wondering(as I was) this is NOT made by the Banner Saga people; Stoic Studios. This game is made by AurumDust.

  3. YO this isn't made from stoic studios, (they made banner saga)
    And it's been released on PC already. Look up the reviews

  4. Eu queria ganhar um PS4 é um sonho para mim na minha cidade é muito caro e eu não tenho dinheiro e nem meus pais para comprar um novo Será que em vocês pode mandar um para mim pode ser qualquer 1 tanto faz é um sonho que eu tenho

  5. This comment has nothing to do with this video. They blocked the comments on the nba2k20 my Team flash pack #2 guess the las Vegas joke was gonna be too soon and pegi called they want esrb wait we didn't follow our own rules.(simulated gambling)rated A for adults.but hey Pokemon gets a 13 plus rating not a rated e for everyone.oh well.

  6. There was a game like this on the browser I played a long time ago . Anyone know the name of it ? Only thing I remember is the website had a icon of a tank

  7. I've played this on Steam and it's an awesome experience If you liked Tactical TBS games and the art style of Banner Saga

  8. Love letter to Banner Saga of my favorite games. I have the platinum for banner saga and I'm going for the plat in banner saga 2&3

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