ARK: Genesis – Announcement Trailer | PS4

ARK: Genesis – Announcement Trailer | PS4

Where you’re going, survivor, I cannot follow. Others need me,
and your path leads beyond my reach. but I can grant you a fragment of myself as a guide to find what’s most
important to your survival. Is it strength? Is it willpower? Is it empathy? The arrival is soon. The tests will be rigorous. They will be difficult. They will be deadly. Apparently, they’re starting now. Maybe not this one first.
Hang on. There we go. Oh, how cute. Uh, don’t cut that. Sorry. No, no. No, monster!

100 thoughts on “ARK: Genesis – Announcement Trailer | PS4

  1. Arks gotten to techy for me. I stopped at extinction and am slightly disappointed it's continuing down that path. No fun for a survival game now.

  2. Wild Card: Hi I like money !

    News Reporter: So even though ark extinction was supposed to be the final installment. Wild Card what motivated you to make another expansion?

    Wild Card: Money!

  3. 80%:peoples talking about lag and bugs

    10%:peoples talking about how cool is the game like me

    Man just stop to talk:fix bugs glitchs and other things!!,if you don't like the game it's just Don't play

  4. man all we want is Island to be fixed, let alone the dlc. You’d think they’d do that by now instead of ANOTHER dlc

  5. Err seasons pass says microtransactions to me no thanks, should really work on perfecting your exsisting ark games before release of new ones don’t you think but then again game company’s are only in it for money these days try prove me wrong

  6. The talking rock, HLNA. With the higher pitched voice and her following you around, talking loudly whenever you are trying to sneak past predators, and laughing like Ed at bad jokes, she do to much.

  7. Everyine keeps hating ob the devs but they fixed alot of issues at least for me i play single player idk if that makes a diffence on my ps4 and it runs smoothly.. although i miss when it was dinos

  8. all complaining ark runs bad ahah i have msi laptop with 64 gb ram and 8 gb grapfic card and it runs on epic so easy with more then 60 pfs so buy new laptop and it will not lag

  9. Cant wait to spend 30 bucks with the promise of fixed glitches just to get a bumch more glitches then be asked to pay more for dlc before they even finish the game.

  10. This is getting interesting very interesting of how it started to ended three discoveries of a turtle, a lava/magma beast that kind of makes out of a drake and 5 or 6 hours ago we got a mammal that floats and sounds like a whale very very interesting what is out there in the world of Genesis ?

  11. Ark Survival Time Line
    2015: Just A Dinosaur Game World To Survive


    2019(20): Monsters, Mech's, Time Travel Thingy, Robots, And Lasers Blades, Outer space, Etc…

  12. They should make a major update in which the game is full of glitches and corruption and then its all gone because they actually fixed the game

  13. I wonder if Gareth Coker is composing the music for this game, and the Ascension for Scorched Earth (cinematic ending coming soon)

  14. Nice trailer. Not exactly an accurate representation of the game though is it.

    Can't fool me Wildcard, you had me excited for the Extinction DLC after the trailer and what a mess that turned out to be.

  15. I love how this game went from surviving on an island with prehistoric dinosuars, to exploring a godda*m scifi ship with robots and monsters. Like who would have guessed!?

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