Arise: A Simple Story – Launch Trailer | PS4

41 thoughts on “Arise: A Simple Story – Launch Trailer | PS4

  1. For anybody interested here’s a Horizon Zero Dawn full game code for PS4 BAPX-BLND-MG3Q trying to grow my YouTube and give at the same time, Merry Christmas to whoever claims it!

  2. playstation how did you do it 2000 and something videos you are crushing it keep it up dont let no on tell you your games are awful its the best and to die for.

  3. Theme of this game on my ps4 and that music 1 week don't stop playing music is Beautiful i hope game will neighter great???

  4. seems dying isn't all that simple … was looking forward to a long peaceful sleep … not a cross country hike … oh well could be interesting …

  5. Journey, Spirit of the North, Lost Ember, and Arise: A Simple Story.. These games look so beautiful and relaxing to play.

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