Arise: A Simple Story – 1. Art Reflects Emotion | PS4

Arise: A Simple Story – 1. Art Reflects Emotion | PS4

Hi. We are Piccolo Studio from Barcelona. We are Jordi and Alexis, and we are here to talk you about our first game,
Arise, A Simple Story. The story behind Arise is a story
that could happen to any fans. It talks about very universal feelings
that everyone can relate to. We wanted to create a whimsical,
magical, fantastical world for Arise. But at the same time it had to be solid, tactile. We drew inspiration from animes. We want the art to reflect the emotion as well because everything we do
in the game is to create an emotion. This is what we want player to feel. but what I’ve seen so far is very colorful because what we have shown is childhood memories. When we step into other ages, then you will see different styles and different modes. that reflect the emotion. Well, the main character’s one of the
most important things in the game. we wanted to have, you know,
a stoic character. We wanted the slightest move of the
body to communicate things. The man has no eyes,
and he has no fingers. And we tried to, you know, to communicate with that. When you have a stoic character
that suddenly expresses something, it gets straight to the heart. and when he moves, you know,
it’s for something. It’s for some reason. And that’s how we created the old man. Well, yeah, I think with the David Garcia we were very lucky to have him on board. He’s very talented, and actually he did
almost everything by himself. We just gave him very, very, very,
high-level guidelines for every chapter. Like, this level is about childhood
and has to express the joy of being a child. And this level is about being
a teenager and defying limits. So it has to have this emotion
and this thrill of being a teenager. David is a genius,
and it’s great to see a genius at work. The only plan that we had is we told him we won a great emotional
main theme for the game. And then we will, you know, change and turn
this theme into different songs, three chapters. So the main thing of the game
suddenly turns into a waltz, suddenly it turns into a lullaby, sometimes it turns into something dark, and he did it all by himself. I mean, he’s the music composer, but at the same time he is the song engineer, He did awesome effects, and at the same time
he programs things in the engine. He did everything. He did everything. Yeah, I mean, one day he will go and say,
Hey. I did level 5. We enter level five and it’s over. It’s all perfect normally. The music, the sound effects,
and the scripting, everything is there. Incredible. One day you open the editor and just
the level sounds it’s like wow. It’s magic. Yeah it’s magic. It was very easy and rewarding to work with him. Yeah.
We’re doing it again. Yeah.

27 thoughts on “Arise: A Simple Story – 1. Art Reflects Emotion | PS4

  1. They look so passionate about their work, I'm really looking forward to this game, it seems gorgeous, kudos to Techland who has believed in this project!

  2. Why did they copy the title screen of journey when the game actually looks really interesting.
    Made me think it was just some journey clone.

  3. I really love these open world games that is not multiplayer. There is a robot game which looks similar its called grow up. Thats the game

  4. 1:37 Composer David Garcia did everything. So where is he? I would like to see the complete team. This production is magical! Great work guys!

  5. My ears perked up when he said Studio Ghibli. The music is very beautiful and serene. I'm going to look for an ost on it right now for school.

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