Arctis Pro Wireless – PS4 Unboxing and Setup

Arctis Pro Wireless – PS4 Unboxing and Setup

Hey everyone, today we will be setting up our Arctis Pro wireless gaming headset for PS4. First, let’s take a look at what comes in the box. The Arctis Pro Wireless comes with a transmitter box a USB audio cable, a power cable, a mobile charging cable, a mobile audio cable an optical cable, two batteries And a pop filter for your mic To connect to PS4 you’ll need the USB audio cable the optical cable and optionally the power cable first connect the USB audio cable from the mini USB jack on the transmitter base station to your PS4 This USB connection will power on the transmitter but if you would like the transmitter to always stay on in order to charge your spare battery you can optionally connect the power cable from the transmitter to a USB power source next connect the optical cable from the transmitter to your ps4 if there is no optical jack that means you have a ps4 slim and should check out our guide to using the product with the slim Next, go to your PS4 settings and select ‘Sound and Screen’ under ‘Audio Output Settings’ set your primary output port to Digital Out (Optical) and set your Audio Format (Priority) to Bitstream (Dolby) Back in Settings choose devices then Audio Devices for output to headphones choose Chat Audio. Now you’re ready to power on the headset press and hold the power button for two seconds until the white LED illuminates To use Bluetooth simply push the button next to your power button it will illuminate blue to let you know Bluetooth is on If there are no paired Bluetooth devices it will go into pairing mode automatically On the device you would like to pair with make sure Bluetooth is enabled then select Arctis Pro Wireless. Your Arctis Pro Wireless comes with two batteries One can always be charging by placing it into the charging slot on the side of the transmitter base station The other comes preassembled in the right ear cup of the headset behind the magnetic speaker plate Swap batteries by simply taking off the speaker plate and replacing with the battery from the transmitter If you would like to see more tutorials on the Arctis headset series, please visit

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  1. How do we use this on PS4 slim and would we still be about to use all of it featured? Like surround sound?

  2. Do you put the optical audio in the optical out or in, because the video shows you putting it in the “in” port, but the paper directions say “out”

  3. Hi, I wanted to inform you that the connection of the headset is wrong!
    The optical connector must be connected to the IN output no on the OUT as in video!

  4. Why set up Dolby bitstream and Dolby 5.1 on the ps4 if this headset advertises DTS X V2.0? Wouldn't it better to do DTS 5.1 and DTS bitstream?

  5. I just bought the pro wireless and it is really amazing !!High quality made. but unfortunately the pro wireless microphone not working on Xbox one!! Is there any way to fix that?

  6. Hi, the audio from the ps4 pro is coming thru on the headset but I don’t see the headset listed under output device, also, chat audio isn’t available, only all audio is. Can someone help me out?

  7. I have the arctic pro wireless and I was just wondering if there a way I can get more eq settings like a application that I can use to change the eq to make it some better because I’m using it for the PS4

  8. Another question: 1. sometimes I prefer using my surround speaker setup instead of my headset (connected via HDMI through my AVR). Do I have to change the audio output settings on the PS4 back to HDMI every time? Or does the PS4 recognize automatically, if I turn of my headset and it'll switch back to HDMI sound output? 2. Is it possible to just connect the headset via usb and to ignore the optical cable (similar to the arctis 7 model)? Of course then you don't get the 7.1 sound, just stereo.

  9. I’m was going to build pc but things changed. Now i’m going to get PS4 PRO and HW-K950.

    And i want also Arctis Pro Wireless. My question is:
    Does it automatically turns off sound of soundbar when i turn on headset ? ( like on pc )

  10. I have activated option 5.1 dolby and bitstream dolby in my ps4 .. I activate and deactivate the surround option in the mixer and I do not notice any changes, can someone help me?

  11. I just returned from my vacation and my headset can no longer connect to ps4. The source at the receiver is ps4. Headset is connected to the receiver. But the sound from my ps4 was directed to my monitor.. Before my vacation, it works fine. Anybody have a solution?

  12. I've returned three units with the DAC causing a low humming noise when using the mic, poor quality for a premium price

  13. For some reason to get good sound I need to go with the following settings. Under Audio Devices-Input Device : USB Headset (Arctic Pro Wireless)
    Output Device : TV or AV Amplifier or else ppl in chat are super low chat volume. Am i doing something wrong running with these settings instead of the recommended in the video?

  14. I’m trying to do the update but it doesn’t seem like it’s working? What do I need to do in order to get it to work… Or does it just take that long to update

  15. Just got these headphones today they were working fine and all of a sudden I had to crank up my microphone level in order for my friends to hear what’s going on? What happened or what did I do wrong.

  16. I primary use the sound system via AV receiver and switch to headset if needed. As the receiver is connected via HDMI I need to set HDMI OUT As primary port in the setting, to get DTS sound.

    Does this has any disadvantages for the quality wile using the headset and the same question once I have set DTS instead of Dolby, any reason to not set up like this?


  17. My PS4 says that there is no microphone to be used when i connect it. I have used it before and it has worked perfectly fine… until now. What the F is the problem?

  18. This doesnt work somone please help i have tried every setting. When i have on pc mode the mic dosent work and when i have on ps4 mode it dosent have any sound or mic. I play on ps4 by the way

  19. Why is it that every time I start my headphones on Bluetooth and I follows all the instructions my mic never works

  20. Hey does someone know this… when I followed all the steps. Should I turn on surround? Because if I do everything sounds like in a tunnel.

  21. Make sure you put the optical cord into the IN output, and make sure you remove the rubber guards off the optical cord, you'd be surprised how many people don't know that, everything else in the tutorial should have you up and going in no time, and trust me, the sound is Amazing when connected through the optical and not just USB

  22. My TV does still play sound… why?
    I have connected PS4 optical to transmitter optical in and I have the settings as shown in the video 🙁
    Headset works perfectly but TV still plays sound too …

  23. Thank you, this was a really useful tool! The first time I'm setting up one of these with a transmitter. Worked perfectly with my PS4. Remember that on some PS4s (like mine) you only have a USB port on the front, so you need to bring it over the system and to the frontside.

  24. Does anyone have problem with the GameStation weird letters and 'pixeling' on DIM Screen while playing CSGO and using Discord. See the link below

  25. At 1:02 of the video, we incorrectly display the cable being plugged into the Optical Out port, but the cable should actually be plugged into the Optical IN.

  26. Who made this video lol. f*ckin up the input on the amp. Selecting bitstream Dolby on DTS:X v2 headset. Makes totally sense Haha for real is there no one reviewing this videos before releasing them to public or what? XD

  27. Does chatmix work with PS4? Is optical required or can it use USB for everything? Why is the price the same as a PS4 Pro for subpar audio?

  28. Please read pgs.11&12 of the product information guide.

    She made a mistake here and there.

    1. Connect the USB Audio cable (she’s showing the ‘optional’ cable which is incorrect) from the the Transmitter box to the PS4. They both have USB connections so that can confuse you.

    2. Connect the Optical Cable to OPTICAL IN on the transmitter box to the PS4. The video displays optical out. Also incorrect.

    The PS4 settings shown are on point.

    Please correct the video.

  29. I wanted it to be powered at all times but the mic didnt work unless I had both USB options plugged in, just FYI!

  30. I see a lot of comments saying to use bitstream DTS, but the video says Bistream Dolby, Which should I use?

  31. Why ps4 can't switch audio to TV when I turn off the headset? I can't understand, I plug right and all config is OK. Help pls

  32. Hello, I just bought the Arctis pro wireless, at 1:43 in the video the input device says “None” & output device says “TV/AV amplifier” also it’s on all audio and it’s completely greyed out, I’m unable to switch the setting so it shows “USB headset(Arctis pro wireless) I’m hearing sound from my tv and headset at the same time. Also every time I try to pair the transmitter and headset it says failed every time. So many problems smh!!!! Someone please help me !

  33. Hello,this headset is awesome, i've got this since 1year and i love it ! But the tchat volume on ps4 its too low sound…please boost tchat volume when source ps4 is on…my friends (7 guys ) have same issue ! Please boost tchat volume ! Thanks

  34. NOT TO BE A HATER… This video WILL NOT be helpful. LOOKS AND SOUNDS LEGUT, BUT It’s done wrong is several parts. Read the manual, it’s steps aren’t that hard. I tried following this video and I hit a few blocks. I think a few inputs are shown wrong on this vid and it hasn’t been changed.


  36. These directions conflict with el gato optical headset configuration

  37. pc tutorial: recorded at 1080p 60fps
    ps4 tutorial: recorded at 1080p 30fps


  38. My arctis pro wireless transmitter box doesn’t work whenever i press the bottom or turn the knob it shuts off please help

  39. I cannot select output to headphones and chat audio at 1.44 ? It is greyed out and not selectable. I've tried everything and nothing is working. My PS4 is not damaged and the headphones work in that I can turn them on. I can't do zip else. Someone please help!! ?

  40. Why is the device settings grayed out on my PS4? Followed the step correctly and plugged everything into the right connection.

  41. Hey. Im using a PC and a PS4. From what I saw, the USB connected from the DAC to the PS4 is used for not just powering it, but also to provide the micrphone, since the optical connection does not cwork bidirectionally. So how do I go about using my DAC with my PC and PS4? Do I need to use a USB Switch (NOT hub, but a switch to toggle which device is connected to the DAC instead, you know, like A and B ^^)

  42. So I’m having a problem. Today I joined a friends party and he said I sound low. Like I’m far from my mic. Idk how to fix it and I was trying to fix it and nothing. I usually had my voice volume Half way and he heard me perfectly and now he doesn’t. Can anyone help ???

  43. The mic doesnt work on ps4, i could hear but couldnt talk. When i went to devices it didnt show the headset even tho i did exactly as she said

  44. the headset sounds good, but its clamping force is way too tight making it uncomfortable, if not for that it would be a perfect headset

  45. loved the video instructions. but it seems the girl's voice has some sore throat or something. I have to boost my volume to hear her properly.. no offense. but i think it's the fact

  46. Man… I've bought these head phones and my experience is nothing but nightmares, first one only worked for like 3 days…the left speaker stop working suddenly, then I have to send back to warranty and wait, the next one came brand new and now it won't work if I choose chat mode on ps4, I need to use all audio in order to work but I loose the control for balance btw party audio and game audio. Man that sucks… I've try turning off, change to hdmi instead of optical, but nothing seems to work.

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