Antigraviator – Console Launch Trailer | PS4

100 thoughts on “Antigraviator – Console Launch Trailer | PS4

  1. So…..

    A spirtual successor the Wipeout and or the Xtreme G series?

    Looks pretty cool.

    It's too bad for Nintendo that they keep ignoring the F-Zero series.

  2. Shutting down WipEout was a tragic mistake. Sony should humbly reassemble Studio Liverpool and give them whoever made that decision's dinner for the next 5 years.

  3. I've never tried one of these anti-grav racers. I'm a rally/arcade-sim or straight up NFS arcade fan. I'm not sure I'd like them, but they look /cool/

  4. With Wipe-Out having been given away for free within the last year for everyone who plays online and Redout at fire sale prices practically every third month this was an unnecessary redundancy with fewer tracks but at least we can say that the only way is up or out for these "inspired" lot. When you're number 2 you have to try harder but when you're at the back of the line you sink your work into your social media presence and copy from those who came before you. I'm sure they will find an audience with gamers who are less who are newer to the platform than these indie devs are to programming.
    They both have to start somewhere and I'd guess $20 would be considered an equal footing entry for both to become aquainted with each other.

  5. thanks playstation …. thanks for announcing death stranding on pc. Because the copy I planned to buy for ps4 I will get it for free on steam …….. green …….. thanks a lot sony !!!!!

  6. There's literally a collection of alive multiplayer Wipeout titles, what's even the purpose of having ANOTHER competitor? You'll always have the title of "Wipeout clone", cmon.

  7. why would you bring it on ps4, which has wipeout 4k instead bringing it to steam, which is clearly missing such a game with these graphics

  8. (Wipeout minus the title.)
    It would be great to see another Wipeout game with the complete bells & whistle package from the music Underworld,Fluke,Chemical Bros etc.
    The crafts Feisar,Ag system etc & the insane levels & weapon cashe!
    And also pit it on PSVR like the last game which was awesome!

  9. Looks great. But honestly, just 'Anti-Grav' would be a far better name. I'd be embarrassed to even say this current title.

  10. I wasn't super interested in this game until I saw that it has splitscreen. Sadly that's becoming less common in games…

  11. Can you believe it was made by 4 people? CRAZY AF. I bought the game for PC, Im surprised it came out for PS4, must be a new release.

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