Angry Review: Risen (The Worst RPG on Xbox 360?)

Angry Review: Risen (The Worst RPG on Xbox 360?)

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  1. angryJoe never play a role-playing version of European version of RPG. there are many RPG version in some case, most of Pirahna Byte games, Gothic series, ELEX, Risen series, all of them use European RPG system, not dice & roll RPG like Baldur Gate series, Icewind Dale or Fallout series. I will agree if AngryJoe said Risen 3 is bad game its bad games & Gothic 3, although Gothic 3 has improved alot by modding community.

  2. Just finished Risen on Pc with community patches. Everything was interesting until the last chapter where the story felt rushed. Also, the ending was completely unsatisfying

  3. If I enjoyed the original Two Worlds game will I enjoy this game? Im kind of interested. Ill be playing on the xbox version though, will that mean to not buy it?

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  5. Ничего то ты не понимаешь в немечких рпг, иди лучше играй в инквизийцию

  6. I even kinda liked it, it’s a game that will test you’re patience… but 10 years ago I had a blast with it further in the game

  7. This review is not valid. The game needs careful preparation to play, and you need to pay attention to the dialogs. The graphics on Pc has aged well and still very nice today and it has a very good price on Steam, I bought it for like 2 euros on sale. Joe has good reviews but this one is just not on the point. Do NOT stay away from this game, try it by all means without presumption and expectation you have from other mainstream RPGs. This game has a soul.

  8. The difference between to PC and Xbox port is night and day. Piranhas console ports have gotten better with each release, Elex is awesome.

  9. I wasn't able to play this game normally. Cuz i prefer german voices in this type of games. I was able to switch voices (like i did with gothic) but, english dub soo different. Short phrase in german, can contain 30 words in english, and i don't have time to read them. I glad gothic 1 and 2 doesn't have such problem, regardless of fact that russian localization of G2 based on english version (and because of this game translation sometimes became глухой телефон or сарафанное радио ("word of mouth" i think it in english).

  10. Admit it Joe, you just suck ass at these type of games. Period!!

    1. Stop crying that the game is dark when it's nighttime.

    2. If spinning "ruins" your game? Learn to use the damn compass.

    3. To open the map press M, easy peasy.

    4. Please stop saying good games like this are bad or we might not get more.

  11. Rise is a broken game,
    Idiot, where you need to fall to your death at least 3 times to get this achievement.

    Using magic to disguise yourself as a snail and goes through the guard and fight the last boss

    Accidentally kill your teacher with a staff

    Accidentally steal an item that trigger everyone to attack you
    Anything else

  12. how did u ever find ur way thro elder scrolls 3 without waypoint markers….fkn console so used to having ur hand held

  13. you're so stupid go play your rollface games idiot. stop doing bad publicity to good games and go play games for toddlers like wow which gets you in raid with raidQ nowadays and auto-moves you to finish a quest. pathetic af

  14. I just started risen 3 on ps3 since it was free but what I've played so far has me interested in the game hope it has better improvement

  15. Кто то я явно не был знаком с Пираньями и серией Готики…
    И чувак : что у тебя с еблищем ???
    PS: if you read this comment you have more obvious issues than just your face.

  16. first this is a good game and if you would get the moral of the game and you suck in risen 2 but rock in risen why is that and yes bad graphics but when you said terrible weapons and armor you were so wrong because i played it and at the end their is good weapons and armor and so is the titan ax it almost kills in one or to hits i like your other videos but it is also fun to loot a but if you kill one person that is important and get in the monetary you will need to restart and that is bad to yes i get it but this is a great game to me also in my personal opinion risen three controls suck and risen 2 just stay with assassin creed better game 7/10 you cant even swim in risen two and you thought that game was good the charictors look better in this game the only good thin in risen 2 is the guy that goes fuck yes and has to say swears and please reply or look at this

  17. I like joe, but it's pretty clear he's a hack'n'slasher type of gamer :D.. "What, i can't kill at least half the map at level 1 or 2?. Oh man, this game sucks"

  18. one of my favored game lol to be honest….still in my steam libarary (on pc)……your video here got unvoted sorry

  19. risen is hell of a great rpg, just finished it in 2019 xD. instal the 18mb community patch and the fps issue fix, and you are good to go. you can buy the whole risen trilogy for 4,5 euros. have fun for the next 200 hours. no problem. gothic is also ammazing

  20. I think this game is a Cult Classsic. It's hilarious to play, it's German as hell and the characters are brutal to you.
    Risen is made to make you think and it's cool to have know your stuff to finish the game. It's so fun going to the bandit camp!! That is the best. I must have made 100 saves all titled individually about what I was about to wreck. I never noticed freezes or frame rate drops on a freaking fx8350 lol

  21. Combat was fun for me. The key is learning when and how your enemies move, attack and defend. You know, just like real combat.

  22. Will you be re-uploading the full reviews to Youtube? I can't watch them on the site because I either get "plugin not supported" or an empty white window.

  23. RISEN SUCKS. And no it was not good, and it was not better than Gothic 3. And it definetly had no gothic flair. Alone your hero was such an obnoxious wannabe punk, only person in the game i wanted to kill was my own avatar.

    Rest of the game was totally empty and had zero atmosphere, and the grinding was obnoxious and pointless. One fucking lizard man temple after the other, all the same. Couldnt ven finish the game, had to stop in last dungeon.

    And i even finished Gothic (4): Arcania. Even though it was painful.

  24. I just got this game for free off DIscord. It's frustrating with how hard combat can be, but I'm sorta into it. I still think this review is pretty funny now that I am watching it again after playing it some, Joe just did himself a dis-service playing it on the Xbox 360.

  25. The quest with sweeping you receive only if you get captured by the Inquisition. So its your fault. You are supposed to get punished. If you go there willingly to become a mage or a warrior you get quests to learn about magic and fight in the arena.

    The game was awesome and on PC i didnt find any game breaking bug or even minor one, only if i tried to mess with it. I guess the problems were only on xbox.
    by the way at 7:26 you had to use Telekinesis to control that lever.

  26. Dear AngryJoe, I feel obliged to inform you that based on this video I learned that your opinion is one big useless piece of shit. Thanks for your comprehension.

  27. I love Risen. Короче английский язык я не особо знаю, но Risen первая и третья части классные, а вот вторая часть г*в*о

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