7 Mods To Make The Sims 4 A Better Game | Best Sims 4 Mods

7 Mods To Make The Sims 4 A Better Game | Best Sims 4 Mods

Welcome back to Rock Paper Shotgun, aka Real
Proper Sims – this is Alice, I’m the channel’s resident Sims fanatic. In this video I’m
continuing my celebration of all the awesome things modders have done for The Sims 4. In
my last video we looked at amazing Custom Content – because who wouldn’t want a mood
ring for their sims nose – and this time I’m looking at mods that improve The Sims 4 as
a general game and make it feel a bit more… full of life. We’ll be looking at ways of
making your Sims’ personalities deeper, of making their behaviour better show those
personalities and yes, how to add extra columns to create a sim. Before we look at the mods I want to point
out that we’ve recently partnered up with Displate, producers of fine metal posters,
to open our very own Rock Paper Shotgun store – there’s a link to our hand-picked posters
in the description – everything from Portal to The Sims – and if you do buy anything,
a bit of that money comes back to the channel. So do have a look! And a quick note about installing mods: make
sure they’re not too deep in other folders, one folder deep is as far as they can go.
So Documents>Electronic Arts>The Sims 4>Mods>New Folder is as far as you can
go, script mods do not work properly – if at all – if they are buried too deep. And
also make sure script mods are enabled in The Sims 4. Go to Options>Game Options>Other
>Script Mods, enable script mods, then restart the game. Now, on with the video! Now, I’m starting off with the one I see
as the biggest and best mod you can download to improve your Sims 4 game. That’s the
MC Command Centre by Deaderpool. The MC Command Centre allows you to do all sorts of things
to make your game easier, from clicking on your sim to add celebrity points, money, aspiration
points, ageing them and killing them, to clicking on a Sim’s PC and allowing your game to
have specific cheats like buydebug or testingcheats always on. No more console commands you say? Yes, that’s
what I said. It’s a huge mod with so much in it, and it should be in most people’s
games at this point, but just in case it’s not, the link is below in the description.
There are two different files to download: MC Command Center, and MC Woohoo. Note: you
don’t need both. The Command Center allows you to adjust household bills, and adds story
progression style mechanics – you set relationships with other sims to speed things up, or slow
things down. If you want to do it in the Sims but can’t, chances are MC Command Centre
will allow you to do it. You can speed time up, and slow down relationship
decay, which is pretty handy considering it takes a good few hours to eat a bowl of … peas?
And it also is pretty easy to forget to ring your friends. Look, we’ve all been there.
Adult life is tough. There’s also a whole section for create A sim, which allows you
to choose your sims body type on the fly, and much more. And also an offspring section
which allows you to choose how much a Sim’s child will look like them among other things.
Honestly, this mod has it all. Have you ever played the Sims 4 for a good
few hours before something horrific happens? Like the game crashes, or your power goes
out because a slug has been caught in the plug socket and electrocuted itself, meaning
the electrician can’t pinpoint the problem until pretty much all of your downstairs plug
sockets have come off and they find the… mushy slug? Sound like something you’ve
experienced? Thought so. Well, guess what? MC Command Centre allows you to set up an
autosave function too. Bliss. Oh, and you can also force an alien abduction.
I mean, what’s not to love? MC Woohoo surprisingly adds some… spice
into the love lives of sims. It allows you to choose whether or not your sims want to
woohoo with sims they’re not romantically involved with, u se birth control, make woohooing
a skill, and allow nudity in game. NSFW, obviously. I could make a whole video all about the MC
Command Centre, but that’s not what we’re here for. There are tons of videos out there
if you want something more in depth. But for now, there’s my brief overview. The Slice Of Life mod is all about filling
in some empty promises. When you saw that Sims 4 trailer way back when, did you hope
and pray that your sims were going to be more dynamic than ever before? Did you want them
to be so realistic that it almost creeped you out? Well, sadly, that isn’t really
what we got and that’s what this mod aims to fix. This Mod from KawaiiStacie adds an unbelievable
amount to the game. It adds new emotions for your sims like relaxed, anxious, scared and
disappointed, but also adds new appearances, for example your sims will have teary eyes
when they’re sad, they will get dirty hands when they’re injured, a bruised face when
they lose a fight… Basically, what happens in game actually physically affects your sim
and now there are more emotions to suit the story you’re trying to convey. This mod also adds acne, and the ability to
have treatment to rid that acne. Teen sims don’t know what’s gonna hit them. Plus,
your sims can have periods now. I’m really sorry. My two favourite things about this mod are
the talents, and the preferences – aka turn ons and turn offs. Firstly, with the talents
your Sims can discover if they’re good at anything – you can also set this through the
Slice of Life menu, and you can make them naturally good at things like sports, creativity,
or music. These talents make your sim progress five times faster in that chosen skill area.
Rejoice for freelance painters! And the preferences may remind you of The Sims 2 where we had
the option to add chemistry preferences – the romance kind. Well, now you can do pretty
much the same again. Prefer a body type, a nice sim, a smart sim or maybe even one that
likes animals. It will make your Sim feel way more rounded and developed than ever before. There are new options on the phone, you can
play games that help build some hidden skills, like the Mall Tycoon game helps you build
hidden retail skills, and there are a lot more social media options too. Your sims can
also remember things with this mod. Another thing a lot of players miss from The Sims
2, the memories your sims could… remember. With this mod your sim may get a moodlet that
says “is this real?” and it could be your sims remembering the time they got engaged.
Awww. Or in my sims case, the time she peed herself. Yet another mod by KawaiiStacie – but this
time this is a trait bundle. Trait bundles are pretty much what they say on the tin,
they add bundles, oodles of traits to the Sims 4. This one in particular adds 40 extra
traits, from things like slow learner, to bad cook, untalented to programmer, they all
help boost or impair a particular thing about your Sim. For example, slow learner means
your sim won’t be all that great at learning. Being a bad cook means your sim will always
create the shittest meals, no matter what their skill level, but make them a programmer
and they will have a boost to become a better programmer a lot faster than a sim without
this trait. It will allow you, and encourage you to create
sims with much more dynamic personalities. There are a few trait bundles that exist out
there, but this one adds so many I’m not sure you’d need many others. If there are
other good ones though, please do let me know. These traits in particular are centered around
building relationships, needs, and skills. They don’t have any actual buffs – emotions
– so there shouldn’t be any errors popping up all over the place, but they can actually
ruin relationships, needs, and skills. So do watch out. Dynamic gameplay though… Again, another mod that pretty much does exactly
what it says on the tin. It allows you to use various cheats by DIRECTLY CLICKING ON
THE UI, instead of typing a command or and using another cheat system, like MC Command
Centre. Allow me to show you, my Sim’s needs are quite low here. So what can I do to prevent
them from dying? Well, I could go ahead and do some proper Simsing and fill all their
needs up as you’re expected to do – make them eat, have them pee, sleep, etc. OR I
could click on the needs bar where I want their needs to be at, and watch as their needs
fill right back up with hardly any effort whatsoever. Right click on the needs bar and
you can set a value between -100 to 100. Left click on the money to gain one thousand simoleons,
or right click on it to set the household funds. Do you kinda see where I’m going
here? If you have either get to work, dine out,
cats and dogs, get famous, vampires, or realm of magic – you can also right click on any
of the perks in the perk trees to unlock it immediately without spending any points. I
mean. Yes please? Who wouldn’t want to be the most powerful celebrity restaurant owner
vampire in the world? Think of the TV show. You can also right click on a sim in the relationship
panel to set friendship and romance values, right click a moodlet to remove it – who wants
an embarrassed sim? You can right click on skill bars to set their skill levels, right
click the in-game clock to set the time for those ultimate screenshots, right click on
a promotion task to automatically complete it, and even right click on an event goal
– for parties, dates, and active careers – to complete it immediately. There’s so much more you can do with this
mod that again – I’ll be here for a whole video if I keep on going – but I would 100%
recommend reading through the description of this mod for adding some more direct control
to your game. Have you ever noticed that when your sims
are engaged in conversation they just kinda talk about… absolutely nothing? Yes? Well,
with the Have Some Personality Please mod – a very politely titled mod, if you ask me,
and maybe a plead to the EA gods themselves – your sims will now have a much more dynamic
conversation with other sims without your interference. I’ve watched my sims pull
pranks on one another and even give pep talks, without me having to lift a finger. Yes, I
have just noticed that the majority of mods in this video make me sound like a very lazy
simmer – maybe we should rename the channel to VLS. Wasn’t that a boy band? Anyway,
I’m not lazy, I just like things to be easy. Real life is hard enough. It will give the chance for sims to learn
traits and the careers of other sims from Deep Conversation. Idle chit chat is gone,
interactions will be more based on traits, moods, conversations, and relationships. The lack of idle chit chat is huge, and it
makes sense in the grand scheme of things. What’s the point of having all of these
traits if they don’t really affect anything overall? Now if a sim is evil they’re more
likely to do mean interactions, or if they’re good, they’ll do nice interactions. You
get the gist. Their moods also play a huge factor in how the sims act, for example, if
they’re grumpy they might yell at a nearby sim. Wow, is this helping create The Sims
4 we were promised? Meaningful stories allows your sims to have…
more meaningful stories. I’m sorry, a lot of these mods are very self explanatory in
the title. This mod redesigns the mood and emotions system of the Sims 4 – again, something
we thought would be there from the off. This mod comes with an in-game tutorial, which
is handy if you’re pretty rubbish at reading instructions and want to do everything as
fast as possible. The good thing is, every feature is optional, you can get rid of stuff
that doesn’t suit your particular play style, and help make the game more tailored to you. Sims can get into actual depressive ruts that
takes ages for them to come out of it, no more will an emotion linger for a few hours,
it can be there for a few days. Emotions are smarter, subtler, and more varied – for example,
your sim can’t be awfully sad one minute and then become incredibly happy the next
without passing through the emotions that you’d expect in between. Sims emotional
states will be less predictable but more stable, no more flipping between intense moods and
feelings, you’ll be able to actually spend time with a sim when they’re feeling a particular
way and have to actually work to get them feeling better. And happiness will no longer be your sims
default state. I mean really, if we just get deep for a second here, who is ever truly
happy 100% of the time? If you answered “me” then please put the secret to eternal happiness
in the comments below. Sims will instead feel truly happy when something worthy of happiness
happens to them, just as it should be. Restoring natural order. In a simulation game. About..
Fake people. Natural. The mod is continuously being built on, and
improved, and if you want access to the very latest build you can support roBurky on Patreon,
with the ability to download the early access preview builds of this mod. At the current
time of writing this includes autonomy improvements, meaningful memories, whim improvements, and
moodlet rebalancing. Essentially, this mod is going to be incredibly powerful, and a
great tool to allow more realistic gameplay. Now, there’s not much to say about this
one, but this was one of the comments I kept getting on the last video, so I thought I’d
feature it at the end. There’s not much to show or say about this one other than it
adds more columns in Create A Sim, and boy – isn’t it beautiful? You can choose between
either 3, 4, or 5 columns and my goodness, it makes navigating Create A Sim so much more
relaxing. Please do take a note of the resolution restrictions on the page listed below, as
not all resolutions can support all columns. Aaaand there you have it, the top 7 mods you
should have in your Sims game to make it better. Did I miss any? Probably. Put them down below
if I’ve missed any mods that make the Sims 4 a better game. This is the first in a long
list of video ideas I have about mods in the Sims, but if you want me to cover something
specific please do let me know in the comments below. And thanks again to Displate for sponsoring
the channel – and please do use the link in the description to check out our Displate
store. There’s over half a million designs and Displate’s unique metal posters are
built to last and use a magnet mounting system that doesn’t involve drilling into your
walls with power tools. Which is always good. And not only will you be supporting the channel
but you’ll be supporting the environment – for every Displate sold, ten trees are planted.
So it gets the Alice Liguori eco-warrior thumbs up. And if you’re looking for something a little
more custom content-y and a little less game-changey (no I’m not salty about not being an EA
Game Changer, where’d you get that idea?) then please do take a look at my recent video
about my favourite custom content packs, or if you want to see my breakdown of my favourite
expansion packs, I’ve made a video on that too! It needs a refresh that one, but I’m
going to hold off until Discover University is out. So soon! I’m going to be covering The Sims 4 a lot
more on Real Proper Sims, so please do like the video if you enjoyed it, and subscribe
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  4. Lol, these are the kind of mods that should have come with the game in the first place. But thanks for outlining all of these in a very understandable way as I have never tried using them. I can see how they improve gameplay and help with shortening the time spent on it. That's my biggest gripe with the game. I am constantly forwarding through at times…especially, when Sims are "eating peas"! GREAT VIDEO!!

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